Revenge Recap: Power.

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Emily and Aiden stage a break up, the Initiative approach Daniel, and Victoria allies herself with Emily.

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Emily and Aiden spar on the beach at night. He asks if she wants to go again. She kisses him instead.

Helen Crawley from the Initiative gets Daniel into her town car. She tells him to dig around Grayson to find secrets that will make him more powerful than his father ever dreamed.

Jack and Amanda kiss at the Stowaway. He gifts her with a sea glass necklace. Declan listens as she expresses her wariness to Jack about the Ryan brothers.

At home, Victoria is worried the Initiative is going to use Daniel. Conrad isn’t concerned because Daniel is so inept. An upcoming Supreme Court pick, Barnes, is spending the weekend. She wants Conrad to support their charity so he can be welcomed back at Grayson Global when Daniel falls. She is going to use Emily to make sure that happens.

Aiden reads a letter at the beach house that Emily thinks was written by a courtroom clerk, Palmer, who passed the name of a juror who did not believe David was guilty on to Judge Barnes, who then told the Graysons. That juror was removed and replaced. Three days after the letter was sent, Palmer was killed.

At the Grayson’s, Victoria tells Emily she thinks Daniel is in over his head at Grayson Global. Daniel still loves her. If Emily can get Daniel to drop his interest in Grasyon she will have Victoria’s full support. They shake hands. Later, she introduces Emily to Robert and Patricia Barnes.

At the Stowaway Charlotte distracts Nate and Kenny while Declan looks around in the back. He finds drugs but spills coffee beans everywhere and scrambles to clean up. When Nate opens the door Declan has cleaned up – or so he thought. Nate steps on one lone coffee bean after Declan leaves. Declan later tells Jack that the Ryan brothers are running drugs through the bar. Jack has a plan.

At Grayson Global Aiden finds out where Daniel is meeting Conrad for lunch and arranges to meet Emily there. They stage a break up. Later, Daniel wants Nolan to hack into Grayson’s system to find rogue files.

At home, Jack packs up a bag for Amanda and Carl to stay at Emily’s place. She was right about the Ryan brothers. They are running drugs through the bar and he needs her to leave so he can have the place raided.

Nolan meets Emily at her place and realizes her breakup was fake when Aiden comes out. She is willing to play nice with Daniel to expose Judge Barnes. She leaves and Aiden asks Nolan to help him stay one step ahead of the initiative, specifically Helen Crawley.

At work, Nolan looks through Grayson’s system. Marco doesn’t believe Daniel asked him to hack into his company’s own files. Marco wants to get some drinks but Nolan dismisses him.

Daniel greets Emily at the mansion and lets her know he and Ashley are also over. At dinner, Emily brings up Palmer to the Barnes’ and they are visibly affected. He assures her that David Clarke’s trial has not caused him any lack of sleep. His wife injects that is her job and he grabs her hand. She is shaking and excuses herself from dinner. Judge Barnes quickly joins her.

At home, Amanda and Emily go over info about Patricia Barnes. She has a history of broken bones and a criminal record that was expunged. Emily finds a picture of her at an apartheid protest with Palmer.

Aiden meets with Nolan at his place and shows him video from the investors lunch. He calls the phone number and Helen answers. She has been expecting him. They meet underground and she tells him his sister is still alive. She will have an offer for him the next time they meet, and he better not tell anyone about it.


The cops shut down the Stowaway to search but find nothing. They go to the boat and arrest Declan when they find drugs and a gun there. Jack insists it is all his and is arrested instead. Later the Ryan brothers warn Declan things could get a lot worse. Jack calls Amanda from jail and tells her what happened.

Marco sets up a romantic dinner for Nolan at his office. He wants a chance to start over and will wait as long as it takes. He wants Nolan to reconsider a cyber security project he abandoned years ago.

Emily approaches Patricia in the ladies room at the fundraiser. She notices Patricia is bruised and hands over the letter she thought was written by Palmer. The letter saved Amanda’s life and tonight it could save her own. During her speech Patricia brings out the letter, which she wrote. She reads that the verdict that convicted David came from a tainted jury. Her husband stands to inherit more power but the greater the power the greater the potential for abuse. She removes her jacket to show off her bruises.

Helen calls Daniel and asks how his hunt is going. Nolan left a breadcrumb trail to NolCorp secrets, one he should find very interesting.

Daniel shows up at Emily’s while Aiden showers. He needs her help steering Grayson’s charity resources. She notices Victoria is watching and agrees. He kisses her and Victoria smiles. Aiden watches from inside.

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All screen shots courtesy of Vivian Zink/ABC.

- Hollie Deese

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