Revenge Recap: Retribution.

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Jack's out for his own revenge, Aiden passes a test and Emily gets a surprise.

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At the house, Nolan tries to calm an inconsolable Emily down immediately after Amanda's death. Aiden shows up and learns Amanda is dead. Emily runs upstairs and looks at Amanda's necklace and cries. Emily returns to announce she's going to see Jack.

Conrad grows frantic when he can't get a hold of Nate at the house. Charlotte and Declan run downstairs with news that Jack's been shot. Charlotte leaves with Declan, as Daniel grows enraged with his parents' so called plans. One way or another he will shut these barbarians down. He leaves, as Mr. Trask calls Conrad. They set a meeting.

Conrad and Victoria meet Mr. Trask in a park. He wants to know what happened to Helen. They implicate Amanda. Victoria doesn't think he bought their story. Conrad reminds her only Jack can dispute it. Mr. Trask calls Daniel and gives him business instructions.

Aiden visits Daniel in his office. He wants the open seat on his board. Daniel is resistant.

At the hospital, Emily and Nolan play dumb with Declan and Charlotte about what happened to Jack, who is unconscious. Privately, Emily tells Nolan the Graysons are behind all this and they will pay.

Emily finds Trask at the The Stowaway. He says he's investigating the accident and questions her. He gets a call and relays that the Coast Guard identified a female body. Charlotte is identifying her.

Padma meets Nolan at the hospital. She plays a message from Trask reminding her of the deadline to bring him the completed Carrion file. Nolan instructs her not to do anything until they know for sure the finger belonged to her father. He gets Helen's number from her. Nolan later calls Emily and tells her the last couple of numbers used on Helen's phone were involving Amanda. Emily realizes Victoria was framing her.

Emily meets Victoria at the morgue, as Charlotte identifies Amanda. Charlotte runs out in tears into Victoria's arms. Emily takes it in.

Nolan returns to his office and finds Daniel demanding his file on Carrion. Daniel threatens to ruin him if doesn't hand it over.

Jack and Emily are at the hospital when Jack wakes up. They are forced to tell him that Amanda didn't make it. He breaks down in tears as Conrad shows up. Conrad offers his condolences and confirms that he's paying his hospital bills because Amanda was family and therefore he and Carl are too. Jack says he doesn’t know how he'll ever repay him. After Conrad has left, Jack tells Ems and Nolan he has to find the laptop Amanda had with dirt on Grayson.


Daniel and Victoria sit at a bar and discuss the Initiative. Aiden's name comes up. Victoria thinks he might be with the Initiative and instructs her son to test him.

Emily takes care of Jack at The Stowaway. He asks her to give the eulogy. He can't do it because after everything he's learned, he doesn't think he really knew her. Emily assures him Amanda's love was real.

Emily checks in on Charlotte at the house. Charlotte, who has been researching Amanda's past, is distressed that she didn't really know her sister. Charlotte says Amanda was lucky to have a friend like her.

After Jack discovers a key in Amanda's things, he finds her locker and the laptop. He brings it home and tries to figure out the password.

Padma enters Nolan's office. He's been up all night finishing Carrion. He says the fingerprint came back as a match for her dad. He gives her the file, but warns her about dealing with the Initiative.

Emily returns to Jack at The Stowaway to help him get ready for the funeral. He reveals he knows she was in juvie with Amanda. The papers were in the bag with the laptop. He's furious they never told him. He says if she knew about Amanda's plans for the Graysons and didn't stop her then she's to blame.

At the funeral, Daniel tells Victoria that Aiden passed their test, as Aiden breaks into The Stowaway. Jack is cold towards Emily, but plays nice with the Graysons. Emily tells Nolan she wants to tell Jack the truth. Nolan says someday. Maybe. Jack asks Nolan to work on the laptop back at the bar. Conrad gets a call and says, "The boy knows nothing."

Jack and Nolan enter The Stowaway to find it's been ransacked. Jack says, "Grayson." Meanwhile, Aiden delivers the laptop to Emily, who throws it in the water to protect Jack. Her revenge won't include prison for the Graysons.

Back at the office, Daniel has the clock the Initiative was using to spy on him removed.

As Emily stands at Amanda's grave, her foster brother approaches. Emily looks panicked.

Lori's thoughts:
Things are getting mighty interesting now that Emily's true identity is in danger of being revealed. I'm intrigued by the foster brother and if he'll help or hurt Emily's plan for revenge. I felt bad for Nolan, feeling all used and like a pawn in everyone's game. He really is. I want to see more story about him, but not with Padma. Jack's become a bit more interesting as well, now that he's got his own vendetta against the Graysons and hating on Emily. I'm excited to see how it all plays out in the next few episodes.

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- Lori Wilson

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