Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Mirror Has Three Faces.

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

Mrs. DiLaurentis asks Emily to move into Alison's old room, Ezra gets more bad news about his son, and 'A' toys with a vulnerable Toby.

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Spencer, Emily, Hanna, and Aria walk the school hall discussing Shana and Jenna. Spencer says if they need information they'll have to go to the source - Cee Cee. Emily gets a text from her mom that Mrs. DeLaurentis offered to let them stay at her house. Emily swears she won't sleep in Ali's old bed. Hanna convinces her to do it so they can find Cee Cee. After, Hanna spots Caleb and joins him. Spencer notices Ezra has locked himself out of his classroom. He's obviously distressed. Outside, Caleb tells Hanna the cable bill is linked to an address in Philly where Cee Cee might be right now.

Aria joins Jake at the cafe and learns he has a regional championship match that day. She asks to come along to watch. He says it means taking the train to Philly. She wants to go.

At Radley, Wren talks to Mona about her feelings about what she's done. Mona says she realized she and the girls are on the same side. She got rid of Wilden because he was bothering them. Wren doesn't believe she got rid of anyone. He talks about the trust they had before. She says that was before she realized he was keeping secrets from her. He counters that she kept a secret; she stopped taking her medication.

At his room, Toby receives the envelope containing the sheet music. A note says, "Leave the lamb alone and go for the lion. 'A'"

Spencer accompanies Emily into Ali's old room, telling her she could find some things in there that are really useful to them. Emily's creeped out. Ali's mom checks in. The sight of Ali's dresses in the closet upset her. She recovers quickly and says it's nice to see the girls back in that room.

At Hanna's house, she talks to Caleb about how depressed her mother's been recently. She tells Caleb that Aria's going to check out the Philly lead, and asks him to help her get into Radley. They argue about Mona. He reminds her she can't be sure Mona's not the enemy and suggests she tell the cops 'A' is back.

Hanna greets Wren in the cafe. She admits she hunted him down, and asks him to get her in to see Mona - she's wondering about Cee Cee. Wren tells her a blonde tried to get in to see Mona last night but was turned away. Hanna asks if he will check the security cameras to see if it was Cee Cee. She goes. He phones someone. "We have a problem. I'll take care of my end, you take care of yours."

Toby shows Spencer the sheet music and note at her place. He says his mom used to play that song. He asks Spencer to come with him to see Palmer. He wants Spencer to continue to keep his secret until he finds out what really happened to his mother.

Emily looks at an old photo in Ali's house. Ali's mom says her husband is divorcing her. Someone watches them through the window. Mrs. DeLaurentis tells Emily how she kept thinking she saw Ali after she died. She found out who Ali's father really was after she was gone. Emily can relate. She tells Ali's mom, she is with a girl, and that she's seen Ali too.

Ezra meets with Maggie in his apartment. He tells her he met with a lawyer to get his name put on his son's birth certificate. He produces DNA results. "You knew I wasn't his father." Maggie says she slept with someone else one night when she was mad at him. She knew there was a question... Ezra tears up talking about how he's bonded with Malcolm. She says she's sorry and goes.

Outside, Hanna spots Caleb, who admits he was going to tell her mother that 'A' is back. He'd rather Hanna hate him and be safe. He expresses his frustration. "I'm not enough to keep you safe anymore." She says he is, and they kiss. Wren looks on.

Wren visits Veronica at home. She really doesn't want to see him since he broke her daughter's heart. He wants to warn her about Mona. He says Mona is going to turn the table on her and will hurt Hanna and her friends. Veronica warns he could lose his medical license for telling her this. He doesn't want to mess this up.

In Philly, Aria looks for Cee Cee. She learns that Alison got Cee Cee kicked out of her apartment from a girl moving out. The same girl talks about a frat party three years ago. She says Cee Cee hated them for what happened there. Aria rejoins Jake, who says he's competing in five minutes. She sees an incoming call from Ezra. Later, Jake apologizes for the match going so late and them having to eat takeout on a stoop. They flirt and kiss.


Hanna walks through the DeLaurentis house looking for Emily or Ali's mother. She goes into Alison's room and opens the jewelry box. A blonde girl in a red coat with an Ali mask appears behind her briefly.

Spencer and Toby visit Palmer in his office. Toby wants to talk about his mother some more, and shows Palmer the sheet music. The man chuckles. He says it's a good one, but he doesn't play. Spencer plays the song. Palmer says, "Oh, Marian. That's lovely. Is Toby coming today?" Spencer pretends to be Marian and says no. Palmer talks about Toby needing to see she's enjoying her music again. Spencer, as Marian, asks about the blonde girl she should steer clear of. Palmer says she's dangerous, but won't answer if she's Cee Cee Drake. As he's wheeled away, he says, "Could you show Mrs. DeLaurentis to my office."

Veronica visits Mona at Radley. She warns her about messing with her daughter and her friends. Mona says only Wilden messed with them, and he's dead now. Veronica warns her again.

Spencer is back with Hanna and Emily at the DeLaurentis house. She tells them about Mrs. DeLaurentis having been at Radley at some point. Emily gets irritated. She says Ali's mom is going through a divorce, and leaves for work. Downstairs, Spencer and Hanna ask Ali's mom about knowing Palmer. Ali's mom flashes to yelling at Ali about a prank in which she got a call that Ali was in Radley but when she rushed over there it was Cee Cee Drake dressed up as Ali. "That girl is no longer welcome in this house!" Ali's mom goes on to Spencer and Hanna about how Ali and Cee Cee's relationship was wrong - they would 'borrow' each other's personalities. Emily returns later to find an electrician at the house with Ali's mom. He says they have a bit of a problem. They follow him down to the cellar. Ali's mom says he's right. It looks like someone used this as their temporary home. Emily turns off the light and sees five holes of light beaming in. She hears footsteps.


At Spencer's house, Veronica tells Hanna, Caleb, and Spencer that someone made an anonymous call claiming that she bullied Mona into confessing. She has to recuse herself and Ashley no longer has a lawyer. Hanna freaks out and leaves. Caleb follows.

At Radley, Wren is on the phone. He is talking about being shocked that his former mother-in-law coerced a confession. He colors a red coat on a girl in a drawing.

'A' is in Emily's family home. There are smashed family photos on the ground. 'A' throws a black shoe down.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

The girls try to corner "A" at their school's hoedown.

Hanna is stalked by a classmate who has an explosive secret.

Ezra seeks help from Aria just as she decides to commit to Jake.

'A' continues to manipulate Toby by promising to reveal info about his mom's death.

Candi's Comments:

The twists are coming fast and furious now. It's becoming clear that Cee Cee Drake plays a huge role in whatever is going on. I love Aria and Jake together, though I feel bad for Ezra.

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- Candace Young

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