Revenge Recap: Fear.

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Charlotte meets Patrick, Nolan gets out of jail, and Emily throws a Memorial Day party.

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On a yacht wearing a wedding dress, Emily turns to someone and says, "I'm sorry." Then, she is shot and falls overboard.

It's present day, and Emily opens her eyes as Daniel kisses her poolside. They hope the weather holds for the Grayson Memorial Day kickoff that she's planned even if half his family won't be there. He's eager to set a date while Emily wonders why they haven't heard from his mother in six months.


Victoria and Patrick return from horseback riding. She's sorry she can't allow him to stay with Conrad returning. He doesn't want her to put him up but accepts her card after a kiss on the cheek. Charlotte joins her in the stables, commenting on her strong stable boy. Victoria welcomes her home and knows that losing Declan and the baby is still trying for her.

Emily picks Nolan up after his prison release. Both hope never to hear the words Initiative or Carrion again. She fills him in on what happened after his arrest and apologizes for his involvement in her plans. He's happy payback isn't a bitch as she throws him the keys to his house where she has champagne on ice for them. They click glasses over tomorrow's party being the last one the Grayson's ever attend.

In the Governor's mansion, Conrad critiques his portrait and goes over party security with Daniel. He's not interested and scoffs at a job lead Conrad tries to share at Rice & Hawthorne.

Ashley finds Emily outside the Stowaway and is eager to come after Emily has now that she's out of Conrad's hush money. She knows Emily was trying to save Jack instead of Conrad and expects Emily to introduce her to some 'men of standing' at her party.

Daniel's surprised when his old friend Margaux interrupts him having a drink at a bar. She plans on being at his 'girlfriend's' party. He corrects her - Emily's his fiancée.

At home, Emily's happy to see Charlotte who confides Victoria's home and she suspects that her boy toy may be living there. Later, Emily visits next door and lets Victoria know about Ashley attempting to blackmail her over Victoria's affair. Victoria knows Ashley couldn't be more wrong.

In town, Emily awakes, letting Daniel know his mother's attending the party. He jokingly warns Emily not to sneak anything in since his father's vamping up security. After Daniel leaves, she meets with Nolan who confirms he can handle the security issue. He needs to unpack and mentions he's not the only one…Jack's back.

Emily goes to Jack at the bar – she's glad he's back and is sorry she lied to him. He reflects on all the opportunities she had to tell him but came to realize the love she had for her father. He understands why she saved him and kisses her before admitting how he doesn't feel anything for her. He'll keep her secret but she has to leave him alone.

Meanwhile at the Grayson's, Charlotte greats her father before Victoria interrupts. They argue about each other's short comings until he threatens to put Grayson Manor on the market.



Charlotte visits Patrick at the Inn, threatening to tell her father about him. She wonders who he thinks he is – he confesses he's her brother. Later, Victoria finds Patrick alone with his bags packed. She wonders if someone said something, but he says it's time to go and he'll be in touch.

Daniel and Emily separate at the party to greet guests. Emily introduces Ashley to Conrad's doctor before welcoming the Grayson's and pointing out how well Ashley's doing. They look in her direction and see her with the doctor. Daniel's introducing Margaux to Emily when Nolan skydives in, frightening Conrad's security staff. After things settle, Emily unveils Conrad's portrait before he speaks. At the podium he doesn't feel right and collapses.

In Conrad's hospital room the doctor announces he has Huntington's disease. Victoria wants the staff to know nothing. Outside, Daniel addresses the press with news that Governor Grayson is suffering from dehydration. After, he's to learn Margaux knows the truth – someone leaked the story. When he alerts Victoria, Emily insinuates the doctor leaked the information to Ashley.

Back home, Jack confronts Emily for what happened to Conrad and wonders if any of them deserved this. He wants her to finish this before summer is over and leave.

Ashley thought Conrad called her to an airport runway but is surprised to find Emily and Victoria. Victoria blames her for leaking the truth about Conrad's health and threatens she has Ashley's cell phone records to prove she tried to lure Jack to his death. Victoria thinks it's time for her to leave and she does.

As Daniel researches Huntington's disease at home, Emily sets their wedding date. It means a lot to him with his father sick.

Charlotte confronts Victoria – she expects Conrad will be sleeping in Patrick's room, but hopes she didn't scare her brother off. She announces she's moving out as Victoria becomes angry that she chased Patrick away. She assumes Conrad will keep the house off the market when he arrives. He promises none of them is going anywhere. Later, Victoria steps outside and mistakes Aiden for Patrick. He's there to destroy the girl next door like her.

Alone on the beach, Emily burns Ashley's photo and thanks Nolan. She remembers putting a drug in Conrad's water and tells Nolan she's having the wedding of a century on August 8.

Violette's thoughts:

It was a great start to the season, clever, exciting, Emily planning her next move, the first being to destroy Ashley fittingly after she tried to blackmail Emily. Nolan didn't take long to get back in the game plan with her, not to mention all the new enemies Emily made. She'll have a lot to worry about and needs to watch her back to see what comes back to bite her.

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- Violette DeSantis

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