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Pretty Little Liars Recaps: July 11 - Oct. 31, 2012.

Monday, December 10 2012
SoapOperaFan blog has been recapping "Pretty Little Liars" since July 11, 2012. Fans of the show will be seeing the recaps here on Soaps.com starting January 8, 2013 and if you've missed any since July 11, 2012, feel free to load up on "PLL" with the archives below.

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July 11, 2012:

Pretty Little Liars recap: That Girl Is Poison.

Lucas has some explaining to do, Hanna finds something shocking, and Ezra has news!

July 17, 2012:

Pretty Little Liars recap: The Remains Of The 'A'.

Aria stumbles upon a huge secret, Spencer and Jason learn that April Rose isn’t a person, and Hanna tries to out 'A'.

July 24, 2012:

Pretty Little Liars recap: Crazy.

Detective Wilden demands Hanna give a blood sample, Spencer covers up a hit and run, and Hanna and Aria sneak into an asylum.

July 31, 2012:

Pretty Little Liars recap: Stolen Kisses.

Emily looks for answers, Aria meets Ezra’s mother, and Hanna tries helping Mona.

August 7, 2012:

Pretty Little Liars recap: The Khan Game.

Spencer and Aria go to the Kahn brothers’ party where they get into an intense game of truth, and Hanna receives another text regarding Caleb from 'A'.

August 14, 2012:

Pretty Little Liars recap: What Lies Beneath.

Hanna and Emily seek clues about Maya at the Kahns’ cabin in the woods, Spencer investigates Noel, and Aria tries to process the details she’s learned about Ezra’s background.

August 21, 2012:

Pretty Little Liars recap: Single Fright Female.

Spencer uncovers Paige’s violent past with Alison and warns Emily, who is reluctant to take her advice, and Aria attempts to help Ezra put his past behind him, but it proves to be more difficult than she anticipated.

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August 28, 2012:

Pretty Little Liars recap: The Lady Killer.

Maya’s murder trial gets underway and Emily can’t withstand the media attention surrounding it, 'A' extends an olive branch to the girls, who are skeptical about the sincerity of the offer, and someone close to the girls betrays them.

October 23, 2012:

Pretty Little Liars recap: This Is A Dark Ride.

Adam Lambert guest stars as the girls attend a Halloween party on a train, where they encounter unexpected guests, as well as surprising tricks from 'A'.

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