Revenge Recap: Collusion.

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Emily alienates Aiden, Nolan realizes he's been played and Victoria does what she must.

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Emily joins Aiden on the beach. She tells him she misses him and they kiss. He tells her Helen is holding all the cards in regards to his sister. Emily promises they will work it all out.

Aiden encounters Helen in a parking garage. She accuses him and Victoria of being behind the attack at the auction. He denies it. She shows him a video of his sister. He asks, "What do I have to do?" She instructs him to kill Victoria in the next 24 hours.

After Victoria cancels plans for Charlotte's birthday, she runs into Jason at a hotel in L.A. They discuss his bid for Stone Haven. After he's left, Daniel and Emily, who are there for Stone Haven as well, show up. Daniel is incensed to find Victoria there meddling. Daniel storms off and Emily calls Aiden to tell him she is in L.A. He surprises her by revealing that he is there as well. They meet outside where he catches her up about his sister. They also discuss how Daniel landing Stone Haven would be good for them. Back inside, Aiden finds Jason and warns him away from the acquisition.

Victoria heads to Jason's room. She learns he is backing off Stone Haven. Aiden aims a rifle at Victoria from afar as she implores Jason to go after Stone Haven. He just wants her. She shuts the curtains, blocking Aiden's shot, and responds if he does what she's asks then she's his. He goes in for a kiss.

After Nolan digs up some dirt on Jason, Daniel wins the bid. Nolan also calls Emily to tell her Helen just sent Aiden a video of his sister, which shows her being forced to shoot up. Nolan adds that the subject line of the email was "A life for a life." Emily realizes Aiden's target must be Victoria. She orders Nolan to track Aiden's phone.

Outside, Aiden has Victoria in his sites as Jason accuses her of setting him up with Stone Haven. Victoria is left confused, as Aiden is about to pull the trigger. Emily stops Daniel in time. She promises they'll find his sister and make them all pay.

Amanda and Jack talk with Conrad and Ashley at the house to discuss the charges against Jack. Conrad acknowledges he is using their situation to help his political career. Amanda tries to give up the Ryan brothers, but Jack won't turn them in because then Matt Duncan will be accused of murdering their father. Conrad can't help Jack if he won't help himself.


After Jack lays a guilt trip on Matt Duncan, Conrad heads to the Stowaway. He tells the Ryan brothers he has Duncan's confession. He offers them money to go away and leave Declan and Jack alone. Kenny wants to take the money, but Nate wants to make their dad proud.

While Jack and Amanda are relieved to be rid of the Ryan brothers and the drug charges, Declan is worried about being partners with Conrad. Meanwhile, Nate goes to Conrad to buy back his portion of the bar. When Conrad passes, Nate assures him gaining the Stowaway would ensure he had the docks in the palm of his hand. Conrad is intrigued.

Padma helps a grateful Nolan find a new house. She then gets a call from Helen, who threatens her if she can't find Nolan's Carrion file. Padma and Nolan discuss the program Marco was trying to steal from him. When Padma refers to it as Carrion, Nolan looks concerned.

Emily meets Nolan at his new place. She worries she's losing Victoria's trust after what happened with Stone Haven. He informs her of a program he developed that could knock out all the electricity, but he has the final sequence in his head. He just realized that Padma has been trying to get it, not Marco. They deduce Padma is working for the Initiative. Emily suggests Nolan play Padma like she's playing him. Nolan sets it up so Padma finds the Carrion file.

Charlotte walks downstairs to her family, who throw her a belated birthday party. She tells them she has officially changed her name to Clarke. Emily shows up with a gift. Daniel is proud of Charlotte and heads out of the room with Emily. Emily tells Daniel Victoria was behind the rekindling of their relationship. Daniel suspected it, but wanted to see how far she was willing to go. He wonders if they'll get back to being the people they once were. She says maybe, but not tonight.

Emily returns home to find Aiden. He shows her a video of his sister overdosing. He is furious for listening to her, but she thinks he shouldn't trust what he sees. He will find his sister and if she's really dead then it's on Emily.

Lori's thoughts:
While the many storylines haven't had anything to do with each other thus far, they seem to finally be veering for a collision. Aiden's anger at Emily throws an interesting wrench in her plans, but I'm disappointed to see their alliance head south. It is one of the high points for me. I'm also glad Nolan knows about Padma now, but I hope he doesn't go back to Marco. Nolan is such a large personality that he needs a romantic interest with more charisma. It was a nice twist that Daniel knew Emily befriended him on Victoria's behalf. Good to know he's not a total idiot. As for the Stowaway storyline, here's hoping next week's sinking of The Amanda makes it more interesting and touches more of the canvas.

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- Lori Wilson

All screen shots courtesy of Richard Cartwright/ABC.

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