Pretty Little Liars Recap: Bring The Hoe Down.

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

The girls try to corner "A" at their school's hoedown, Hanna is stalked by a classmate who has an explosive secret, and Ezra seeks help from Aria just as she decides to commit to Jake.

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At school, Spencer, Emily, and Aria talk about whether CeCe might have been living in the DeLaurentis crawl space. Hanna appears. She's been with her mom and a disappointing lawyer. She asks Spencer to talk to her mother. Spencer says she has to figure out what kind of role she can play without compromising Ashley's defense. The detective shows up and talks about Emily's house. They don't know who drove the car into it, but they found a muddy shoe in the wreckage that matched the Wilden crime scene footprint. They know it's not Pam's. Hanna excuses herself. Later, in the hallway, Spencer tells Hanna not to let Detective Tanner get to her. She's just trying to scare them into spilling something. They decide to search the crawlspace for clues after school. Hanna will take Mrs. DeLaurentis shopping. Spencer gets a text and rushes off. Once alone, Hanna notices a boy looking at her. She walks away. Caleb catches up with her and offers her a ride. She says she's going shopping with Mrs. DeLaurentis. Caleb says her mother wants them to go to the dance later. After, Hanna opens her locker and finds an envelope of cash with a note saying, 'Maybe this will help your mother'. She looks around and notices the boy from earlier walking around a corner.

Paige finds Emily in a classroom and asks if they're still going to the dance. Emily isn't sure. She shows Paige an effusive recommendation letter that Zoe gave her. Paige says she's clearly into her. Emily goes to find Ezra and shows him the letter. He is upset that she's concerned it might be too 'glowing'. He then apologizes for snapping at her - he's got a lot going on. He confides that Maggie is taking Malcolm away, and asks her to let him tell Aria.

Jake catches up to Aria outside school. He gives her the name of a lawyer who is a friend of his family. Aria says Hanna's mother found someone else. She asks him to the hoedown. He say okay. She says it's been a long time since she could go to a school dance with someone she's dating.

Spencer is with Toby outside his place. She's in a lather about the money Hanna found in her locker which was in an envelope from a place CeCe used to work. They get in his truck. He starts it and his mother is heard singing. He doesn't know where the CD came from. Spencer begs him to take it out now. He does. Spencer is convinced 'A' put the CD in his truck hoping he’d hear the song and wrap his truck around a tree. They bicker about whether to go to the hoedown that night. Toby stays in the truck trying to reach Dr. Palmer unsuccessfully. He looks at his phone at a photo of a black car. He looks around warily.

At the cafe, Hanna confronts the boy who was watching her at school and warns him to stop stalking her.

At the DeLaurentis crawlspace, Emily asks Aria about Ezra, saying he’s been trying to reach her. They notice a button and wonder if it belongs to Red Coat. They are startled by a noise. It’s Spencer. They show her the button. They hear footsteps in the house and try to look upstairs through a knothole. Hanna confirms by text that Mrs. D. is with her. Suddenly a long sharp knitting needle is shoved down into the knothole. They gasp. The needle is stabbed down through the other holes and then the footsteps indicate the person is leaving.

At Hanna’s house, Emily says she’s moving in – she won’t stay at the DeLaurentis house any longer. Spencer is acting out of it. They accuse her of living a double life when it comes to Toby. She insists he’s not working for 'A' again, but says he’s receiving gifts too. She says Toby’s mother might have been murdered.

Ezra finds Aria at the café and she apologizes for being busy. Ezra tells her he needs to say something. Jake appears. Aria introduces them. Ezra leaves. Jake gives Aria a box containing white cowboy boots. She asks how he knew her size. He says it’s a gift and puts one on her foot. It fits perfectly.

