Revenge Recap: Union.

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Jack and Amanda get married, Aiden gets proof regarding his sister and Nate prepares to eliminate the obstacle.

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Nolan interrupts Emily at the house as she recalls her childhood wedding to Jack. He lists all his wedding duties for Jack and Amanda's wedding, but knows this must be hard for her. Emily says Jack and Amanda deserve it. Nolan brings up the Stowaway and Conrad, as Amanda walks in. Nolan leaves as Amanda fills Emily in on Conrad bailing Jack and Declan out with the Ryan brothers. Emily knows the Graysons always have a hidden agenda and gives her a check to get them out from under them.

Despite Emily urging him to keep Padma in the dark, Nolan calls Padma into his office. He knows she's after something of his, which is more valuable than money. He's just not sure why. She writes on a piece of paper that they can't talk there. Outside, Padma reveals her father is being held and she's acting on someone's orders to keep him safe. She doesn’t know why the people want Nolan's Carrion file, she was just instructed to get the code. He reveals he knew what she was after so he gave her a partial code. She insists she cares about him, but he needs time to think.

At the house, Victoria overhears Daniel talking with Helen. She flashes back to David calling her from prison asking for help, but she refused him. Victoria bursts into Conrad's office to demand a copy of a document the Initiative used to set up David. She is worried Helen is now setting up Daniel to take the fall for whatever they are planning. She shows Daniel the document, but assures him they have a plan. He just needs to play along with Helen, who is listening in. Helen tells someone on the phone she'll handle it.

After Amanda gives Jack the check, he stops by the mansion to settle up with Conrad regarding his loan. Conrad declines because he has plans for the waterfront. Jack vows to fight him every step of the way.

At Nolan's office, Aiden demands he play the video of his sister's death. Aiden wants Nolan to figure out who filmed it. Nolan deduces it was filmed six years ago, not three days ago like he was led to believe. Nolan wants to involve Emily, but Aiden refuses and orders Nolan to keep looking for information. Nolan heads to Emily anyway and tells her he tracked the video of Aiden's sister to Jersey City. She instructs he look for any Jane Does in the area from six years ago.


Emily finds Aiden in an abandoned building where the video of his sister was taken. Emily gets a call from Nolan, who has bad news. Emily and Aiden go to the Coroner's Office and get proof of his sister's death. Emily tries to help Aiden through his loss, but his anger keeps him at a distance. She thinks they can have their vengeance together, but he walks away from her.

Amanda snoops in Emily's things at her house. She opens a laptop and finds Emily's surveillance videos of the Graysons. She uses it to blackmail Conrad into accepting Jack's check and backing off the Porters and The Stowaway.

Nolan officiates as Amanda and Jack get married on the beach. Emily has more flashbacks of her "wedding" to Jack and fights to hold back the tears as they exchange vows. She sees Aiden on a cliff in the distance and smiles. After the ceremony, Daniel looks at the documents Victoria gave him and calls Emily to tell her the time isn't right for them to rekindle their romance. That night, Emily meets Aiden on the beach. He vows the Initiative will pay, but on their terms. He won't be another casualty. He also declares Emily will never be alone in this.

On the docks, Conrad meets with Nate, who is furious he is backing out of their plans. Nate knows their obstacle is the Porters and offers to remove it.

Jack and Amanda sail off on the boat for their honeymoon. As they canoodle on deck, Nate lurks below.

Helen visits Victoria at the house and threatens Daniel's life unless she hands over the evidence. Victoria leads her to the pool house and shows her the safe. As Helen opens it, Victoria shoots her. Victoria calls Daniel to meet her at the pool house. Daniel and Conrad both arrive to find Victoria and Helen's dead body on the floor.

Lori's thoughts:
Tonight's episode laid the groundwork for next week's big explosion, which could leave the canvas one character short. I have to admit I won't be too disappointed to lose any on the list of possible casualties, but the effect it has on Emily should be pretty interesting, as it stands to reason it will be someone close to her. Not to mention, she put the chain of events into motion. But that's next week. This week's episode delivered a couple of shockers. One being Amanda getting the upper hand on Conrad. The other being Victoria shooting Helen in cold blood. She certainly will do anything to protect her baby boy. As for the couples, it's kind of difficult to be happy for Amanda and Jack, when his vows referred to the girl he once knew, who was not the Amanda he married. I was however happy to see Aiden and Emily reconnect, but watching Nolan and Padma together is painfully boring. Nolan is such a dynamic character. He deserves better.

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- Lori Wilson

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