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Past and present collide. (Eric McCandles/ABC)

Bad beginnings. (Eric McCandles/ABC)

Year-End wrap-up.

Season two of "Revenge" has been even more thrilling than the first as we have moved beyond getting to know the surface of the situation and have settled into digging deeper into the motivations behind everyone’s misdeeds. Lives have already hung in the balance, businesses have crumbled and babies have been born.

Episode 1 - Season One Summary.

The first episode of season two gave viewers the chance to relive the highs and lows of the first season of "Revenge." This episode laid the backdrop of the shockers to come with the back story as to how Amanda Clarke came to seek revenge for the wrongs done to her father, David. The perfect primer for newbies. Grade: A

Episode 2 - On A New Path.

The audience was introduced to Aiden, another man from Emily’s past, as they trained together with Takeda. Emily was determined to find her mother. In the Hamptons, Jack assured Declan that once the baby came things would improve for all of them. The unparalleled Victoria was revealed to be alive after last season’s shocking plane crash and Charlotte’s lab work was doctored to show she was using drugs. Grade: A

Episode 3 - Dark Even For Emily.

Growing more ruthless, Daniel let his new love Ashley know that he thought Conrad was cooking the books at Grayson Global, and he was ready to make his move. And as Emily tried to barter with the white-haired man to find out where her mother was, Aiden appeared and shot and killed him before he could slit Emily’s throat. Grade: A+

Episode 4 - Understood.

After Aiden woke up in a dumpster, he found the hotel from the key he lifted off of the white-haired man and found a flight recorder – as well as Emily’s mother who was instantly on to him. Later, Declan broke into a house with his new friend, setting himself and Jack up on a dangerous path that could cost them the bar. Grade: A

Episode 5 - Forgiveness.

Emily let herself get closer to Aiden as she realized her father lied to her about her mother’s death in order to protect her. He told her the white-haired man was married to her mother but wanted her to get back to her original mission. Later, Emily came face to face with Kara at the hospital. Nolan indulged in a little romance with his new CFO while the sneaky Graysons decided to wed in order to save themselves from testifying against each other. Grace: B+

Episode 6 - Illusion.

Emily and Amanda got their stories straight for Mason Treadwell, but that didn’t stop him from getting closer to finding out the truth. Meanwhile Kara stayed with the Graysons while she tried to find out their connection to her husband’s disappearance. Kenny warned Jack and Declan they were getting in some shady business. At their wedding, Conrad gave Victoria a gun to protect herself in case he couldn't. Later, Jack proposed to Amanda on the boat and she happily accepted. Grade: B

Episode 7 - Exposure.

Conrad and Victoria plotted to take the Initiative down with them if it came to that. Mason confronted Emily about her detention school days with Amanda. Amanda panicked and in order to save her future with Jack tried to kill him, but Emily stopped her just in time. Kara went rogue and did not make her flight, so Emily demanded Mason help her. He was arrested for Gordon’s murder and agreed to her plan. Grade: B+

Episode 8 - Lineage.

This entire episode was set in 2006, back when Emily first met Aiden while on assignment for Takeda. He was seeking his own revenge on the people who had sold his sister into prostitution and she was there to take down the man who did it. This episode also gave us a glimpse into the beginning of Emily and Ashley’s relationship as Emily saved Ashley from being sold herself. Meanwhile, Nolan couldn’t get his lover and CFO Marco to understand why he gave nearly one billion dollars to David Clarke’s daughter. Great background for learning more about Emily, Ashley, Nolan and Aiden. Grade: A+

Episode 9 - Revelations.

During the winter season finale, Jack realized just how much trouble he, Declan, the bar and his family could be in when he found the gun used to kill Kenny’s father hidden on his boat. Marco came back into Nolan’s life just in time to help put the nails in NolCorp’s coffin to Grayson Global. Luckily, Nolan had a plan to bring Grayson Global down from the inside. Aiden and Emily used a sex tape of Ashley and Conrad to turn Daniel against her, and later, Victoria called Emily for help. What could she want? Grade: A

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