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Spoilers for the Week of May 05, 2014

05/05/2014 12:00am

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A is for Answers. (ABC Family/Eric McCandless)

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Tuesday October 22:

PLL Recap: Grave New World.

Halloween Special.

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer find a clue in 'A's' new lair and think Ali may be alive.

The Liars crash the Ravenswood Founders Day Celebration, dressed in their finest Edwardian costumes.

The Liars could unintentionally lead 'A' to Ali.

Ezra lurks in the shadows.

Caleb meets a kindred soul named Miranda in Ravenswood - on his way to help the girls.

Tuesday January 7:

"Pretty Little Liars" season 4 resumes.

"Who's in the Box?"

The Liars go in search of answers about Alison.

A darker side of Ezra emerges.

The Liars reflect on the past year and try to make sense of their lives.

Tuesday January 14:

"Love ShAck, Baby."

Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer hope Ali's diary can answer their questions.

The diary contains coded stories to cover the truth.

Each girl must figure out which stories refer to them, even though they might not want to admit it.

The girls hope to find out who has been going after Ali.

Spencer is suspicious of her father and Mrs. DiLaurentis' interactions.

Tuesday January 21:

"Close Encounters."

Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer work to find out if the information surrounding Ali is true.

Shana returns and approaches Emily with a message from Ali.

Emily and the others aren't sure they can trust Shana.

Shana then warns that Ali will only meet with Emily, which makes one wonder if this is all part of 'A's' plan.

Spencer is determined not to allow Emily to get hurt, even though Emily becomes more hopeful than ever.

Hanna and Aria consider some matters of the heart.

Tuesday January 28:

"Bite Your Tongue."

Spencer works diligently to make sense of the stories in Ali's diary, which could very well reveal the identity of Ali's mystery man.

Hanna's sudden interest in crime novels helps her figure out a plan in order to uncover whose body is in Ali's grave.

Hanna and Spencer's work could lead them straight into 'A's' path.

A friendship blossoms between Mona and Mike.

Mike's new friend upsets Aria.

Emily's behavior concerns her father.

Tuesday February 4:

"Hot For Teacher."

Given Spencer's possible Board Shorts revelation, she plans to prove her theory but doesn't want to bring it to the girls until she does - for fear of the devastating effects.

Hanna starts to pick up on Spencer's odd behavior and could very well uncover her secret before she's ready to reveal it on her own.

Emily plans to use Shana in order to make amends with Alison.

Aria's lies begin to take a real toll on her.

Tuesday February 11:

"Shadow Play."

Spencer experiences numerous sleepless nights despite the prescription pills she takes, which start to interfere with her hunt for Ali.

Some new information causes Spencer's world view to take a black and white turn.

Spencer finds herself teleported into the world of 1940's Film Noir and tries to find the answers she and her friends have been searching for.

Tuesday February 18:

"Free Fall."

Spencer plans to tell Aria what she found out about Ezra.

Emily and Hanna worry about what the truth could do to their friend.

Ezra informs Aria about his concerns and suspicions surrounding Spencer's recent problems with addiction.

The girls might not trust what Spencer is telling them about Ezra, due to her credibility being questioned.

Tuesday February 25:

"She's Come Undone."

Emily, Hanna and Spencer worry about Aria, who falls apart after hearing shocking news about Ezra.

Aria doesn't want her revelation to be true and goes looking for answers.

Spencer tries to prove to her parents and Toby that she doesn't need help kicking her habit but risks a trip to rehab.

Paige is determined to put a stop to Emily's secrets.

Tuesday March 4:

"Cover For Me."

Emily is determined to get answers about Ezra and Mona and confronts both of them.

A heartbreaking situation leaves Emily trying to make sense of it all.

Det. Holbrook and Lt. Tanner confront Hanna with a possible new lead in Alison's case, which sets her on a search of her own.

New men in their lives help Spencer and Aria recover from the fallout.

Tuesday March 11:


Spencer reels from the memories of her lost summer, which makes things rough for all the Liars.

Aria continues to nurse a broken heart.

Emily tries to wrap her head around Paige's betrayal.

Hanna gives dating another shot.

The Liars are forced to focus on their suspicions involving Mrs. DiLaurentis and help out at her charity bridal fashion show in order to gain access to the DiLaurentis house.

Ella and Jason return to Rosewood and both have something to hide.

Spin-Off Series:

Update: ABC Family has canceled its "PLL" spin-off series.

The spin-off series, "Ravenswood," premiered right after the Halloween special episode for Season 4 of "Pretty Little Liars." Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) joined the spin-off when his character, Caleb Rivers, travelled to Ravenswood during the annual "Pretty Little Liars" special Halloween episode. Caleb will stay in Ravenswood permanently.

Intrigued? Want to follow Tyler to "Ravenswood?" The one-hour drama centers on five strangers suddenly finding they're connected by a fatal curse. They have to work together in order dig into the town's mysterious and terrible history before it's too late for all of them...

You can find Ravenswood news here, and learn when Rumor Willis will be on Pretty Little Liars and who she will play, in our Primetime Dish.

Just in... Days of our Lives & Venice Actor Wes Ramsey to Pretty Little Liars. More information in the link.

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