Revenge Recap: Sacrifice.

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Nate's vengeance turns deadly, while the Graysons use Helen's death to their advantage.

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Upon dealing with Helen's body, Conrad and Victoria inform Daniel they plan to serve Amanda up to the Initiative for her murder. Conrad then meets with Ashley to tell her he will announce his candidacy at their Labor Day party that night. She knows Amanda blackmailed him and doesn't like the plan. He instructs her to make sure Amanda can't do any more damage to them. Ashley heads to Emily's to tell her about Amanda blackmailing Conrad. She thinks she's in over her head. After Ashley has left, Emily discovers her dirt on the Graysons is missing.

Jack and Amanda enjoy their honeymoon on The Amanda until Jack finds Nate holding his wife at gunpoint below deck. Nate says he's there because Jack made Conrad back out of their deal. Jack doesn’t know what he's talking about and suggests he call Conrad. When Nate gets a hold of him, Conrad offers Nate a handsome reward him if he gets the laptop and kills Amanda. Jack secretly watches as Amanda admits to the blackmail. She says she'll give Nate the laptop but pulls out a gun instead. However, Nate already emptied the bullets. Jack finds Declan's laptop and then heads to the deck where he stages a fight with Amanda. He tells Nate the laptop is below. When Nate heads downstairs, they lock him in a room and prepare the dinghy for their escape. Nate shoots his way out and a bullet hits Jack. Amanda puts Jack on the dinghy and unties it. She stays behind and charges Nate, but he knocks her out. Nate aims his gun at Jack, but the dinghy is too far away. Amanda wakes up as night has fallen and creates a leak below deck.

After Emily spies Nate on the boat in a picture Charlotte has of the newlyweds just after their wedding, she enlists Nolan's help. They track Nate's phone somewhere near Nantucket. They get on a boat and head for them, as Padma gets filled in on Emily and Nolan's plan, as well as Aiden's link to the initiative. Aiden tells Padma they need to learn if her father is actually alive. He gives her a phone and tells her to call Helen.


Emily and Nolan track The Amanda's location and come upon a passed out, but alive Jack on the dinghy. Emily orders Nolan to take Jack to the hospital and heads for Nate and Amanda on the raft. Emily boards The Amanda in time to help Amanda fend off Nate. A struggle ensues between Emily and Nate and the gun goes off hitting a gas line. Amanda shoots Nate and the women try to make a break for it. Nate flicks his lighter causing the boat to explode. Emily surfaces in the water and calls out for Amanda, who she ultimately finds alive. Emily pulls Amanda onto the raft. Amanda is bleeding and short of breath. She makes Emily promise to take care of Jack and the baby. Emily cries as she apologizes to Amanda. No need, says Amanda. She gave her the one thing she never thought she'd have: A family. There's a flashback of Emily and Amanda in juvie. As a young Emily says goodbye, Amanda hugs her, calls Emily her sister and says she loves her. Once Amanda passes away, a sobbing Emily lets her slip into the water. After Nolan has taken Jack to the hospital where he is operated on, he returns for Emily.

In his office, Daniel and Victoria put on a show for the Initiative, who are watching from their hidden cam. They argue about Helen and how Victoria just talked to her. Victoria then visits Charlotte at the Stowaway to ask her to come to the party. Before she leaves, Victoria plants Helen's clothes under Jack and Amanda's bed.

At the Graysons' party, the couple meets with someone from the Initiative who is looking for Helen. Conrad and Victoria muse on whether or not Amanda could be involved in her disappearance. The man leaves to search the Stowaway and finds Helen's clothes and phone under Amanda's bed. He listens to Helen's messages and hears Padma demand proof her father is alive. Back at the party, Conrad announces his candidacy. Once the party goers have left, Daniel worries about Amanda Clarke. Victoria and Conrad urge him not to because she chose the wrong enemy.

The Initiative man calls Padma demanding Nolan's program. She wants proof her father is alive. He tells her she just signed for it and that she can check the fingerprint. Aiden opens the box and solemnly looks at Padma. She shakes her head and cries, "No."

Lori's thoughts:
I thought most of tonight's episode was a bit hokey, especially Emily and Nolan's pursuit of The Amanda. The dialogue and backdrops were a little painful. And while the lead up was a bit convoluted, Amanda's death wasn't exactly a shock. She really was the most likely to perish. The fall out of her death should be intriguing, as Emily will more than likely become close with Jack again, which will eventually lead to his finding out the truth about who Ems really is and that Amanda was an unnecessary casualty. Hopefully the fallout will be better executed than the events leading up to Amanda's death.

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- Lori Wilson

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