Revenge Recap: Victory.

Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Eli has revenge in mind, Jack gets close to Conrad, and Victoria is blindsided.

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At Aiden’s, Emily flashes back to reading Mason’s book as a child. Aiden tells her Daniel has gone quiet and Emily suspects he will need someone to confide in. She calls Daniel and they plan to meet for lunch tomorrow.

At home, Conrad and Victoria worry about Daniel getting close to Emily. Ashley shows Conrad his poor polling numbers, but he did get a bump after the foundation was announced. They sit for lunch with Eli and Emily joins them at Eli’s invite. He wants to present a check to the foster woman, Meredith, whose house Amanda burned down. Ashley thinks it is a win-win for the campaign and the foundation. Emily insists on going with Eli.

Nolan and Padma meet in his office and she hands him a video of her father begging her to come through with the Carion program. Nolan swears he won’t let any harm come to her dad.

At her place, Eli tells Emily that Meredith hid letters her father sent her and hands her one to prove it. He wants to get them back for her. He promised to always look after her and Meredith deserves to be punished. Emily agrees but they have to do it her way.

At Aiden’s, Emily wonders if Amanda would still be alive if she received her father’s letters. Nolan needs her help with the exchange but she is about to leave with Eli. Nolan and Aiden work on their plan together instead. Aiden breaks the news that the only way to save Padma is to let her disappear with a new identity.

Declan joins Jack at home. Jack has been trying to find Kenny but keeps getting dead ends. Declan has an idea and when Emily comes by he leaves. Jack tells Emily he is done with Conrad and needs to focus on Carl. She agrees that Amanda would not want him fighting her battles.

At school Charlotte asks Declan if they can use the bar for the press conference for the foundation and he agrees. Later, Declan bumps into Trey and grabs his phone, which has Kenny’s number in it.

In his office Nolan tells Padma they will never see each other again. Maybe someday when the Initiative is exposed they will be able to be together.

Eli and Emily visit Meredith, who doesn’t recognize Emily. Emily assures her they will give her a check at a press conference tomorrow. She leaves to make a call and alone Eli tells Meredith they will fleece the Grayson’s for all they have – he just wants 60 percent kickback. Meanwhile, Emily goes to the basement and flashes back to being locked in there as a kid. Later, she tells Meredith she passed with flying colors.


Victoria welcomes Meredith to her home with Emily and Eli. She will donate $250,000 annually to the home, with the first check coming today at the conference. Meredith tells Victoria she is a godsend.

At the bar Declan tells Jack he has been texting Ryan as Trey. Ashley and Conrad catch Jack before he rushes off and asks for his help with the campaign. Jack will consider it.

Emily and Daniel meet for their secret lunch. He has a second drink and tells her they want Aiden to take the fall. Her phone rings and she leaves to take it. Aiden tells her they have to exchange Carion in 36 minutes. Nolan doesn’t want to go without Emily but they don’t have a choice.


Nolan and Aiden watch Padma through their sniper rifles on a rooftop. Padma hands over the program and then Trask pushes Padma into the the trunk of the car and takes off. Aiden misses his shot.

Jack meets Kenny at a park, who denies rescuing Jack. He accuses Conrad of being at fault that night instead and reveals to Jack he has recordings of Nate’s meetings with Conrad. Jack wants them.

At the Stowaway Eli and the Grayson’s set up for the press conference. Victoria introduces Eli but his speech is unexpected. He tells them that foster care was the darkest days of his life. He outs Meredith for taking government money and abusing the kids. Meredith tells everyone Eli set the fire Amanda was accused of. Later, Victoria kicks Eli out of the foundation and home. Eli admits to Emily he set the fire so they could stay together. He is trying to make up for it now and she tells him the only way is for him to leave.

Aiden and Nolan follow their tracker to an empty room. Nolan gets a text that they are sorry about his friend. There is a box on the table and inside is the head of their tracking device. Nolan is sick over the danger they have put everyone in and blames Aiden.

At home Jack and Declan listen to the tapes of Conrad and Nate conspiring against Jack. Declan wants to go to the cops but Jack refuses. They can only trust each other. Now that he knows Conrad was behind it he has to find proof.

Eli visits Meredith at home. The kids in her custody are gone and they are opening an investigation. She is sorry Amanda died before she could finds out what he did to her. He owes Amanda and that is why he’s there.

Nolan joins Emily at home. She apologizes for failing him with Padma. She urges him to dig until he finds her and gives him her word she will help. Eli calls her from Meredith’s house, where she is locked in the tunnel in the basement crying out. Later she crosses out Meredith’s picture. Eli comes by with a confession from Meredith that she sold the letters to some guy. She’s alive, but the less Emily knows the better. Eli asks for her forgiveness and she tells him what’s done is done. She thanks him before he leaves.


Jack visits Conrad in his office and accepts his offer. They shake hands. Conrad wouldn’t want anyone else on the campaign trail with him.

At home Nolan pulls up the tacking on the text and finds Falcon’s signature again.

At work, Daniel leaves a message for Emily but is interrupted by a delivery of an envelope. Inside is a picture of him having lunch with Emily – and two bullets.

Emily visits Mason in prison and tells him she knows he bought the letters. He can’t give them to her though since she burned down his home but tells her that her father was worried about her. He was close to someone who came from a similar Dickensian home. Emily guesses that Victoria has another son and is ecstatic at the news.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Does Emily even know what her initial plan was anymore? With all of these reminders of her past showing up to haunt her, it is hard for her to keep on her totally-focused Grayson hunt without the people she cares about in her present getting hurt. At some point she has to ask herself if her mission should remain the same of if it is time to build a life on the truths she has left. Of course the most delicious tidbit of the evening - other than Eli's stunning speech - is Victoria's secret son. Good stuff!

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- Hollie Deese

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