Revenge Recap: Mercy.

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Emily reflects on where things went wrong, Nolan investigates Patrick, and Victoria looks out for herself.

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Patrick finds Victoria crying alone at home. Conrad will destroy her entire family by confessing his past sins. Patrick reminds Victoria she has everything she needs to change her life and advises her to sell her art collection to leave the Hamptons. She won't leave her children. A maid lets them know that there's been an accident.

At the Stowaway, Jack notices Charlotte's working on invitations for Emily. She's trying to let bygones be bygones and asks if he's taking Margaux to the wedding. Jack needs a break from Emily.

Emily asks Father Paul not to die as he's rushed into the ER with Conrad. She's there when he dies. Daniel made it clear Patrick wasn't welcome and he returns to the manor. Emily joins Victoria and Daniel in Conrad's room. He's sad to hear Father Paul is dead. It breaks his heart that he let him drive the Ferrari. Victoria accuses him of lying. Daniel and Conrad want to know what Emily saw. She claims Conrad didn't come from the driver's side of the car.

At Nolan's, Emily wants to find the car to prove Conrad was driving. She gives Aiden replacement meds for Conrad in hopes he'll consider confessing again if he feels like he's on death's door. Later, Nolan finds Patrick at the beach club. Patrick believes he doesn't belong and is considering leaving the Hamptons. Nolan steals Patrick's wallet when he goes to swim. When he returns home he struggles with whether or not he should use technology to learn more about Patrick. Technology wins.


Emily visits Daniel at work and finds him with Detective March. Daniel has given him Emily's statement from the accident. Before leaving, Daniel's employee needs information for his bio. Emily offers to help.

Victoria visits Sheila Lurie's gallery and asks for a job. Sheila's eager to have her and expects Victoria to invite all her friends to a welcome reception. Back at the manor, Patrick finds Victoria too busy to take a break. She's eager to contact Charlotte and Daniel for their support. Later, Patrick meets Sheila at the gallery to fence one of Victoria's art pieces. She can't accept without the proper paperwork. Patrick knows about her hobby selling fenced art and she agrees to sell it for him.

Conrad's leaving Charlotte a message when Detective March calls. Aiden overhears him telling the detective that the car was moved to a salvage yard. Conrad tells Bianca to lock his office until Aiden leaves the pool house where he's staying. Privately, Aiden calls Emily and gives her the name of the salvage yard.

Emily argues with Jack at the Stowaway about Conrad getting away with murder. Jack wants to help but she needs him to stay out of it for the sake of his son. She leaves and Jack calls someone for information. Later when she and Daniel arrive home together, he's angry about her sharing information about his past DUI for his bio. She leaves angry and heads for the salvage yard. Jack finds her there. They discover Conrad had the airbag removed that caused the burns on his face. They argue about who will tell the truth while the car is destroyed nearby. The next morning she visits at Nolan's. She's certain the truth about Conrad's accident will come out today. She plans on going to the gallery for Victoria's welcome reception.


Emily interrupts Charlotte and Victoria at the gallery. Victoria thinks there's trouble in paradise since Daniel spent the night somewhere else. Alone, Emily messages Jack to see if he went to the police while Victoria confronts Sheila about selling her art without the proper papers. Sheila warns that Patrick sold it to her and he'll go down too. Victoria asks her to announce the gallery is hers or she'll call the police. After, Victoria meets Patrick – their plan worked and the gallery is Victoria's.

At the manor, Daniel tells Conrad he's in the clear and the car was demolished. Daniel wants to see Emily after their fight. Conrad reminds him it's a power play and he shouldn't see her yet. He thanks Daniel for covering up the accident. Daniel didn't do it for him. He couldn't have his father ruin everything for him. Conrad receives a phone call.

Nolan surprises Patrick's ex-wife at the park. She's scared but Nolan offers her $20K to learn more about Patrick.


Emily meets Jack at the Stowaway and learns that Conrad's breaks were tampered with. She's interrupted by a text from Conrad. He has news. She sees Aiden at the pool house before going to the manor and lets him know about the car. Aiden realizes that Jack knows who Emily is. Back at the manor, Conrad crushes his pills on the floor with his foot. He was falsely diagnosed and is ready to claim back his role as head of the house. Later, Emily finds Daniel alone admiring a wedding photo of his parents. He's still angry and isn't going home with her.

Patrick goes to Nolan's to retrieve his wallet. He's glad he found it. He wonders if he was really in a rush to leave. Patrick suspects Nolan's learned something about him. Nolan admits it's something he's happy to learn and tries to kiss him hoping he hasn't received mixed signals. Patrick's hesitant but kisses him.

Emily returns to the Stowaway and tells Jack that Conrad thinks he beat God. Charlotte's finished the wedding invitations. She personally hands Jack his saying, "So much for your break from Emily Thorne." He can't believe she's still getting married but realizes that's when she's getting her revenge. He wants to be there. Emily thinks he doesn't belong in this.

Aiden finds Conrad ordering Victoria to get him off the premises. He advises against it. He's learned someone tampered with Conrad's breaks and is certain Jack wants him dead.

Violette's thoughts:

It seemed we were going to lose the good Father this week, but no one counted on the car breaks being tampered with. Conrad smashing the pills in front of everyone had to be grating on Emily's nerves but I'm glad a fake illness isn't going to be the whole of the season. One plus is Nolan's relationship with Patrick. That is going to put a very nice twist on things between Emily, Victoria and Nolan…not to mention the fact that it is hard to keep track of where Aiden really stands. Is he still in Emily's camp or is he angry to learn she confided that she is Amanda to Jack? Maybe we'll know more next week.

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- Violette DeSantis

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