Pretty Little Liars Recap: Grave New World.

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Caleb meets a girl named Miranda on route to Ravenswood, the girls become separated at the party, and Alison reveals herself at last.

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The girls arrive at the party in Ravenswood dressed in costume. They whisper about the party being in a cemetery. Emily balks at going in - she's not sure she's ready to see Alison. Aria reminds her they already have.

Caleb is on the bus to Ravenswood. A creepy looking man at the back is the only other passenger. Caleb dozes off and awakens to find a girl sitting with him. She explains she's sitting with him because the other guy is creeping her out and she's hungry. Caleb has no food. They learn they're both headed to Ravenswood. The girl just found out she has an uncle there; her parents are dead. Caleb guesses she's been living in a foster home until now - he's spent some time in them himself. The man in the back is asleep so the girl tries to steal his chips. He wakes up and opens his eyes - one is white. She gasps and rejoins Caleb, who is trying to reach Hanna. He explains to the girl that Hanna is his girlfriend. Caleb worries about how the girl's uncle will react to her showing up - he's been there. When the bus stops, the girl decides to get off. They exchange names - she's Miranda. When Miranda sees the creepy man getting off she decides to stay on the bus after all.

Aria's phone rings as the girls walk through the cemetery - it's Ezra. He asks where she is and she tells him she's in a graveyard. He warns her to be careful. Aria says she will and hangs up. Ezra watches them from a distance. They go into a tent and spot 'Boardshorts' and bicker about whether or not to ask him if he's 'A'. Spencer walks his way, Aria goes after a blonde girl, Hanna notices two little girls in red coats, and Emily is grabbed by Mrs. Grunwald who warns they need to leave - now! Outside the tent, Aria's leg is clutched by a hand. She screams. It's the girl she was following. She asks the girl if she was pushed. 'Boardshorts' appears and asks Leah if she's alright - she's his cousin. Aria finds the others and updates them as they walk through the cemetery. They think they see Ali and follow the person into an old crypt building. They scrape open a sliding door and expose a set of stairs descending into a cellar. As they start down the steps the door closes behind them and locks. There are creepy statues everywhere and they have no cell service. A huge gust of wind makes them stand back against the wall and cringe. When it abruptly stops Hanna is missing. Elsewhere, Hanna calls out for the others and hears noises. She turns on her cellphone light and screeches - there are tons of rats. She runs up a stairway and pushes through a wooden door at the top into a dusty room with a piano. Once she passes into the adjacent room, a man in a gas mask closes the cover over the piano keys.

Caleb and Miranda arrive at the gates of the cemetery. He offers to walk her to her uncle's place, but she declines. He says she's got his number, so let him know how it goes. Miranda walks off.

Hanna walks through endless hallways in the old home. She comes upon an old-fashioned dial phone in a cubicle and picks it up. As she dials, someone locks her in. She realizes she can't open the door and hears approaching steps. Bright lights shine in and she panics. Abruptly they stop and the phone rings. She picks it up and old-tyme music plays.

In the tunnel below the ground, Aria, Spencer, and Emily find 'help me' written on the wall in lipstick. Aria says, "He's got the both of them doesn't he?" They find the stairwell and make their way into the old house. Something is dripping from the ceiling that may or may not be blood. They hear Ali's voice. Spencer disappears. Meanwhile, Miranda has arrived at the front door and lets herself in. She calls out, "Hello?" In the phone cubicle, Hanna sees Ali's face through the transparent siding but she is grabbed from behind and the gas mask face replaces hers. Minutes later the door opens. Miranda looks at Hanna and says, "Hello." They walk up the hall together each trying to find out who the other one is. Hanna introduces herself. They come to a door and open it - there are caskets inside - the uncle's business. Miranda spots a cross and flashes to being there when she was younger and being told by a man that she would be safe - it's what her parents wanted. She wonders why her uncle left her. Hanna says when they get out of there, they'll ask him. Miranda grabs a paper on the way out and stuffs it in her jacket. In another part of the house, Aria and Emily realize they are looking out an upstairs window, though they never climbed any stairs. A jagged piece of glass looms over their necks as they look out. They hear a scream and Ali's voice and duck back in - just in time. The glass falls.


In an atrium, Spencer is getting air when she finds herself confronted with the man in the gas mask. They fight and she nearly unmasks him, but he grabs her at the last second and knocks her out. He stands over her with garden clippers. Aria and Emily arrive and he's gone. They go back into the house when they hear Ali yelling for help. Mrs. Grunwald appears. "You shouldn't be in here." She muses that they found the tunnel. The girls say they heard Alison. Grunwald says the house is not her home, she's just the caretaker. She senses that one of the girls has been touched by the one Alison fears the most.

Miranda finds Caleb in the cemetery, shows him the paper from the house - a photo of the creepy guy from the bus who is dead - and then tells him his girl needs a hug. He runs to Hanna and they embrace. He asks about the others. She says she's lost them and she saw Ali. Hanna takes them to the crypt again and Miranda sees her own tombstone with a photo of her on it! Back outside, Miranda talks to Caleb while Hanna reaches the others by phone and arranges to meet them at the car. Caleb and Hanna say goodbye to Miranda, but Hanna doesn't feel right about leaving her. Hanna pulls Caleb into a deep kiss and then asks him to stay here and help Miranda find her uncle. Caleb tells Hanna he loves her and then rejoins Miranda. As Hanna makes her way to the car, she sees the two little people in red coats. Miranda and Caleb, meanwhile, continue to walk through the cemetery. Miranda suddenly stops in front of a tombstone and asks Caleb what his last name is. He says, "Rivers." They marvel as his name is in on the grave marker - and his picture!

At the car, Spencer, Aria, and Emily realize they have a flat. Hanna arrives as they're realizing they have no spare. A car pulls up - it's Ezra. He tells Aria he was getting worried about her and offers them a ride home.


Back in Rosewood, Ezra drops off the girls and they see Alison watching from the bushes. They follow and she reveals herself. She wants to come home but they have to help her. "Remember what I told you at the hospital, Hanna?" Ezra reappears from behind the fence - Aria forgot her cellphone. They turn back around and Alison has disappeared.

Candi's Comments:

Wow! What an incredible episode. A spooky haunted house for Halloween, not to mention the creepy bus guy with the white eye, the rats in the cellar, screams, and all the perilous near-misses. Ravenswood is such a terrifying place. Most gasp-worthy - Miranda and Caleb finding their names and faces on grave markers! Eek! Can't wait for the rest of the season of PLL beginning in January - it's so different now that we know Ezra is 'A' and Alison is alive. So good.

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- Candace Young

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