Revenge Recap: The Truth, Part 1.

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Emily finds Takeda, Victoria learns about Charlotte's pregnancy, and Regina has a crush.

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Aiden and Nolan consider communications options while Emily wonders what The Initiative is up to. They get juice and watch a news feed. Emily suggests the Fa1c0n used them when they hacked the Amanda Clark Foundation. She doesn't want Aiden to help, refusing to let the initiative turn him into their next David Clark. Emily wants Nolan to make it look like anyone but Aiden was involved in accessing his account. Nolan works on a plan. He realizes the Fa1c0n reprogrammed Carrion to reject his prompts. Emily is ready to move and Nolan says he can work the program anywhere. He doesn't want her to be alone.

Daniel and Charlotte hit the road and head towards campaign headquarters. She worries Daniel will tell their parents that she's pregnant. Daniel says they'll work things out with Declan.

Victoria lights candles in the bar. Jack comes in letting her know the power is out up the coast. Victoria doesn't believe Jack's tape is enough to implicate Conrad. She believed Amanda was responsible for tearing her family apart. Jack is certain Victoria was in love with David Clark. He tells her about the laptop with incriminating information.

In Grayson's office, Jack and Victoria look for the laptop. He finds a file on Amanda. Victoria confesses she's the one that kept the file. Virginia doesn't think the safe is big enough. She opens it and confiscates Conrad's gun. There's no laptop. Jack doesn't think he needs the laptop and plans on going to the press. He suggests that Victoria shouldn't miss Conrad's upcoming speech.

Locked in the ATM lobby, Regina wonders what Charlotte sees in Declan. They throw insults around and ignore a homeless man beating at the locked door. Declan thinks she has cell power, but Regina is watching the video of her kiss with Charlotte. He realizes Regina likes Charlotte and hints at breaking the news to her. Regina threatens him.


At campaign headquarters, Conrad tells everyone to make sure their families are safe. Ashley hopes power is back in time for the election. She confirms the helicopter will be waiting at Grayson Global. He retires to his suite for a power nap. He runs into Daniel and Charlotte downstairs as the lights come back on. He suggests Daniel stays out of Grayson Global since The Initiative might be involved in what just happened. He advises he send the employees home and switch his focus to the campaign and his family. Regina and Declan catch up with Charlotte there. Regina accuses Declan of hurting her and stealing the bail money. Declan tries to defend himself but finds the cash when he checks his pockets. He's escorted out by security.

Conrad meets Victoria at home. She breaks the news to him about Jack's motives in joining Conrad's campaign. Victoria tells him Jack plans on ruining the 4:00 PM press conference. Conrad decides that Ashley will take care of the problem for him. Victoria smugly sets him straight letting him know Ashley is working with Jack to take him down. Victoria steps outside to the trash to throw out a file and finds a pregnancy test.

At Takeda's, Nolan and Emily find Takeda dead. Emily breaks down in tears and remembers working with Takeda. He was the one who was going to show her the way. She knows his body was moved as a sign of respect from where he was killed. Emily opens Takeda's infinity box. They find two pictures, one of an unknown woman and another of an unknown man. She worries Aiden is in danger.

At Global, Daniel watches the news. He's interrupted by an IT worker who will get them back online. Victoria comes in throwing insults around about Emily and her pregnancy. Daniel tells her Emily isn't the one who's pregnant.

Emily sees Aiden to tell him about Takeda. He is sorry and asks her to go away with him. She checks him for injuries and blames him for killing Takeda. Aiden explains what Takeda was hiding about someone he loved going down in the plan. Emily doesn't believe Aiden. He didn't want to hurt her. Emily's phone rings. He asks her to ignore the call this once. She answers but her call with Daniel breaks up.


Back at headquarters, Conrad tells Ashley that Jack isn't allowed at the press conference. He watches her walk away and notices her texting someone. Declan asks Conrad if he can see Charlotte. He tells security it's okay. Victoria notices Declan and doesn't care what he has to say about Regina. She informs him Charlotte is pregnant. Declan thinks there must be some mistake. She agrees and dismisses him. Meanwhile Conrad gets a hold of Ashley's phone and deletes her text messages. Outside, Charlotte isn't sure she believes Regina. Regina tells her they don't need Declan, they can raise the baby on their own. Declan calls and explains what's going on and that he knows about the baby. She gets off the phone and asks Regina if she can check her phone for the video. Regina refuses. Charlotte says goodbye.

Jack receives a text from Ashley but gets no service when he tries to call. He finds a document and asks, "What were you doing in Japan Amanda?"

Emily meets Daniel at Global. He tells her the Initiative may be involved. The IT guy comes in and tells him it may be 24 hours before they are all set. Emily realizes the IT guy is the man in the photo from Takeda's infinity box.


Aiden joins Nolan at NolCorp and explains he killed Takeda, he gives Nolan an envelope to give to Emily. He calls him friend and leaves. When Emily shows up he tells her Aiden was there. Jack calls Nolan and claims he's picking up the laptop from Grayson Global in a few minutes and will need his help. Meanwhile information pops up on the unknown IT guy. He's an assassin and Jack's life is in danger. They try to warn Jack but there is no cell service.

Emily is rushing to Grayson Global. Jack's press conference has begun. Everyone is receiving a text message, "Long live David Clark." Then there is an explosion at Grayson Global. Emily falls to the ground.

Violette's thoughts:
This episode was a well filled hour of twists and turns. We were left wondering what the Initiative was up to as soon as the lights went out. We weren't disappointed with a lack of suspense. It never ceases to amaze me how Conrad or Victoria hardly bat an eye when they hear someone is out to get them. They bounce right back and use it to their advantage and somehow remain a united front. Now they might have to deal with the united front of Daniel and Emily.

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- Violette DeSantis

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