Emily packs at the DeLaurentis house. She asks Spencer to check the washroom and then notices a bottle of nail polish on the dresser. She recalls Ali putting it on her toes while advising her to break up with Ben. She talked about a boy who pulled a gun on her once, but doesn’t go to the school anymore. Emily tells Spencer and wonders if CeCe was dating Ben and Wilden. Maybe the only way to get rid of him was to kill him.

In a room, CeCe calls someone and wonders where they are. "I’m sure as hell not going back to Rosewood." She looks at the chair, which holds the red coat.


Hanna and Caleb arrive at the hoedown. The boy who was watching Hanna gets her alone and says he left the cash in her locker. "I know your mom is innocent." He tells her his family was called to tow Wilden's car out that night. He heard gunshots after her mother drove away. He saw someone - a girl - but doesn't know who it was. Caleb returns. Hanna tells him she has to dance with Aria's brother's friend... He says, "Travis." On the dance floor, Travis explains why he waited to say anything. He tells her he found the cash after that night in his truck; hush money. Hanna wants him to go to the police, but he won't sell out his family to save hers. Aria and Jake arrive. Caleb asks Aria about Hanna dancing with her brother's friend. She goes along, but calls him Mike. Emily arrives with Toby and Spencer and sees Paige flirting with a girl. Aria and Jake hit the floor and line dance up a storm. Ezra watches jealously from the bar area. Hanna, meanwhile, fills in Caleb on Travis' story. He asks how she can trust him. She says she might have to. Toby is still obsessing over Palmer's black car. Spencer asks him to dance. He tells her he has an address for Palmer's car now. They bicker. She says everybody thinks he's playing with fire. Toby is livid that she told her friends. "You chose them." Nearby, Jake takes Ezra aside and asks him to give him and Aria some space. "You gotta' let her move on." Spencer finds Caleb and tells him she thinks 'A' is setting up Toby. He goes after him. Emily and Aria talk about the guy Hanna was dancing with, and then they look at Ezra. Emily spills that he's losing Malcolm. Aria walks off. Emily looks up and sees Red Coat. She tells Spencer and they head outside after her. They try to borrow a man's truck to follow her. He refuses. The key's are in it, so they jump in. They spot something red in the hay in the back and attack it with a hoe. It's just a red coat. Inside, Aria apologizes to Ezra for blowing him off. He realizes Emily told her. He says he has no right to invade her life with his problems and urges her to go back to Jake. Emily and Spencer enter and Emily approaches Paige to ask her to dance. Paige leads her to the floor.

Hanna finds Travis at his family's garage. She tries to give him the money back, and tells him he has to do something. She implores him to tell the truth, saying he wouldn't have come to her if he weren't ready to do the right thing.

Caleb finds Toby at Palmer's car, trying to break into it. Caleb urges him not to do it and to go back to the party. The cops arrive. They run off.

At the police station, Travis tells his story to Detective Tanner. He says he's sure he heard the gunshots after Mrs. Marin drove off. Hanna sits outside nervously waiting.

Aria shows up at Ezra's apartment and asks what happened with Malcolm. Ezra tells her it's a mess. She takes his hand. "I'm not leaving Ezra so you might as well talk to me." Outside the door, CeCe, in 'A''s black hoodie, listens.

In a room, 'A' makes four dolls plus another doll in a black hoodie, holds up a knitting needle over them, and plunges it downward...

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale Spoilers for Next Week:

After receiving an intriguing riddle from 'A', the girls embark on a road trip to Ravenswood, where they are surrounded by familiar faces.

One of the foursome disappears during a magic show.

A shocking discovery could mean war.

Hanna's joy over reuniting with her mother is cut short.

Toby uncovers something surprising about Wren.

Candi's Comments:

Wow! Fantastic episode! Love the reveal that CeCe is not only Red Coat, but wears the black hoodie sometimes as well. So who is the 'A' with the knitting needle? I was intrigued by Travis, and wondered if he'll stick around. Still feeling for Toby, and still torn between whether I like Aria with Jake or Ezra. Emily and Paige's ending was neat.

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