Pretty Little Liars Recap: Now You See Me, Now You Don't.

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

In the summer finale, the girls embark on a trip to Ravenswood, Hanna's joy over reuniting with her mother is cut short, and Toby uncovers something about Wren.

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At Spencer's house, the girls are discussing the situation with Travis coming forward and watching a news report on it when a package arrives addressed to all of them. It contains four Magic 8 Balls and spells out a message from 'A'. Later, Spencer tries unsuccessfully to reach Toby.

At the station, the detective has Travis looking at a line-up. Hanna's mom is included. Travis isn't sure he can do this. After, Caleb keeps Ashley company. She thanks him, saying she feels better when Hanna's with him. He tells her he understands where Hanna gets her fearlessness. Hanna appears. The district attorney emerges with Travis from a doorway. She tells Ashley she's free to go. Caleb smiles at Travis, who nods.

Ezra talks about a romantic novel in his class and asks Aria to hang back when the bell goes. He thanks her for coming over last night. She's glad she could be a friend. After, she takes a call from Jake and they confirm plans for that night. He's not into going to a poetry reading, so they'll watch a movie instead.

Outside the school, Emily tells Paige they know who to look out for now - CeCe - it could all be over soon.

At Hanna's house, the girls see Ashley off on her date with Ted. The doorbell goes - there's another package addressed to all of them. Inside is a kid's coffin with a Mona doll inside. They get a text. "Hanna wins so Mona loses. Better find her or the cops will think you killed her. 'A'." They watch a news report saying the police are looking for CeCe. They all head out, but Caleb cautions Hanna that it could just be Mona messing with them.

Spencer goes to Wren's place looking to find out why Mona left Radley and notices Jenna's car outside. Shana is watching her from inside and ducks out of the way just as Spencer looks at the window.

Emily and Aria look for Mona at the school French club where she was supposed to attend a party in her honor. She didn't show up.

Toby is in his room going through mementos of his mother. He goes downstairs into the cafe and spots a brunette girl leaving. She's left a mailing form behind. It's addressed to Wren, care of Melissa Hastings at a UK address.

Toby and Spencer meet at her place and discuss Melissa and Wren while the TV drones on about CeCe in the background. They bicker about him not texting to let her know he was safe. He apologizes. She says he deserves the truth about his mom. He doesn't want 'A's' version of what happened to her - it's not worth it. They cuddle and Spencer falls asleep.

Aria and Jake watch a movie at her place. They turn it off when he gets tired. He kisses her goodbye and leaves.

Caleb and Hanna are in a car outside Mona's house. He swears he saw her in the window. Hanna's skeptical that she's just sitting in there in the dark. Hanna falls asleep and he kisses her head.

Emily is at Paige's house. She's worried about Mona. Paige doesn't understand it... Ali created the beast. Emily says, "We let her." They watch a movie. Emily falls asleep.

Aria finds Ezra at the cafe and asks how the poetry reading went. He tells her. She orders a cappuccino and he gets a refill. They get to chatting. Aria leans over and kisses him. Red Coat watches through the window.

At Spencer's house the next day. The girls sit with the kid's casket and worry about Mona. Another package arrives. They open it. It's a decorative black magic box. It contains a saw and reads, "Watch me make a girl disappear. 'A'." Spencer theorizes that 'A' is putting on a magic show and they're not the audience, they're part of her act. They get on the laptop and find a magician's show scheduled in Ravenswood that afternoon. They feel it can't be a coincidence.

Toby and Caleb are at Mona's house. Caleb tells him if Mona's messing with them, he'll kill her himself. Toby says he'll watch the house so Caleb can go get some sleep. Soon, Toby sees the gate open and Jenna's car pulls out. He follows.

In Ravenswood, Spencer gets a call from Toby who is following Shana in Jenna's car. They enter the park where the magic show is underway. The mime-like magician wants Aria to get into his box. Aria says she doesn't do boxes, but Spencer convinces her. Aria steps inside. The magician makes her disappear. When he reopens the box, she has returned, but notices that Emily's gone. They realize it was sleight of hand - while they were watching Aria, 'A' took Emily. They get a call from Emily who thinks she's locked in a coffin. She frantically says she hears a saw. They trace her location by her phone and rush into a nearby warehouse where a box containing Emily is on a conveyor belt headed for an industrial saw. They manage to shut it off and then see Red Coat. There are two of them! They split up to chase them down. Spencer follows one outside, while Aria catches up to the other in the warehouse and fights her. CeCe ends up dangling by her coat sleeve from Aria's grasping hands high above the warehouse floor. The sleeve rips off and CeCe falls to the ground below. Spencer returns and the girls regard CeCe's inert form. When they turn their backs, she disappears. Spencer leads them to where she followed the other Red Coat, whom she believes was Ali. "This is what Ali wanted us to see." They go inside. Spencer thinks it's 'A's' lair. There's a timeline for each of them on separate boards where everything is documented. There is also a computer control center where 'A' has been watching them, the police, and the neighborhoods. Hanna phones Caleb, who promises to get on the next bus. Spencer thinks she's found 'A's' bank account. Hanna opens a closet containing suits and shoes. She thinks 'A' is a guy. They look through a photo album containing shots of CeCe and wonder which man it could be. Aria notices a shot of Red Coat on a board. She thinks he's been following Ali too. They wonder if Ali's been alive this whole time, whose funeral did they go to? They notice a full army suit with a gas mask and deem it creepy. There's a party invitation for that night that clearly Ali is expected to attend. They decide they'd better find her first.

Toby follows Shana to a house where she meets Mona. Mona asks her, "Are you sure she's okay with this?" Shana replies that she doesn't have a choice.

Outside in Ravenswood, the girls encounter Grimwald. She says it's dangerous for them to go looking for Ali. She contends that she's been helping her with her gift of insight, so she could see who was threatening her. She says the night she went missing, she went to Rosewood and saw Ali buried alive. She flashes to pulling her from the ground and taking her to the hospital. She went in to get help, and returned to the car to find Ali gone. She's never seen her again since that night. The girls says she can trust them, but the woman isn't so sure Ali knows that, and doesn't think she wants to be found. She tells them to leave Ravenswood - they're being watched. "He's hoping you'll lead him to Alison. He's here." The girls decide not to heed her advice. They'll crash the party.

Caleb gets on a bus that says 'Rosewood' in the dark. The destination turns to 'Ravenswood'.

A man walks through 'A's' lair and realizes someone's discovered it. The upset man is Ezra!

A figure wearing an army uniform and complete gas mask over their face and head is seen heading to the party.

Candi's Comments:

Wow, wow, wow! I've mentioned several times having a hunch that there was more to Ezra than meets the eye, but this reveal still seemed unreal. What a fantastic summer finale...and now I can't wait to check out the new series coming up about Ravenswood. So amazing.

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- Candace Young

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