Pretty Little Liars Recap: The Guilty Girl's Handbook.

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Caleb takes issue with Hannah allowing Mona to help her with Ashley's case, Spencer tries to connect Wilden to another death, and Emily runs into her old friend Zoe.

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From their hotel room, Pam talks to someone from the police department about the car that crashed into their living room. She wonders how nobody saw the driver.

In Spencer's kitchen, they debate who the driver was. They know 'A' did this but why? Could it have been Cee Cee Drake? Hanna freaks out, wanting to know when her mother's getting there. Veronica arrives alone, and lets them know the judge refused to grant bail for Ashley. They're going to appeal but Ashley's being transferred to a state prison in Munsey until the trial. Hanna has a fit and storms upstairs. The girls follow. Hanna blames herself. She ignores a call from Caleb and Spencer reminds her that her mother always wins her cases. Hanna refuses to go to school. She muses that she'll have to move in with the gruesome twosome and her dad.

Mike runs up to Aria, telling her not to wait up for him tonight. He's spending time with his friends. She notices he's using a martial arts bag. He tells her he's learning to defend himself. Emily drops by Ezra's classroom. He's sorry to hear about the car crashing into her house. She's down but wants to continue her studies. He asks if history's repeating itself. Is someone after her? She blames it on some speed freak and talk turns to her interest in a college in Maryland. He encourages her to contact her old supervisor, Zoe, from her charity work in Haiti to ask for a reference.

In the hall, Caleb and Spencer discuss Hanna staying home from school. He asks how they're all doing. Spence says they're probably getting too close for comfort if 'A' is escalating. He tells her the number from Nigel's cell phone is assigned to three different addresses in New York. Toby's there now to knock on some doors.

From home, Hanna receives a collect call from Ashley, who doesn't want her daughter to worry. They miss each other. Ashley says Veronica's going to bring her to the jail tomorrow. They hang up. Mona's there. Hanna thanks Mona for coming. She's going to confess to killing Detective Wilden. "You're going to help me," she deadpans. They'll be easier on her and Mona can help with lying since she is an expert at it. Mona coaches her on how to create motive and sound believable.

Spencer arrives home to find her mother's intern, Beckett Frye, wading through evidence for Ashley's case. He takes a call from Veronica while Spence sneaks a peek at Wilden's file.

Aria meets Jake outside the studio to ask about her brother taking a class from him. She's worried about him. Jake admits some of Mike's teammates think he's an easy target. Jake offers to help - no complications.


Spencer takes cookies to Eddie Lamb at the sanitarium. She greets him and opens the tin. There's a page from Wilden's file with Eddie's name on top. The file shows Toby's mother jumped from the roof of the building, not the window. Did someone pay Wilden off to lie? Eddie asks if she ever wondered how someone like him made detective so fast. He suggests she let it go.

Back at Hanna's, she says the police took all of their high heeled shoes. Mona calls it barbaric and tells her to believe she threw out the shoes from the evening Wilden died.

Zoe meets Emily outside the coffee shop. They catch up and Zoe says they're headed to Nicaragua this summer. "Wanna come?" Zoe offers to write a glowing recommendation considering Emily was such a great help in Haiti. Pam runs up. She's introduced to Zoe and says she learned they won't be back in their house for months. Pam leaves and Emily signs up for the Nicaragua trip.

Caleb visits Ashley in jail. She's worried what Hanna will do. Caleb agrees to do all he can to look out for her.

Back at Hanna's, Mona continues to coach Hanna by asking her questions about the murder, how she did it and how she felt about it. Caleb shows up. What's Mona doing there? Hanna lies and then tells him to leave her alone. Angry, he goes and Hanna continues to create a back story for "murdering" Wilden.

Spencer returns home. So Veronica doesn't hear, Beckett quietly asks if Spencer wants him to slip that page from the file back in the box. She's startled but says she'll take care of it herself.

Aria hears car tires screeching outside her house. She calls Mike and some random guy answers. He hangs up on her.

Later, Caleb shocks Hanna by showing up out of nowhere and stopping her from leaving the house. "You didn't think I would leave you alone with her, do you?" He refuses to let her go to the cops and take the blame for killing Wilden. They argue. Caleb says after today, he believes in Ashley's innocence.

Aria calls Jake over. He arrives and they're about to go searching for Mike when he calls, saying his friend was having a joke at her expense. Jake stays and they watch a little television and decide to take in a movie together soon.

Pam unpacks groceries at the hotel. Emily says she dropped off papers at the precinct. Everyone feels really bad. They talk about Zoe's recommendation and Nicaragua. Pam tears up but thinks it's a great opportunity. Emily holds her close as she loses it.

Mona walks into the police department. "I'd like to speak to a detective about a murder."

Back at Spencer's, Beckett has left. Spencer hands over the page she stole earlier. Veronica sighs. Spencer tells her Wilden was crooked and this proves it. Veronica thinks it's unrelated and tells her daughter to help Toby move on. She takes a call and learns Mona just confessed to killing Wilden. Spencer texts the others and they meet at the precinct where they watch Mona being taken into an interrogation room. She grins slyly at them.

'A' is in a darkened room, drilling holes in the ceiling. The holes are underneath a chair.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Ezra receives upsetting news.

Hanna and Ashley get help in her case.

Chrissi's Comments:

I love this show. Yet another strong episode with surprises at every turn. I kept wondering what Mona had to gain from helping Hanna but never did I entertain that she'd turn herself in for the crime. What's her angle? After seeing Aria and Ezra together I couldn't help but enjoy their chemistry once again but seeing her with uncomplicated Jake was exciting, too. Are Aria's fears for Mike just leading her back to Jake or is this foreshadowing? I love that out of all of those file boxes, Spence just happened across Eddie Lamb's name and Toby's mother's case! Too funny, but do we think Wilden killed Toby's mother, and if so, why? How does it fit into the story with Allie?

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