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Pretty Little Liars Spoilers.

Wednesday, January 28 2015

Out, Damned Spot. (ABC Family/Eric McCandless)
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"Pretty Little Liars" has been renewed for seasons 6 and 7!

Tuesday October 21 8:00 PM:

"We Love you to DeAth."

In lieu of a Halloween special, the cast and crew will divulge some of the secrets of the series and give some fans a chance to have some of their burning questions answered on Twitter by using the hashtag #PLL Halloween or directing questions to their official Facebook page.

Tuesday December 9 8:00 PM:

"How the 'A' Stole Christmas."

Santa Claus is headed to Rosewood. Season 5 of "Pretty Little Liars" is celebrating their first ever Christmas special which will replace their annual Halloween special. Back in April, Marlene King took to Twitter to let fans know she was excited to write and direct the episode which is appropriately titled, “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas.”

The loss of Mona, and Spencer's impending murder charge, puts a damper on Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer's holiday spirit.

The girls and their partners find something that could possibly clear Spencer's name.

If their plan to get justice for Mona and bring Alison down works, it could be a very Merry Christmas in Rosewood after all.

Here's a Christmas episode clue from King, taken from her Twitter feed:

Marlene King Tweeted: "A certain PLL wants her bed buddy to wear sexy Santa boxers for Christmas. She gets what she asked for x 4!"

Mona returns as the ghost of Christmas past, present, and future.

Cece returns for this episode.

There will be a flashback to Mona's death scene which is pretty violent.

There will be a romantic kiss under the mistletoe.

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Tuesday January 6 8:00 PM:

"Through a Glass, Darkly."

After three months, Mona's friends and family are still mourning their loss and truly believe Alison was involved with Mona's death.

The Liars continue to search for evidence to prove Alison killed Mona in hopes of putting A's game to rest and getting justice served.

Alison still has a seemingly airtight alibi and continues to profess her innocence, which could force the Liars to resort to shady tactics.

Emily and Paige's relationship reaches a crossroad.

Aria begins to worry about the future.

Tuesday January 13 8:00 PM:

"Fresh Meat."

Toby's new position in the Rosewood Police Department was supposed to give the Liars an advantage on finally closing the door to Ali/A's game.

Toby is put in a bad spot with his job and with Spencer when a surprising bit of evidence turns up.

Spencer doesn't trust the police and urges Toby to stray from his moral gut reaction.

Emily and Aria work to keep control of situations that could affect their future.

Tuesday January 20 8:00 PM:

"Over a Barrel."

Secrets, especially when kept from a loved one, are hard to keep.

Spencer and Caleb search for Mona's missing laptop but where the search leads them could cross the 'Toby approved' line.

A possible goose chase diverts Aria from coming clean to Ezra about her lie.

Pastor Ted returns with big news, leaving Hanna stuck in the middle having to cover Ashley's secret.

Emily struggles to come to terms with the end of her relationship with Paige and has to put up with Talia's annoying suggestions at work.

Tuesday January 27 8:00 PM:

"The Bin of Sin."

Hanna refuses to allow 'Alison/A' to frame her for Mona's murder.

Hanna doesn't approve of the plan that her friends come up with to get her off the hook and sets out to clear her own name.

Aria comes clean to Ezra, which threatens certain relationships.

Toby is put in a bind at work, due to Spencer's shady actions.

Tuesday February 3 8:00 PM:

"Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They all Hand me."

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer have been burned before by newcomers to Rosewood, so it's no surprise the four ladies are wary when someone new crosses their path.

Spencer lets down her guard a bit as she spends more time with Jonny, and Emily continues to try and figure out Talia as she keeps getting mixed signals from her co-worker.

When Mona's friend Lesli shows up in town, Hanna is tasked to get her back story and find out if Lesli is really who she says she is.

Aria becomes concerned about Mike's recent behavior and Holbrook returns to town.

Tuesday February 10 8:00 PM:

"Out, Damned Spot."

Senior high school students focus on their future college careers and feel the high pressures that come along with it, and Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are no different.

With a grade contingent acceptance, Aria needs to buckle down to improve her grades and looks to Andrew for some tutoring help.

Also having college acceptance anxiety, Spencer decides to take a break and help Jonny with a new project.

Hanna is doing just fine on her college acceptances but finds out that she has been turned down for financial aid and turns to her dad to help.

Aria and the girls concerns about Mike increase after an incident at the school blood drive.

Tuesday February 8:00 PM:

"Pretty Isn't the Point."

Determined to get college tuition money without the help of others, Hanna pushes forward with her quest to win the local beauty pageant and hires a pageant coach to ensure her win.

Quickly learning that you have to be more than a pretty face to win the grand prize, Hanna turns to Emily for help.

Also needing a little help, Aria asks Andrew to help keep tabs on Mike, whose increasingly suspicious behavior suggests a chilling connection to Mona's death.

What Aria ultimately discovers makes her blood run cold.

Spencer decides to help Jonny on a less than legal adventure.

Tuesday February 8:00 PM:

"Bloody Hell."

Tuesday March 8:00 PM:

"The Melody Lingers on."

Tuesday March 8:00 PM:

"I'm a Good Girl, I am."

Tuesday March 8:00 PM:

"Welcome to the Dollhouse."


Sydney Penny ("All My Children's" ex-Julia Santos, "The Bold And The Beautiful's" ex-Samantha Kelly, "Days Of Our Lives'" ex-Dr. Liv Norman) announced via Twitter that she'll be playing the recurring role of Mona's mom, Leona Vanderwaal. Look for her first appearance during the finale on Tuesday August 26.

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