Revenge Recap: Confession.

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Nolan has a housewarming party, Emily invites Father Paul to help her, and Victoria disagrees with Conrad's need to confess.

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At home, Conrad awakes from a dream of Charlotte stabbing him 'for her father'. Emily switches Conrad's medicine when she comes in. He's worried about his past transgressions. She's sure he can make amends.

Victoria meets Aiden on a bridge. He found an account in the Cayman's he believes to be Emily's and hopes to have Victoria's money by week's end. Victoria wonders if Emily has her money, does she love Daniel. Aiden confides the reason he's after Emily – they were seeing each other behind Daniel's back.

At home, Nolan prepares for a housewarming party. Emily arrives. She thinks Conrad's close to confessing what he did to her father. Nolan believes if Father Paul wasn't away on sabbatical he might.

At the office, Daniel refuses to put Nolan on the cover of the magazine. Margaux believes there might be a bigger story as to why Nolan was wrongly accused. She'll decide who's on the cover.

On sabbatical, Father Paul goes into confession and Emily answers his call for forgiveness. She's willing to give it, but he has to earn it. She admits wanting to make him suffer for what he did. If he persuades Conrad to confess she'll clear his name. She leaves and he finds plane tickets and an old Grayson Global photo.

Conrad returns home from a drive. Victoria argues with him about driving without a license. He thinks she's putting on airs for her son pretending to care about him while they look at her art.

Charlotte introduces Margaux to Jack at the Stowaway. Margaux notices his invitation to Nolan's party and asks him to pick her up at eight. Charlotte thinks it's a good idea.

Nolan gets reprimanded at the club for using his cell. To make good he invites the annoyed member to his party but is surprised to learn it's Patrick.


Victoria finds Daniel at home. Emily's sleeping in the city and Victoria advises Daniel to ask more questions of Emily before he finds himself living with a stranger. He's curious about Victoria's renewed paranoia. She tells him Emily bought Nolan's house. On her way out she calls Aiden and invites him to Nolan's party. Later, Daniel asks Emily about Nolan's house and when the last time she saw Aiden. She apologizes for not letting Daniel know about helping Nolan out. Nolan arrives and Daniel leaves. Nolan lets her know he invited Patrick to his party.

Emily interrupts Victoria and Patrick to deliver Nolan's invitation. She mentions Nolan's interest in seeing Patrick at the party after Victoria dismisses her to visit Conrad. Victoria lets Patrick know that Emily and Nolan are thick as thieves. Inside, Conrad remembers this disease taking his grandfather. Emily talks about Bible stories her father used to read to her. She reminds Conrad he's Catholic, he can repent for his sins. Father Paul knocks and surprises Conrad who was thinking about him. Emily jokes it's divine intervention. Alone, Father Paul asks if Conrad considered turning himself in for his sins. The realization that Charlotte is David's daughter should mean something. Clearing David's name would bring Conrad's family back together.


At the party, Daniel and Emily interrupt Margaux asking Nolan to be the cover story. Nolan takes her card and leaves. Emily thinks it's great and leaves to get drinks. Alone, Daniel's upset that Margaux didn't trust him to ask Nolan. Nearby, Emily tells Jack she's set a wedding date. Margaux joins them and whisks Jack away to the pool. Emily watches them until Charlotte arrives. She's glad Charlotte's staying with Jack. Daniel finds Emily and they're both surprised to see Victoria arrive with Aiden. Emily pulls Aiden aside and they argue about him being there until Daniel steps in. Emily realizes Victoria's responsible for telling Daniel about Nolan's house. Aiden tries to stop Victoria from mentioning where Emily got the money when Emily blurts out that the Grayson's are bankrupt. Aiden and Victoria leave. Daniel wants to talk. He's concerned his mother's right about Aiden and her. Emily reminds him she chose him. Back at the pool, Patrick apologizes for missing the party and accuses Nolan of knowing he was Victoria's son. Nolan didn't. Patrick wants to make it clear that he won't get involved in Victoria and Emily's problems.

Father Paul calls Emily at home. If Conrad doesn't come forward, he will. He's sorry and she forgives him. He advises Emily to give up whatever grudge she has before she loses herself.

At the office, Daniel threatens to pull his investors if Margaux doesn't pull the story. His actions prove there's a story to tell and she will tell it.

At the Stowaway, Emily thanks Jack for telling Charlotte the truth and setting things in motion. Conrad is now on the verge of confessing.

At a restaurant, Aiden meets Victoria and is sorry for wasting her time. It seems the account in the Cayman's belongs to someone else. This doesn't dissuade Victoria from continuing their efforts to bring Emily down.

At home, Daniel announces they have a security system since he thinks Aiden is after one of them. He admits to shooting Aiden before Aiden left after the explosion at Grayson. Emily asks him, "Who's keeping secrets now?"

At home, Conrad tells Victoria he's turning himself in. She's angry and blames Father Paul who arrives as Conrad drives off.

On the beach, Aiden tells Emily that Victoria took the bait. She's thankful and wonders why he didn't tell her Daniel shot him. Emily touches his wound, and then apologizes. She has faith Conrad will turn himself in. On the way home she finds Father Paul struck down in the road with Conrad's car in flames nearby. Conrad approaches and says, "Emily."

Violette's thoughts:

That was a moving episode. You felt as if someone was about to achieve something they waited for and it was all taken away somehow. Without Father Paul, what will Conrad do? Victoria is going to want to stop Conrad from confessing. Could Nolan and Patrick become friends? They seemed interested in each other until Patrick knew he was Emily's friend. Not sure if Aiden working for Emily is a big surprise or not, but it's out there now. She seems happy to let Jack go and live a new life, but there seemed to be something between her and Aiden still. Victoria sees it. We'll have to see if Daniel does. Can't wait for next week.

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- Violette DeSantis

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