Revenge Recap: Illumination.

Sunday, March 17th, 2013

Victoria launches Amanda’s foundation, Eli decides to stick around, and Nolan discovers an old adversary is back.

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Amanda and Aiden settle into his place. She tells him her foster brother was at the cemetery. He was her protector as a child, and promised nothing would separate them. And nothing did - until she burned down their house.

At Grayson manor Charlotte hands pictures of Amanda to Victoria for the new foundation she wants to start in Amanda’s name. Later, Daniel joins his parents and they urge him to have Aiden take over Conrad’s seat and take the fall with the initiative. Daniel knows ruining lives is in their DNA, but not his.

Jack meets with his lawyer at the bar who offers to help set up a life insurance policy for baby Carl. Jack is still haunted by what happened that night. Later, Victoria calls him and tells him about the foundation for Amanda and he gives her his blessing.

Emily joins Victoria at the manor. She hands over $250,000 and wants to co-chair Amanda’s foundation. Victoria will consider it. Eli arrives and introduces himself to Victoria. She invites him to the foundation launch and he agrees. Emily takes a call from Nolan and acts like she needs to rush off.

Emily meets Nolan at her house and he agrees to look into Eli. She rushes off to demand Jack talk to her.

Daniel nurses a drink in his office, haunted by what he feels was his dad’s involvement in Amanda’s death. Conrad tells him they do things to survive beyond themselves. Aiden joins them and Conrad endorses him to take over his seat on the board. Aiden agrees to meet Daniel later for drinks.

Emily goes to the bar to see Jack and Eli is already there. She asks Jack for another chance. He asks what Amanda thought of her father in juvie, because Eli told him she hated her dad. So why would she risk everything to avenge him? Later, Eli tells Emily he knows who she is. She offers to wipe his criminal record clean and give him money to start over. He just has to do it somewhere else.


Aiden holds Daniel back from getting in a fight at a bar. Later, Conrad calls Aiden and wants to discuss Daniel. He is in the bar and saw the whole thing.

At the docks Jack meets the guy who was there when he was brought in. He tells Jack the boat was returned by a tall man with sandy hair and blue eyes. Jack has heard plenty.


Victoria turns down Emily’s offer to co-chair at the foundation at the manor. Later, Nolan wipes Eli’s criminal record clean and Emily gives him a check for $100,000 to get out of town. Nolan is not convinced that Eli will hold up his end of the bargain. Declan realizes Charlotte spent the day with Eli and tells her to call him when she is not so busy. Emily tells Ashley that Eli is a scam artist. She passes it on to Victoria but she scoffs when she hears it came from Emily. Aiden joins Daniel in the boathouse and tells him he has a stake in his well being. He has moved on from Emily but she has not moved on from Daniel. Daniel accuses Emily of inviting Aiden tonight, but he tells him it was actually Conrad. Back at the party Conrad to Daniel the whole foundation is a front to keep their assets in the event of a government search. He has made the first move to frame Aiden. The next is Daniel’s. Meanwhile, Eli extols Amanda’s virtues to Victoria and Charlotte. Emily approaches and asks him about the fire. Eli tells them a family might have adopted Emily, but she started a fire so they could stay together. He went on to be adopted after the fire and that is why he wants to donate. He gives Victoria the check Emily gave him. Jack takes the microphone and counts the Grayson’s among friends. Later, Jack tells Nolan he knows he and Emily are lying about saving him. Nolan assures Amanda he will handle it. Then, Victoria announces Eli as co-chair. Emily reminds him of their deal but he is not leaving now. Daniel asks to walk her home.

At Emily’s house Daniel tells her the people who brought down the plane are conspiring to get Grayson Global to finance their next plot. He can’t get the noose off his neck without putting it on another. She urges him to do it and he reveals his parents are putting all their assets in the foundation. He begs her to keep it quiet.

Victoria and Conrad count their checks in his office – just under $5 million. Daniel returns and lets them know he will support Aiden and pitches in his own check for the foundation.

At home Emily tells Nolan that the Grayson’s are putting their entire fortune in the foundation. If they can access it, they can bankrupt them.

Jack watches the video of his wedding in his apartment. Nolan arrives with a copy of the title of the boat, registered to Kenny Ryan. He urges Jack from going after the Ryan brothers. He has lost too much to them already. Jack hugs him and apologizes for doubting him.

At Aiden’s, Emily knows Eli is a liability but is not sure how to handle him yet.

Daniel appoints Aiden to the board at Grayson Global and they shake hands.

At his place Nolan launches Carion to get at the foundation’s funds but there is a problem. He has seen this before. Whoever wrote the code protecting the bank account is the same person who dealt David his fate. The Falcon is back on the Grayson’s payroll. Ems wants to go hunting.

Hollie’s thoughts:
Eli poses quite a big problem for Ems, whose grip on the whole thing is quickly unraveling now that he has no plans to leave. Does he have a vendetta against her? It's still a little unclear, but the fact Nolan had to expunge his criminal record doesn't bode well for his character. Nolan has a bigger problem on his hands anyway, The Falcon, and with Padma in seclusion he shouldn't be too distracted to figure out who it is.

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- Hollie Deese

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