Pretty Little Liars Recap: Into The Deep.

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Paige's surprise party includes unexpected guests, Mona helps Hanna and Ashley, and Ezra receives upsetting news.

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At the station, Mona confesses to killing Detective Wilden in self-defense. She says he became enraged once she knew he killed Garrett. Mona says she's confessing now because she can't let her best friend's mom go down for a murder she didn't commit.

At Spencer's house, her mother tells her and Hanna that Mona made a full confession last night, but some of what she said contradicted the evidence. She warns if they're involved it could hurt Ashley's case.

Aria sits on her porch, on the phone. She watches Jake dress through the window and then joins him. She says she has to meet Spencer. He asks her to get breakfast. She says he slept on her couch, it's her treat.

Paige and Emily walk through the woods discussing Em's birthday. Paige gives her a card to meet Dominic Russo, and Olympic swim trainer. Emily says she'll meet with him.

At the cafe, Aria tells Jake her dad gets back tonight Across the room, Ezra tries to listen to Maggie, but is distracted by Aria and Jake. Maggie tells Ezra she's going away to graduate school - it's important for Malcolm's future.

At the jail, Spencer's mom tells Ashley she's been granted bail, although the charges haven't been dropped until they corroborate Mona's confession. Bail's set at one million dollars because Wilden was a cop.

Emily meets Dominic Russo in his office. He talks about how he runs his regimen. They watch a video of her swimming. Dominic is taken aback to hear about Emily's shoulder injury - Paige didn't tell him. He thinks her chances of coming back are slim.

In the park, Hanna tells her father on the phone that they can't leave her in there. She hangs up and Pastor Ted approaches. He says he thinks about her mom all the time and wishes he could help. She tells him they need to put up $100,000 to get Ashley out on bail. He tells her to have faith.

At Ezra's apartment, he and Maggie argue when he suggests Malcolm could stay with him when she goes away. She says Malcolm will stay with her this weekend and leaves.

Spencer and Aria discuss Paige's surprise party for Emily at school. They start walking and overhear Jenna telling Shanna 'they' already suspect her. Shanna promises not to leave her side, and says it will all be over soon.

Ashley and Veronica enter Hanna's house. Hanna hugs her mom. The bail was put up anonymously, but Ashley assumes it was Tom. Ashley has an ankle bracelet and rules to follow. Veronica leaves. Later, Pastor Ted stops by to see Ashley. He says he'd like to take her to dinner once she settles in. She says it will have to be in her kitchen and shows off her ankle bracelet. She invites him in for pie. Hanna takes a call from Mona, who is somewhere packing a bag. She wants to make sure Ashley got out on bail. Hanna confirms it. Mona hangs up. When Pastor Ted prepares to leave, Ashley explains that Wilden tried to use things she did in the past against her. They argued. She didn't kill him, but she could have. He holds her and makes a date to bring dinner tomorrow night. He asks her not to run; he's got a lot riding on her... Ashley goes upstairs to tell Hanna that Ted put up the bail money, not her father.


At Paige's aunt's house, Spencer and Aria prepare for Emily's surprise party and discuss overhearing Shanna and Jenna. They wonder why it sounded like Jenna knew Ali was alive. Paige enters. They ask her to make sure Shanna and Jenna come to the party. Later, the house is full of people and Paige says Emily will be there any minute. They hide and turn off the lights. Paige greets Emily, who blurts, "Why did you lie to Dominic?" Everyone yells, "Surprise!" Aria, Spencer, and Emily talk. They tell her Jenna's back and walking into walls. Outside, Shanna tells Jenna they will go in and not stay long. Inside, Aria watches Jake talking to a girl. Spencer urges her to talk to him. They see Shanna and Jenna enter. Paige finds Emily outside. She says she didn't tell Dominic she was injured because she wanted to be sure he'd see her. Emily says he'll train her, but doesn't think she'll be ready in time for the scholarship. Emily asks what she thinks will happen if she doesn't go to Stanford with her. Paige gets upset - it's far away and a lot can happen. Emily says they have to face facts. They're not going to be together next year. Inside, Spencer asks Jenna if she's having eye problems again. She says she sees everything she needs to see. Aria chats to Jake. He points out she didn't invite him to the party. She asks about the girl he's with. He asks if she's okay and thinks she's jealous. She asks why would she be? Spencer texts her not to let Jenna leave. Aria stops Jenna and Shanna before they can exit. She says she heard them talking about Alison, and demands she tell her what she knows. She claims to know nothing. Later, Aria and Emily head outside looking for Spencer. They encounter Jake. Aria talks while Emily keeps going. She sees Spencer in the lake and screams...but it's Jenna. They pull her out. Shanna rushes over. "Someone call 911!" When Jenna is put into the ambulance, Shanna spots blood on the back of her head. Back inside, Paige tells Emily she can't believe she was the one to save Jenna. Em thinks someone wanted to make sure they didn't find out what she knows about Alison. Later, Paige joins Emily in bed, who is laying with her eyes open looking intense.

Ezra meets with Veronica at home. She gives him the name of a good lawyer, but warns he must first establish paternity as his name is not on Malcolm's birth certificate. She warns it will be an emotional and financial battle. Ezra still wants to go forward.

At Aria's house, Jake says he knew her life was complicated, but not like this. She says she feels safe with him. She admits she felt jealous tonight but is reluctant to involve someone in her life. Jake wants to see what happens. They kiss.

At the hospital, Spencer demands to know who Jenna's so afraid of if it's not Alison. Shanna turns. "It's Cee Cee Drake."

Mona is back in a room at Radley. She smiles.

A blonde in a red coat walks up to a house and enters by removing the lattice work underneath the porch.

'A' plays piano in a room with blood on the floor. 'A' puts the sheet music in an envelope with 'Toby Cavanaugh' written on it.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Mrs. DiLaurentis asks Emily to move into Alison's old room.

Ashley's good luck changes.

Ezra gets more bad news about his son.

Aria tries to take an interest in Jake's hobbies.

"A" toys with a vulnerable Toby.

Candi's Comments:

Pastor Ted hasn't been around much, but I was impressed with him bailing Ashley out. Poor Ezra is going to have to fight for his son, and it looks like Aria won't be by his side. Jake is pretty hot, and has great chemistry with Aria. As for the surprise party, it was kind of sad that Emily is so down on her chances of recovery and feels she and Paige will end up apart. I'm not sure what Jenna knew about Ali, but...Cee Cee Drake? So many twists!

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- Candace Young

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