Revenge Recap: Control.

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

The truth about who tried to kill Conrad is revealed, Jack and Margaux get close, and Daniel changes the wedding plans.

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Emily disarms the garage alarm at the Grayson's before Aiden surprises her. He warns there won't be a wedding if she's not careful and wants her to let him do his job. When she asks if Conrad knows someone tried to kill him, he lies and says no.

Margaux stops by Jack's to invite him to the magazine launch. He doesn't get along with Daniel or his family and doesn't want to but she talks him into it.

At the Grayson's, Conrad discusses his suspicions about Jack Porter with a private investigator. After, Aiden warns that hiring a PI won't bring Charlotte back so Conrad decides Aiden can work the case alone. Outside, Daniel's upset to find Patrick poolside and realizes Victoria's trying to get them together. Victoria arrives, followed by Emily. Daniel's not certain he can meet Emily later at her request and invites Patrick to select art for his lobby. Alone, Victoria hopes shopping for wedding dresses won't be a waste of time.

At the bridal shop, Victoria insults Charotte's dress but is certain she'll never see it. She spills the news about Emily breaking Daniel's heart over a tryst with Jack. Charlotte thinks Jack's interested in Margaux.

Nolan catches Patrick at the gallery. Patrick knows Nolan didn't guess he was gay and throws it in his face about paying his ex-wife $20k for dirt on him.

At the office, Margaux needs more information on Emily for her profile. Daniel doesn't have anything more. Margaux wonders if there is something Emily's hiding.


At the Grayson's, Conrad's disappointed when Charlotte doesn't come in with Victoria. He blames Jack and doesn't want to lose his daughter. Victoria doesn't think Charlotte will forget or forgive. Outside, Victoria interrupts Aiden at the pool. She's more interested in his ability to stop Emily's wedding instead of bringing Charlotte back into the fold for Conrad. He asks what she wants him to do.

At home, Jack gets off the phone and finds Aiden hiding in another room with a baseball bat. Conrad sent him, but he's not there to hurt him. Aiden wants to give Jack a chance to run with his son.

Emily tosses Nolan a bag and a homing beacon to hold until after the wedding. After the launch party she plans on having Daniel back for good. She hasn't told Victoria someone tried to kill Conrad but Aiden's taken over the investigation. Later, Victoria arrives and shares her concerns that Emily could be in the middle of Jack's grudge with Conrad. He thinks Jack tried to kill him. After, Emily goes to Jack's and warns him. He was already warned by a British guy. Jack's upset that Aiden works for her - who is she? He plans on getting Carl somewhere safe but won't leave anything to chance. He'll be back. Emily leaves and meets Aiden at a pier. She threatens him for being jealous. Aiden explains she played right into Victoria's hands…he was hired to follow her. She went to Jack as expected.


Margaux and Daniel greet Conrad at the launch. Daniel joins Charlotte who isn't talking to Conrad. Victoria comments about Emily not being there and Daniel promises he'll worry about his own relationship. After, Victoria finds Margaux alone and upset that her father doesn't value her work. Victoria thinks the magazine's magnificent and advises Margaux to learn how to control men instead of allowing them to control her. Elsewhere, Emily arrives and Daniel admits feeling as if he's playing a role in a story she's writing. He decides he can't marry her.

Nolan finds Patrick painting in his studio. He tries to explain his actions and admits screwing up. He's sorry. If Patrick wants to give him another chance he can come find him.

The next day at Nolan's, Emily discusses how Daniel's changed. She doesn't know what to do and neither does Nolan. He knows Daniel knows she's faking it. She has to share a piece of herself to get him back. Emily goes to Jack's to go through the real Emily's belongings. She hears Jack come in with Margaux. She's upset he missed her launch. He had an intruder and is sorry he couldn't make it. She's the first person to make him smile in a long time. Emily sees Jack kiss her.


At the gallery, Victoria's impressed with Patrick's business sense. She thinks she should have gone to the magazine launch. He believes she's trying to set him up. He thought he met someone interesting but isn't sure. Victoria's interrupted by a text from Aiden. He needs to see her. She returns home, Aiden lies about Emily going to see Jack. He decides to tell her one of her children was responsible for tampering with the car. Later that evening, Victoria has bad news about who tried to kill Conrad. Charlotte's there and is sorry. He forgives her. Victoria walks her to the door. Charlotte didn't lie for her, she was happy to keep Jack safe. Victoria can't find Patrick at the gallery later.

Aiden meets at Emily's to tell her Patrick tried to kill Conrad. Emily knows Victoria will protect Patrick and will be in Aiden's debt – this will put Aiden right where Emily needs him for the final step. She's glad Jack is in the clear. Aiden admits he wanted Jack gone. She's sorry for using him. He's everything to her. They kiss. Later, Emily finds Daniel packing inside. She hands him Emily's picture with her dad. She cries remember the pain of losing her family. Emily's sorry for pushing people away. She wants nothing more than to stand beside him on their wedding day. He wants that too and hugs her.

Patrick meets Nolan by his pool. They kiss.

Violette's thoughts:

That episode was so moving. How can Emily do it? I feel bad for Daniel and Aiden. One redeeming note is that Patrick went to Nolan's. Maybe they can be happy. So, why did Patrick want Conrad dead exactly? It is kind of confusing. Did Nolan learn some more of his secrets that we need to be made aware of? Victoria is so cold and calculating. It was interesting to see Margaux's interest in what she had to say about controlling men. Perhaps she will play heavily in the Emily/Daniel drama leading up to the wedding. One could hope. Emily's certain to be jealous of her for hanging around Jack.

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- Violette DeSantis

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