Revenge Recap: Masquerade.

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

Padma’s fate is sealed, Jack asks Nolan for help, and Victoria is haunted by ghosts from the past.

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It’s been six weeks since Padma’s disappearance and a crazed Nolan works furiously to find her in his office. Emily arrives and he tells her that he has to believe Padma is waiting for him. She asks him to trust her to help him find Padma.

Victoria goes over RSVPs for her annual masquerade at home. Ashley comes in with one postmarked 1973. Victoria sees it is signed from her loving son. She flashes back to being a pregnant teenager.

At home, Emily and Aiden discuss drawing out Trask through Grayson Global to find Padma. She owes it to Nolan. She reveals she sent the mysterious RSVP to Victoria and aims to get an invite to the ball.

Ashley preps Conrad at the bar for his town hall. Jack offers to help and Ashley has tickets for him and Declan for the masquerade. Later, Ashley tells Conrad about the weird RSVP and thinks it has to do with the campaign. She gives him a mic piece for his ear and instructs him to wear a tie.

Daniel confronts Aiden at the office about using all of Trask’s money on a risky venture. Trask suddenly arrives and when Daniel goes to meet him, Aiden calls Emily and tells her their plan worked.

Nolan meets Jack in his apartment. He has the recordings of Conrad practically signing off on Amanda’s murder and wants Nolan’s help exposing him. Nolan agrees.

Emily visits Victoria in her dressing room and asks to attend the ball. Victoria tells her to move on - Daniel has.

In his office Daniel promises Trask he will get his money back. He has a backup of the threat Trask made against him and Emily weeks ago. Trask promises more than a threat and is liquidating their assets immediately. Later, Daniel calls Emily and wants to celebrate with her at the ball. She agrees as she clips a black rose.

Victoria comforts Charlotte at home, who is still grieving Amanda’s death. A bouquet of black roses arrives, signed from her son who says he will be wearing the same that night.

Trask gets in his car and Aiden is hiding behind him with a gun to his head. He demands to be taken to Padma.

Conrad speaks with the citizens at the bar and is surprised by a question about jury tampering in David Clark’s trial. He stumbles and his recording with Nate Ryan plays for a few seconds. Conrad assures the crowd he will reopen the case and a give a presidential pardon to David Clark if he is elected.

At home Conrad reveals the RSVP Victoria had hidden. He thought he knew all her skeletons and asks her to tell him the truth. She tells him her mother’s boyfriend got her pregnant but she had an abortion.

Trask leads Aiden through a warehouse to Padma’s body, who was just killed earlier that day. Trask warns Aiden the cops are on their way. Aiden breaks Trask’s neck as sirens sound in the distance.

Victoria and Conrad welcome their guests to the masquerade. Victoria begins looking for the black rose but is unhappy to find Emily instead. Later, Emily joins Nolan at the bar and thanks him for helping Jack. Declan and Jack join them and Emily tells Jack what he did for Amanda earlier was wonderful. They lock eyes until Daniel joins them. Later, Jack listens in as Conrad grills Ashley about who could have the tapes. She thinks it could be his campaign manager. He thinks it could be her and threatens to fire her. Later, Victoria confronts Daniel when she sees he is back with Emily. She is worried about the Initiative, but he tells her they are not his concern anymore. He puts the bullets Trask sent him in her hand and walks off. Later, Aiden tells Emily that Trask killed Colleen and Padma. Nolan joins them and when he realizes what has happened runs off. Emily chases after him. He loved Padma and now she is gone. She holds him as he cries. He promises her he will be okay and urges her to go back to the party. Later, a girl talks trash about Amanda and Charlotte punches her. Aiden tells Emily there is no going back once she and Daniel are public. Aiden congratulates Daniel, who reveals to Emily later he is not letting Aiden out of his sight until he knows what he is up to. Later, Victoria spots someone wearing the black rose and faints.

The day after the party at home Conrad asks Victoria if she was lying about the pregnancy and demands proof. She’ll get it, but then asks they never speak of it again.

Emily joins Aiden at home and tells him she has to be with Daniel. He is disgusted but will deal with it the best he can. She tells him Daniel is looking into his past and if he turns to the Falcon he will learn everything about Aiden's father. They have to get to him before Daniel does. She tracks Victoria’s cell phone and heads into the city.

Ashley joins Jack in his apartment at his request. He suspects they are both after Conrad and reveals he played the tape. He asks for her help taking down Conrad. She agrees.

Nolan trashes his office and cries for Padma. The detective arrives and tells him Padma just died yesterday. He questions Nolan but he isn’t saying a word.

Victoria goes to the same nun she visited as a pregnant teenager. She handed over her son and the nun promised to never tell her what became of him. She tells Victoria he came looking for her years ago but she did not tell him anything. Victoria leaves and the nun pulls out her rosary. Emily sits next to her and tells her she is pregnant with nowhere else to go.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Obviously there were a few big mysteries that popped up this week, namely, who the heck is Aiden's father and who the heck is Victoria's son? Padma's death wasn't much of a shocker, but Nolan's strong connection to her still continues to be surprising even now that she is gone. Charlotte is obviously dealing with some unresolved issues from Amanda's death, which are totally being ignored in true Grayson fashion. How could Victoria have time to deal with the problems of the present when she is so busy running from the problems of the past? She and Ems have much more in common than she realizes.

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- Hollie Deese

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