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Spoilers for the Week of October 05, 2015

10/05/2015 12:00am

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers for January image

Mid-season return!

Thursday January 12 8:00 PM:

"Of Late I Think of Rosewood."

Stay tuned, episode spoilers to come!

TVLine spoilers from Comic-Con:

There will be flashbacks to the previous seasons, including past 'A' accusations erupting through the Rosewood High School hallways.

Dr. Rollins helps Alison prepare for a hearing surrounding Charlotte’s release.

Spencer is off in Washington, D.C.

Aria will take an interest in the book Ezra publishes.

Hanna will be seen on a plane watching over a little girl who's in her care.

Emily has a job as a bartender in a warm, sunny place.

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Photo Credit: ABC Family/Andrew Eccles

- Amy Mistretta