Pretty Little Liars Recap: Crash & Burn, Girl.

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Caleb and Toby work together to investigate "A" and the lodge fire, Hanna tries to pretend that she's fine, but her pals worry about her, and Aria finds Mike's behavior troubling.

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In Hanna's kitchen, she and Emily wash dishes. Emily's shoulder still hurts. Spencer apologizes for Toby not being ready to talk yet. Aria appears, complaining that Hanna won't eat. They discuss Ashley's arraignment. They agree to get Hanna through this together. Upstairs, Hanna is on the phone with Caleb. He promises not to do anything stupid and says he'll be right back beside her once he finds something to get her mom off the murder charges.

Caleb hangs up from Hanna. He's in Toby's room. Toby asks, "Are you ready to do this?" They look at a bulletin board with all of their information on it. Caleb writes, "Where is A?" on a sticky note.

At Emily's house the next morning, Pam tells her someone suggested prolotherapy for her shoulder - one injection a week for about two months. Pam assures her they'll pay for it. Emily's phone keeps beeping - it's Hanna. Pam says Ashley's been accused of murder and Hanna needs to spend time with her father. They agree to meet after school.

At school, Aria and Mike discuss the damage to Connor's car. Mike says Connor's a wuss. Aria asks about his whereabouts that night. Mike asks, "Really?" He says he has a lacrosse stick, the car was bashed with a lead pipe.

Hanna visits with Ashley in jail. They discuss clothes for her hearing. Ashley wants a watch Hanna's grandmother gave her. Hanna talks about a spa package and ski trip - she says Ashley will be going with her.

At Toby's place, he and Caleb discuss the lodge fire, the idea that Alison might be alive, and the red coat. Caleb asks about a file that says 'blonde girl' on it. Toby says it's private. They find a flight center nearby and decide to check it out.

At school, Emily talks to Hanna. Two boys gawk. Emily challenges them as Ezra appears. Ezra and Hanna walk together. Hanna says everyone is looking at her with judgy eyes. He gives her a break on her essay. On the stairs, the vice-principal talks to Aria about her brother possibly being responsible for Connor's car. He asks if he's still taking his medication. She says of course.


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Emily meets her mother at the police station. While her mother's busy she eyes up a set of keys.

Aria is at her dad's place. He's concerned about Mike. Connor's father is pressing to have Mike expelled. Aria says she thinks this is happening because of her. She explains. Byron thinks Connor needs to be scrutinized and punished. He leaves to find Mike.

Spencer stops by Hanna's house. Spencer says she heard her mom and dad talking strategy. She breaks the news that Ashley and Wilden have a very tense history and she could go up for manslaughter or even first degree murder. Hanna cries and Spencer holds her.

At the flight center, Toby and Caleb ask questions about flight plans being on file. They pay the guy at the desk to show them the details on the plane from the night of the fire. They are disappointed by what they find. They leave, and the guy makes a call.

At the cafe, Aria tells Emily and Spencer she thinks 'A' damaged Connor's car. Emily says, "Let's go." They are puzzled. "To your appointment?" Emily holds up the keys from the station and says they're breaking into Wilden's apartment.

They enter Wilden's messy apartment and don gloves. They plan to look for clues related to Jenna and Shana. The phone rings and goes to voicemail. Someone watches from outside. They search and only find socks and porn movies. They see a box from a steak place and find a cooler inside with smelly meat organs in it. There's a note from 'A' who is looking forward to seeing them at a BBQ.

Back at Toby's place, he tells Caleb he can crash there and questions how the guy at the flight center knew it was foggy the night of the fire. He thinks NW stands for Nigel Wright.

At home, Hanna gets Ashley's clothes ready for the hearing.

Aria waits outside the vice-principal's office while Byron and Mike talk to him. Ezra appears. She tells him a police report is being filed and Mike could be expelled. Ezra doesn't think Mike could do that. He lets her know he cares and asks if she knows who did it. Byron emerges, greets Ezra and sends Aria home. Ezra goes in and asks the vice-principal if anyone actually witnessed the vandalism. He raises the issue of the VP asking Aria about Mike's medication. The VP admits he made an error in judgement, but so has Ezra.

At the police station, Emily watches as Pam's superiors warn her to find the key.

Back at the flight center, Toby and Caleb confront Nigel. He admits he got paid to fake a flight plan and make up a story. He says CeeCee paid him and then runs. Caleb holds up Nigel's phone and says it might tell them the whole story.

Caleb and Toby fill Spencer in on their findings back at Toby's house. They wonder if CeeCee killed Wilden. Spencer and Toby step aside and discuss whether she could have been the blonde girl who got her hands on his mother's records.

At home, Mike tells Aria that Ezra intervened and he's not getting expelled. Mike almost wishes he had done it. Aria says that's not him.

Pam finds Emily at home looking up the number of the order from the steak place. She complains that she rescheduled her appointment. Emily says she'll meet her at work again tomorrow after school. Pam says she won't be there - she got suspended. A note pops up on Em's computer - "You crashed Wilden's. Now I'll make it all come crashing down 'A'"

Aria goes to Ezra's place to leave a thank you note. He appears. He says there's nothing he wouldn't do for her. They gaze at each other. She says she has to go.

At the jail, Hanna urges Ashley to plead self-defense. Ashley says she didn't do it. Hanna says they know that but no one else is buying it. Ashley refuses to cop to a murder she didn't commit.

At an undisclosed location, Nigel tells someone unseen that he thinks the long-haired one took his phone. He hands the person a coffee and says, "Careful, babe, it's hot." There are black sunglasses and a blind person's cane folded up on the table.

In bed, Emily gets up and listens to Pam talking to her father on the phone about using the emergency credit card. Suddenly a car drives right through into the living room aiming for Pam. It doesn't hit her. Emily pulls her away.

In a hardware store, 'A' buys a home repair book and duct tape, along with a gift certificate for $50 made out to Emily Fields.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Hanna joins forces with Mona to help Ashley despite Caleb's objections.

Spencer looks into Wilden's connection to another death.

Emily reconnects with Zoe.

Jake helps Aria gain insight into her brother's new attitude.

Candi's Comments:

'A' is really going after the parents! I love Toby and Caleb working together, and it's quite interesting to have CeeCee's name brought back into things. Feeling so bad for Hanna!

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