Revenge Recap: Engagement.

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Emily and Daniel celebrate their engagement, Charlotte has been hiding something, and Aiden sets something major in motion.

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Amanda is fully prepared to engage the enemy until death do they part and has surprised Daniel with an extravagant outdoor dinner for two. She gifts him with plane tickets to Paris and they toast to each other.

At the bar Declan tells Jack that Charlotte is in a dark place since Amanda died but isn’t sure if she is into drugs again.

At home Conrad hands Daniel the NolCorp transfer agreement. Victoria asks for a moment alone but Daniel instead brings in his new fiancée Emily. "How repetitious," Victoria says. Emily tells her they are leaving for Paris in two weeks – to live. Later, Victoria tries to talk Daniel out of leaving while Conrad pours champagne. Daniel asks for his trust fund to be pulled out of the David Clark fund. He wants all his ducks in a row before he leaves the company. Conrad asks that he wait to announce his departure until after the election.

Daniel calls Aiden into his office and tells him that he knows his dad was Trevor Mathis, the baggage handler that put the bomb on the plane. Daniel accuses him of targeting Trask’s funds to get back at "them." Aiden asks who "them" is but Daniel has him escorted out.

At the bar Ashley tells Jack she is back in Conrad’s good graces but not sure why he was seen with the governor’s wife. She has a suggestion and wonders how brave he is.

At the Grayson estate Emily asks Charlotte to be her maid of honor and come to Paris with them. Regina arrives with something Charlotte couldn’t get on her own. Downstairs, Emily tells Victoria that Charlotte is going to be her maid of honor. Jack arrives for a meeting and Victoria tells a stunned Emily goodbye. Alone, Jack shows Victoria a picture of Conrad with the governor’s wife. She promises to handle it. She is curious as to what happened with Emily. He is shocked to hear he is the reason the engagement ended the first time.

Victoria visits the governor’s wife, who admits she has been sabotaging her own husband’s campaign by feeding Conrad info. Her husband has a degenerative heart condition and his doctor says he won’t survive another term.


Aiden visits Nolan at NolCorp and tells him he wants Emily to end her mission. Nolan wonders where they would start. Aiden wants to drain the foundation account before the Grayson’s close it.

Nolan visits the Fa1c0n in prison looking for answers about Victoria’s son in exchange for her release. She tells him Victoria paid the kid $5 million to disappear when he showed up once during the David Clark business. Nolan also wants to know what the Initiative is doing with Carion. She doesn’t know, only that it can’t operate without her human touch. Finally he asks for access to the foundation’s account and she gives him a riddle to solve.

At the bar Conrad watches the latest attack ad with Ashley before it airs and asks for her help neutralizing it. Jack arrives and pulls Ashley aside. He tells her what Victoria said about Emily and Daniel breaking up because of him and she confirms it.


At the engagement party at Emily’s house Victoria welcomes Emily to the family. Later she tells Emily she knows she is not in love – not a year ago and not today. Emily understands how hard it must be to be in this house on the very swing David Clark built for her. Inside, Daniel tells Emily that he fired Aiden. He found out his dad put the bomb on flight 197. She is shocked to hear he found out from Takeda. Conrad approaches with the check for Daniel, who then asks Conrad to take Aiden taken off the accounts. Emily spots Takeda outside and joins him. He tells her Aiden put her at risk and he should never have let him come. She demands to know what he knows, but Takeda refuses.

Outside the club Charlotte is sick. Declan approaches, worried about her. She pukes as the paparazzi take her picture before a cop takes her to be booked downtown. Declan and Regina try to gather bail.


Jack finds Emily outside the party. She sees Victoria watching and warns him about her. He knows and can’t believe she is marrying into this family. She promises to explain it one day but he is tired of all the secrets and leaves. Nolan joins Emily and she tells him that Takeda told Daniel about Aiden’s father. The Initiative’s plan is imminent. Daniel joins them and tells them Charlotte is in jail. Emily offers to go with him but he asks her to stay and handle the party. Nolan thinks Daniel is actually a decent guy. She reminds him she is with Aiden now. Suddenly Nolan figures out the riddle’s answer.

Nolan calls Aiden at home with the clue to get in the account. Takeda joins Aiden and tells him his mission is over. Aiden realizes Takeda was never going to let them go. Takeda grabs a sword and hands Aiden another. They do battle – and Aiden wins. Takeda is dead.

Daniel and Charlotte go out for a drink. She is tired of how their parents hurt everyone. She tells him she is pregnant.

Jack and Victoria watch the governor’s wife give a press conference about her husband from the bar. Victoria knows Jack wants to destroy her husband’s campaign and that was his aim when he brought her the photo. He tells her Conrad ordered Amanda’s murder and plays her the recording.

At NolCorp Aiden and Nolan quickly transfer the funds from the foundation before Emily can stop them. A blackout hits the city as the Fa1c0n smiles from her jail cell. Nolan realizes Carion is to blame. "It’s started," Emily says.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Wow, great stuff tonight! Jack and Victoria’s unlikely alliance is fascinating to watch, especially now that Aiden and Nolan set the Carion program in motion – who knows what will happen with all of the lights out. Along with Charlotte’s pregnancy, the reveal that Victoria has already paid off her son once and the Fa1c0n’s deception with Nolan, the two-hour finale next week will be shocking for sure!

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- Hollie Deese

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