Revenge Recap: Sabotage.

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Helen is on the hook, the traitor in NolCorp is revealed and Conrad helps Jack.

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At her house, Emily assures Aiden her kiss with Daniel didn't mean anything. He remains reserved as he tells her Helen from the Initiative made contact with him. They're using his sister as leverage for his cooperation. He thinks they can go that route instead of her getting close with Daniel again.

Emily visits Daniel in his office. They share an awkward kiss. She wants to take things slowly, but asks to invite his top investors to a fundraising wine auction for her foster kids charity. Daniel takes a call with Helen and Emily leaves. Emily listens in on the phone call from the lobby, as Helen urges Daniel to invest in a company called Stone Haven. They move on to talking about NolCorp. Emily calls Victoria to update her.

Daniel meets with Nolan at NolCorp. Daniel wants a report detailing all of his abandoned developments by the end of the week. Padma enters as Daniel leaves. She wants to come back to work. Nolan welcomes her, as Marco shows up, clearly unhappy with the turn of events. Privately, Nolan accuses Marco of tipping Daniel off to an early investment they made. Marco pleads innocence and points the finger at Padma.

An old rival, Jason, visits Victoria and Conrad at their home. The Graysons talk privately, so Victoria can tell Conrad what Emily relayed about Stone Haven. They know it's bad news, but Victoria eyes Jason and says they will use sabotage to thwart the Initiative.

Emily and Victoria meet at the house. Victoria suggests she invite Jason to her charity event. Meanwhile, Ashley pays Conrad a visit to blackmail him into keeping her on the payroll.

Emily returns to Daniel at the office. Knowing that Helen is listening in, Emily mentions Aiden will be at the auction. Helen calls, while watching from her hidden camera. Emily asks to talk to her and invites her to the wine auction.

At the auction, a bidding war ensues between Daniel and Jason for a bottle of wine. Daniel wins after pledging $1 million. Jason wonders if Victoria invited him there so her son would look good in front of their investors. She denies it and they go off alone. Helen shows up and talks with Aiden. He wants to see his sister. She promises they will talk later. Nolan sees them and wonders if Aiden is hedging his bets. Emily says that's a good question. Helen walks over to Emily and gives her charity a donation. Emily steps away, giving Helen a chance to encourage Daniel to buy Stone Haven. Nolan finds Padma, who tells him she overheard Marco talking to Daniel on the phone at the office. Nolan runs off.


Aiden gets stuck on an elevator with Helen. A gas comes through the vents and they pass out. They wake up tied to chairs in a warehouse with hoods over their heads. A masked person disguising their voice asks about Stone Haven. The person attacks Aiden, who gets hold of a gun and shoots their captor. Aiden frees Helen and they escape. Nolan shows up and unmasks Emily, who says, "Let's see if she buys it."

After Aiden separates from Helen, he drives home. He talks with Emily on the phone about their plan. She thinks she needs to keep up her alliance with Daniel until they know Helen is on the hook for sure. Aiden looks unhappy, as Emily meets with Daniel at her house. Aiden shows up to gather his things. Emily gives him a bag and he leaves. Daniel says he should go too.

Nolan and Padma return to the office and find Marco, who maintains his innocence regarding Daniel. Nolan checks Marco's emails and finds incriminating messages. Nolan throws Marco out. Forever. Marco says Nolan is making a big mistake and eyes Padma. Once alone, Padma calls Helen with info on Nolan.

On the rooftop, Jason admits he wanted to impress Victoria tonight, but Daniel beat him. Victoria pretends to slip up by telling him about Stone Haven. Once she walks away, Jason makes a call about the company.

At the Stowaway, Nate and Kenny tell Declan and Amanda they should sell the bar to them if they care about Jack, who is in jail. Declan visits Jack to tell him about the Ryan brothers' offer. Jack thinks it's time Declan knew the truth. Meanwhile, Amanda urges Charlotte to ask her parents for help with the situation. Charlotte and Amanda talk with Conrad. He's reluctant, but says if he goes forward with this, he wants Amanda to keep her distance from his family. She steals something from his desk and says it won't be a problem.

Charlotte meets Declan on the boat. She tells him he can stay at her house for now. Declan won't leave without a fight. Elsewhere, Amanda approaches Nate at the Stowaway with a gun she bought with the watch she stole from Conrad. Ashley interrupts to tell Amanda Jack is out of jail. Amanda runs to Jack's room and finds him with Conrad, who asked the judge to set a lenient bail.

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- Lori Wilson

All screen shots courtesy of Eric McCandless/ABC.

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