Revenge Recap: The Truth, Part 2.

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

The Fa1c0n implicates someone else, Emily tries to stop Jack from making a mistake, and Victoria is surprised by a visitor.

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Nolan catches up with Emily on the street. She runs into Grayson Global. Inside firemen grab her to drag her out.

Nolan returns to NolCorp and Jack arrives. Jack wonders how Nolan knew the building was going to blow. Nolan claims the angry bird was working for terrorists that he stumbled across trying to find Victoria's first son. Jack is ready to go after Conrad for setting him up. Nolan warns him, but Jack thinks he's safe since Conrad thinks he's dead.

Daniel is happy to see Emily outside. She tells him she was looking for him inside. She explains people need help and they separate. She calls Nolan. He lets her know Jack is okay but now he's after Conrad.



Outside campaign headquarters, Conrad identifies themselves as the first responders when Ashley questions his authority. Back inside Jack finds Ashley and accuses her of setting him up. They realize Conrad knew there would be a bomb. He asks her not to tell anyone she saw him alive. Back on the street, Aiden shows up and confronts Daniel. Daniel tells authorities that Aiden is responsible for the explosion. Nearby Charlotte and Victoria catch up with Conrad. They see Declan taken away on a stretcher.

Jack returns to NolCorp. Nolan asks if he trusts Ashley. Jack believes she's the only person he can trust. Ashley calls Nolan to find Jack. Jack responds to her and she tells him about Declan. Nolan's worried he'll Jack's running into a trap. Emily arrives and says she'll make sure that won't happen. Jack isn't sure he can trust her. Nolan says he trusts her with his life and maybe Jack should too.

Outside the ER Emily brings Jack a hospital uniform and promises to distract everyone. Jack tells Emily if anything happens that she is his child's Godmother. Emily joins Victoria and Charlotte in the waiting room. She sees Jack walk by unnoticed. Victoria wonders why she's not with Daniel. Emily explains she's there for Charlotte. Alone with Jack, Declan tells him that he's going to be a father. Later Charlotte visits and apologizes for listening to Regina.

Emily returns home to find Aiden waiting. She says it's done. He gives Emily a key to the villa they used to talk about. He hopes if she changes her mind that they can meet there. He kisses her and says, "I hope you get what you're looking for Amanda." Nolan arrives. She tells him Aiden is gone and that she knows Nolan told him about what happened with Jack last year. Nolan admits he didn't realize she kept that a secret from Aiden. He asks how Jack is doing. Emily panics when she realizes Jack didn't go to NolCorp as planned after the hospital visit.

At Grayson Global, Conrad and Daniel talk. Daniel announces all the money is gone. They're wiped out. Conrad isn't bothered; they have what matters, the Grayson name. Daniel isn't impressed with Conrad's little speech. He reminds Conrad he's starting a new life with Emily. Conrad discloses the only reason he has a life is because he kept him out of Grayson during the explosion. He expects to see Daniel by his side when he's elected later that night.

Nolan visits Declan at the hospital and is concerned by what he overhears. Declan didn't want Charlotte to know how serious he is and tells Nolan that Jack will need him more than ever if something happens to him.

Emily visits Victoria at the estate. Emily's surprised the show will go on with Jack missing. Victoria discusses Emily's charade instead, and recognizes that she and Emily have more in common than she thinks, a willingness to get whatever they want at all costs. She promises Emily that she'll regret that if she comes between her and her children. They turn to a news report that Aiden is apprehended. Later, Victoria visits Daniel in his room to share the news on Aiden. Daniel tells her Conrad, as a member of the Initiative, was behind it. For all he knows maybe she's one of them as well. She confronts Conrad downstairs. He admits he knew. He opted in when he was tipped off by Helen knowing it would be profitable for him as it was for the businesses that profited after the airplane crash.

Jack finds Nolan alone in Declan's room at the hospital crying. Nolan passes his phone to Jack with the recording Declan left if anything were to happen to him. Jack wants to see Declan. Nolan says, "He's gone Jack." Nolan tells him to grab Carl and to hit the road. He refuses. Nolan calls Emily, not sure what Jack is going to do next. Emily tells him they have to get to the victory party.

Jack finds Victoria alone at the estate. She's sorry his brother is dead. Jack asks, "Why, because it's not me?" tells him to pull the trigger when he pulls a gun. He decides she deserves to tell her grandchild what happened to his father. Victoria disturbs Charlotte sleeping upstairs and tells her how much she loves her and they'll talk in the morning. Downstairs she answers the door to find her first child, Patrick.

In an interrogation room Aiden's told his request for an attorney is cancelled because the nature of their questioning has shifted.

At NolCorp Nolan is apprehended by the FBI as a terrorist.

Daniel looks for Emily at her home. Aiden interrupts and shares information about the Initiative and Conrad's involvement. They fight. Aiden lets him go, offering him a second chance at life. He tells Daniel to let Emily go tonight. Daniel sees a gun on the floor.

Nolan discusses the Fa1c0n with the FBI. They are disappointed that the information he's shared was withheld during the previous investigation about his girlfriend's disappearance. They play Padma's recording claiming Nolan is Americon Initiative.



Emily waits for confirmation she's a guest for the party. Inside she confronts Ashley. She needs to find Jack to stop him from killing Conrad. She warns Ashley not to let Conrad on the podium. Ashley congratulates Conrad and suggests he wait for his family. She knows he knew she tricked him. Conrad's happy when Daniel shows up. Daniel's hiding a bullet wound from him. Conrad steps on the podium. Emily rushes around looking for Jack. She tells him not to do it when she finds him and that everything does have to do with her. She says, "Jack, look at me." He sees Amanda Clark as she confesses it.

Violette's thoughts:
What an incredible season finale. There was so much going on and so many people to worry about next season that it is hardly a let down to finally have it come out that Emily is Amanda. What happened to Nolan is certainly a bothersome cliff hanger. Do we dare buy into Nolan being the Americon Initiative? If justice does not come at the hands of Jack Porter, where will it come from next season is the big question.

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- Violette DeSantis

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