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Spoilers for the Week of July 28, 2014

07/28/2014 12:00am

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A Dark Ali. (ABC Family/Eric McCandless)

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"Pretty Little Liars" has been renewed for seasons 6 and 7!

Tuesday March 18:

Spring Finale!

"A Is For Answers."

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer finally get the answers they've been looking for surrounding what happened to Ali the night she disappeared.

Now that they know all about Ali's secrets, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer might be able to help Alison figure out who 'A' is.

Season five will return Tuesday June 10 at 8:00 PM.

Tuesday June 10:

"EscApe From New York."

With Alison now back in their lives, the girls have to learn new ways to deal with her presence and continue to dodge 'A'.

"A" is closer than ever.

Aria and the Liars reel from Ezra's shooting and realize Ezra is still in danger.

Aria stands watch over Ezra at the hospital.

A trap is set to flush out "A" and the girls are stunned by who is ensnared.

Holbrook puts the Hastings family on alert and continues to look for the girls.

Mona is not pleased to hear about Alison's resurrection.

Tuesday June 17:

"Whirly Girl."

Though the events of New York are behind them, the Liars are back in Rosewood but are still unsettled, due to a cloud of secrets.

Recent past events haunt Aria.

Emily, Hanna and Spencer try to adjust to the new normal.

Alison is forced to stay home with her family, one she doesn't trust, and sleeps with one eye open.

Eyebrows are raised in regards to Jessica's disappearance, due to Jason's odd behavior and Kenneth's search.

Tuesday June 24:

"Surfing The Aftershocks."

Alison has a hard time facing her mother's death.

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer work to cover their tracks and try to figure out what happened in New York.

Hanna and Aria have to deal with Mona and Ezra and the fact that they know the truth about Ali's story.

Spencer and Emily search for Jason's whereabouts the night they were in New York.

Ali's return leads Hanna to examine who she really is.

Tuesday July 1:

"Thrown From The Ride."

Ali attempts to regain her role as leader of the group, but the girls aren't as willing to follow her like before.

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer become uncomfortable at school, as attention is focused on the Liars.

Some wonder what happened to Ali, while others can't wait for her return to school.

Aria looks for comfort from an unlikely source, as her depression continues to spiral.

Tuesday July 8:

100th episode!

"Miss Me X 100."

The first day back to Rosewood High proves to be hard for Alison, as well as the Liars.

Alison plans to heal the damage she caused in the past.

Mona and her crew are determined to make sure forgiveness is out of the question.

Caleb and an old foe reappear.

Tuesday July 15:

"Run, Ali, Run."

The Liars are still trying to get over the latest 'accident'.

Ali and Caleb both second-guess their returns to Rosewood.

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer vow to keep Ali safe and plan to uncover who caused their current troubles.

Ezra works diligently to find answers.

Tuesday July 22:

"The Silence Of E. Lamb."

Aria and Spencer desperately try to get answers.

Aria begins volunteering at Radley and finds an aggressive patient who could be the key in her search.

Spencer borrows some of Ezra's spy equipment to keep a closer eye on the home front.

Emily and Hanna find themselves in an uncomfortable position.

Ali and Caleb butt heads.

Emily turns to her friends for help after her mom invites Ali over for dinner.

Tuesday July 29:

"Scream For Me."

Hanna's insecurities and current situation continue to plague her after Alison moves in with her.

With continued alcohol abuse, Hanna ends up in a sticky situation.

Aria's maid of honor duties are halted when Ella returns to town.

Spencer and Emily follow a dangerous lead on the hunt to solve the mystery of the dead girl in Alison's grave.

Tuesday August 5:

"March Of Crimes."

Hanna continues down a destructive path and her friends refuse to stand by and watch.

Aria observes Zach and wonders if Hanna was telling her the truth.

Emily searches for information to connect Alison to Noel.

Spencer finds something surprising at the eye doctor.

Tuesday August 12:

"A Dark Ali."

Ali is pressured to identify the man the police have in custody as her kidnapper.

The Liars believe the man is innocent and that this could be part of 'A's' trap.

Emily begs Ali not to fall victim to 'A'.

Spencer covers all angles and comes up with a Plan B.

Hanna tries to lead a normal teenage life, despite the drama surrounding Ali.

Tuesday August 19:

"No One Here Can Love Or Understand Me."

Tuesday August 26:


"Taking This One To The Grave."


Sydney Penny ("All My Children's" ex-Julia Santos, "The Bold And The Beautiful's" ex-Samantha Kelly, "Days of our Lives'" ex-Dr. Liv Norman) announced via Twitter that she'll be playing the recurring role of Mona's mom, Leona Vanderwaal. Look for her first appearance during the finale on Tuesday August 26.

Teasers from Marlene King:

Reunions and homecomings...

The person who killed Detective Wilden will be revealed.

Though the audience will be given hints, various characters will uncover 'A's' identity.

A major death will occur.

Upon Ali's return an army will be mobilized and A is not included.

Look for Ali and Paige to be involved in an emotional storyline.

A gay male character will be introduced.

Lucas heads back to Rosewood, as does Holden.

And an unexpected PLL will spiral with her boyfriend.

Tyler Blackburn will return as series regular Caleb Rivers early in season five, where Caleb's time in Ravenswood will be addressed.

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- Christine Fix/Amy Mistretta

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