Revenge Recap: Identity.

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Victoria is ambushed, The Falcon is revealed, and Daniel pushes Emily for a commitment.

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Emily tries to sneak out of Daniel’s place when he invites her to lunch. She passes so she can pick up Nolan from jail but promises to call him later.

At home, Victoria hands Conrad medical records that prove she had an abortion. Emily listens in as Conrad tells Victoria he wants her to discuss everything at an interview tonight.

Ashley brings coffee to Jack. She also has Conrad’s calendar and points out tax board meetings that are obviously a cover. She suggests he act fast as Conrad’s poll numbers continue to rise.

Nolan gets in Em’s car outside the jail and agrees to help her find The Falcon.

At Emily's, Nolan has a plan to lure the Falcon out.

Victoria sits at her vanity and remembers being with her baby and talking with a professor about scholarships. She is suddenly notified by an email that calls out her forged medical records. She calls the Falcon and demands the source of the leak.

Emily visits Jack at home and he accuses her of sleeping with the enemy. Ashley comes out of the bedroom with Carl and Emily is taken aback. Jack pointedly tells her he and Carl are fine.

Charlotte and Declan make plans to work on their college essays after school. Regina approaches Charlotte later and asks her why she took all those pills last summer. Her own brother took pills and died. Later Regina encourages Charlotte to ditch Declan and embrace her inner bad girl.

At Emily’s Nolan notices the Falcon has accessed Victoria’s records and IM’s Nolan. Nolan asks the Falcon to meet to defend his Street Fighter title from decades ago and he agrees.

Daniel hosts Takeda at his office. He is concerned about Aiden’s reckless trades and asks for his personnel files just as Aiden walks in. Aiden is surprised to see Takeda and they agree in Japanese to get a drink.

Nolan meets the Falcon at an arcade and is surprised it is a woman. He wants her to erase everything on a flash drive from the web. He offers to play for it and she agrees. They do battle and he beats her. Now, she has to honor their agreement or it is game over for her reputation.

Jack takes pictures of Conrad’s secret parking garage meeting and sends them to Ashley. She tells Jack it’s the governor’s wife.

Conrad ambushes Victoria at home with the "Nightline" crew.

At a bar Takeda tells Aiden that his emotions for Emily are jeopardizing the mission. Aiden disagrees. The path Takeda has led them down leads nowhere. Aiden killed the man who murdered his sister and it gave him no peace. He wants to end this fast for Emily and there is nothing Takeda can say that will change his mind.

Jack and Ashley do research on the governor’s wife. It isn’t an affair, but what? Ashley can tell when Conrad is lying and needs to get close to him.

At Emily’s house Nolan tells her about his arcade victory as she gets ready.

The Falcon assures Victoria that no one will be able to know she has a kid, but Victoria is paranoid. She remembers getting the scholarship to the art school in Paris. What was she going to do with Patrick?


Emily agrees to be interviewed at the Grayson’s. Jack and Ashley arrive as well. During the interview, Emily admits she would be honored to join the family. Jack catches her eye and angrily shakes his head. Later, Emily offers an explanation but he doesn’t want her near him or Carl anymore.

Declan works on his essay at home alone. Charlotte tells him she is stuck at home before meeting Regina at a club and using her last name to get in. Regina asks her to put on a show for the paparazzi.


Back at the interview, Juju Chang asks Victoria directly if she abandoned a 6-month-old son named Patrick to enroll at a European art school. Shocked, Victoria admits it’s true before walking off set.

The Falcon calls Nolan at home, upset about the medical records. Nolan tells her to check her inbox and she sees her identity has been exposed. The FBI surrounds her while he laughs.

Daniel visits Emily at home and tells her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He gives her the engagement ring back and hopes to see her wearing it soon.

Conrad approaches Victoria at the mansion, mad about his reputation – and the son she abandoned. It will only be a matter of time before the media drags him out.

Declan watches a video of Charlotte and Regina making out when Jack comes home and thanks him for watching Carl. Jack is done with Emily and wants to be careful about who they trust from now on.

Ashley visits Conrad at home and gives him the picture Jack took of his meeting with the governor’s wife. She has worked too hard to see all this go down in flames. Conrad welcomes her back.

Victoria surprises Nolan at home and offers him sole ownership of Nolcorp for his help finding her son.

Emily tells Aiden at his place that Daniel proposed. He wonders what will happen when the Grayson’s have all paid. She tells him she can finally be with him. He puts the ring on her finger and tells her to marry Daniel and take them down once and for all. They kiss.

Hollie’s thoughts:
After a few weeks off, "Revenge" certainly did not disappoint upon its return, and storylines seemed to be on the fast track to the finale. The Falcon was taken down, and Emily’s revenge is moving quickly – but Jack has something of his own going on, and it doesn’t look like it will end pretty now that we know Ashley is still working with Conrad. The best bit was seeing the humanity in Victoria that is sometimes missing. We already knew about her abusive childhood, but learning about how and why she gave her son away – and the fact she wants to find him now – not only lowered her walls but makes her very vulnerable. Not that she will let Emily easily get one over on her. I predict a Battle Royale by the finale.

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- Hollie Deese

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