Revenge Recap: Sin.

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

A former Grayson Global exec returns, Margaux has a proposal for Daniel, and Patrick meets the family.

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On a yacht, Aiden reminds Victoria she's not the only one who wants Emily to suffer and there's more she doesn't know. He needs her to trust him but she wants proof that she can.

At Emily's, Daniel considers working in a creative field with Margaux to get his mind off waiting for medical tests. Emily offers to help and changes the evening's dinner reservation to three.

Charlotte opens the blinds eager to stop Conrad's moping before leaving for the bar. She visits with Jack there and wonders why bad things keep happening to good people like Declan, Amanda, and her father.

Nolan kisses a male guest goodbye as Emily arrives at his place. She hopes he's cautious with who he lets come and go since she needs him to keep her infinity box while Daniel stays with her. She gives him a photo of Paul Whitley who used to sway the undecided for Conrad at Grayson. He's her next challenge.

Emily introduces Daniel to Father Paul at church. He's surprised Daniel's a Grayson and Emily agrees there are no coincidences. Father Paul is sorry for what happened to David Clarke. After, Father Paul visits Victoria and wants to put the past behind them. Alone with Conrad, he admits he's done his penance and warns Conrad's illness is a call for him to do the same.



At dinner, Daniel tries to sell his skills to Margaux while Emily visits Charlotte at the bar. She blames Emily for telling Ashley about her mother's supposed affair and can no longer trust her.

Emily finds Nolan baking the next morning. He gives her newspaper articles on Father Paul's work and warns if she starts taking down kitten's he's out.

At home, Victoria argues with Conrad over their finances as a man removes a painting from her collection for auction. Emily presents Nolan's blueberry muffins to him before she admits trying to help Victoria mend fences by inviting Father Paul to officiate her wedding.

Jack's amused when Emily comes by his place looking for his help to mend fences with Charlotte. He sees Emily doesn't want to accept responsibility for anything she's done and wonders when hurting the guilty became more important to her than protecting the innocent.

Victoria discloses her financial troubles to Patrick when she sees him looking at her painting at auction. She thanks him for trying to protect Charlotte when she came to see him. He understands family is complicated.



Emily calls Father Paul anonymously from an empty apartment to ask for help. She knocks him out from behind when he enters with a bag of groceries.

Margaux's thrilled Daniel's found investors for the magazine as she shows him her new office. He turns down an offer for a celebratory drink due to plans he has later. She drops a whip and mentions he still has time while unsnapping her dress. He approaches her.

Victoria visits Nolan's out of interest in his computer skills but he points out he lives in a computer-free zone. She notices he bought her painting and he wonders what would possess her to sell it.

Conrad wonders why Victoria invited the family together for dinner at the Grayson's. Victoria joins them and introduces their brother Patrick. Conrad and Daniel consider he may be after money which pisses Victoria off. Conrad remembers Frank was given money to pay Patrick to stay out of their lives. Patrick says he was threatened with bodily harm and didn't know about any money. He fears Conrad might sic Frank on him again but Conrad blames Victoria for hiring Frank. Victoria apologizes to Patrick for her involvement with Frank. She reprimands them all for their behavior - Patrick deserves better. Suddenly, Conrad collapses.

Aidan breaks into Emily's and finds her hiding place empty. He grabs papers from another cabinet and leaves.

Later, Emily encourages Jack to take the job in town. She'll take care of the Graysons and Patrick. When she visits Patrick later he admits knowing her problems with the family and closes the door in her face.

At Jack's, Charlotte tries to help out with Carl but is sorry she's not a good auntie. She blames herself for Declan being gone. Jack has something to tell her.

Nolan confronts Emily with something from her infinity box and demands that she learn how to forgive, she deserves better than what revenge can offer. He believes sometimes the best laid plans should be abandoned but she thinks they can be carried out alone.

Charlotte confronts Conrad about the bomb that killed Declan. He wants to know who told her. She blames it on her miscarriage and hopes Conrad ends up miserable and dies alone.

In church, Emily puts an envelope filled with photos of Father Paul in a compromising position with a woman in the offering plate. They talk after the service about her not having a father. He knows where she can find what she's missing and takes her to a soup kitchen. She's moved by his work and excuses herself. She passes another priest who's holding her envelope. She witnesses the surprise in Father Paul's face when he sees the photos.

Margaux apologizes for their tryst when Daniel comes to the office. He accepts her apology and suggests working in a separate location – Montauk.

When Victoria meets with Aiden, he expresses concern over her checking out his story with Nolan. She doesn't trust Aiden yet. Aiden presents the deed to Nolan's house with Emily's name on it. Emily took Victoria's money. They are all her pawns.

Emily lights candles in the church while she tells her dad she's sorry. Conrad comes in to see Father Paul. She alerts him there was incident and he's left. Conrad thinks he has no one left to talk to. Later she visits Nolan and tells him he was right. Now she has to fix it so she can get Conrad to confess to Father Paul what he did to her father.

Violette's thoughts:

Emily may have learned a valuable lesson tonight - innocent people can get hurt when it comes to revenge. Lucky for her she has Nolan, more than Conrad admits having now, he has nobody after Charlotte found out he knew about the bomb. It's too bad the best Emily can do with what she learned is just use it to her advantage to go after Conrad, but then, she is after revenge. Charlotte is becoming a strong person throughout everything that keeps going on in her life. Perhaps in the end she and Emily can make amends…but will it be a relationship further bent on more revenge?

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- Violette DeSantis

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