Pretty Little Liars Recap: Under The Gun.

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Hanna gets in trouble while attempting to protect Ashley, Emily upsets 'A' by trying to help Hanna, and Toby and Spencer head to Ravenswood.

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At the police station, Ashley refuses to answer questions about the gun. She is told she could face a seven-year sentence. Ashley arrives tells Hanna they're leaving. Hanna's father says they're testing the gun. The detective wants to know if it was used to kill Wilden.

Once at home, Hanna fills Emily in by phone. Emily feels it's all a set-up by 'A'. Hanna's still concerned that her mother is guilty. Hanna hangs up and her father confronts her. She says she found the gun in mom's luggage. She gets a text and looks worried.

Emily hangs up from Hanna when Shana appears in the school locker room. She's joined the Rosewood swim team.

At the cafe, Spencer tells Aria that Emily might be avoiding her. Aria urges her to make things right. Emily joins them and brings them up to speed on Hanna and the gun. She also tells them Shana took her spot on the swim team - she could have been the one who ran them down. Aria offers to deal with the new guy, Connor, a friend of her brother's, while they talk. Emily and Spencer discuss the night at the college and apologize. Aria agrees to help Connor with a paper. Mona arrives wanting to speak to Spencer alone. She says Toby took her RV, but Spencer already knew that and has covered for him. Spencer admits it.

Ashley joins Tom and Hanna at home. She protests that she didn't use the gun to kill Wilden - someone is setting her up!

At Emily's house, she and Aria discuss the possible set-up. Hanna calls and says her parents took her cellphone. She warns that 'A' is threatening to take her parents down if she says one word about Ashley being framed.

Hanna hangs up in her bedroom and listens as her mother pleads with her father to believe that she didn't kill Wilden. She says she couldn't come up with the money he wanted. Caleb arrives to see Hanna. Her parents won't let him. Later, Emily gets in to see her by bringing homework. They discuss it being weird for Hanna having her dad there. Emily wants the dash cam footage. Hanna refuses. Emily says the second half proves Jenna and Shana were involved. Hanna's afraid it will backfire, but she hands it over.

At Spencer's house, she wants Toby to agree to tell the girls the truth. He says if they do, he'll never get the truth about his mother. He's run out of leads, but 'A' still knows something. Spencer makes a call - she has to earn back some trust.

Mike comes downstairs at home to find Aria working with Connor on his paper. He goes out. Later, Connor thanks her and goes in for a kiss. She shows him the door.

Emily takes a disc of the dash cam into the police station and leaves it on the detective's desk. It says, 'Want to know how Wilden died? Watch this'.

At Hanna's, her mother is anxious because they haven't heard anything. Hanna listens as her father tells her mother people would believe it was self-defense. Ashley snaps that she already told him what happened.

At school, Emily meets with Caleb. After, Spencer catches up to her. She goes on about the house mother called Grunwald possibly being the person using the safe room, and the person Ali was calling. Emily loses patience. She wants Spencer to think about the people she's hurting by protecting Toby. Emily spots Shana in the music room and sighs. In another area, Aria's brother confronts her about hooking up with Connor last night. Aria finds Connor in the locker room and sets him straight in front of his buddies. Ezra arrives in time to hear Connor call Aria a slut for sleeping with 'Mr. Fitz'. Later, Ezra finds her and asks about the situation. She tells him to stay away from her.


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Toby and Spencer are driving. He asks if Mrs. Grunwald is expecting her. She says no. He says, "I'm sorry, Spencer." She knows. They arrive in Ravenswood, noting a woman standing at a grave, old cars, and no street signs. Someone peeks at them from behind a blind. Toby wants to get out of there. They drive off and ravens fly. When they arrive at the address for Grunwald only a man is there. As they drive away, he pulls out his cellphone. They go looking for something to eat. Spencer spots Mrs. Grunwald in the hair salon. She grills her about Alison and the safe room. The woman says she's not who Spencer thinks she is and pulls the dryer over her head. They exit. Toby thinks Spencer should let it go - she's following a lead that came from a bird. When Toby goes for food, Spencer follows the townspeople. They all gather around an angel statue in the cemetery. She spots Shana and runs to tell Toby. He sees Shana jump in Jenna's car. A dead raven lies in the road.

Outside school, Emily confronts Mona about what she knows. Mona says she's no longer pulling the strings. One wrong move and they all go up in flames.

At home, Mike finds Aria in her room, upset. He tells her he messed up - he should have known Connor was making that stuff up. He says he'll make it up to her.

Hanna enters the house. She tells her father she went for a walk. She blames herself for everything with Wilden and the gun. He wishes she'd come to him. She says the way Caleb described it, she didn't think he wanted her to.

Emily serves Aria in the cafe. She apologizes for Connor being on shift. Spencer appears. She says Shana got to Grunwald first in Ravenswood. Detective Tanner arrives - she takes Emily to the station. Later, Ezra watches through the cafe window as the girls listen to Shana play violin. As Connor takes the trash out back, someone wearing black is bashing in the windows on his car and has painted 'liar' on the side.

At the station, the detective shows Emily a freeze frame of a girl wearing an Emily mask in a red coat holding a guilty sign. She confronts Emily about leaving the disc earlier. Emily claims she's being pranked.

The detective arrives at Hanna's house and Ashley is placed under arrest. The gun was the one used to kill Wilden and Ashley's fingerprints were on the bullets.

'A' hotwires a car and drives away wearing an Emily mask.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Caleb and Toby work together to investigate "A" and the incident involving the lodge fire.

Hanna tries to pretend that she's fine, but her pals worry about her.

Aria finds Mike's behavior troubling.

Ezra's unsure of his role in Ari's life.

Candi's Comments:

Wow, I felt bad for Aria in this episode. I wonder if it was Mike or Ezra that did in Connor's car? I always have a feeling there's more going on with Ezra. I also disliked Hanna's parents keeping Caleb away from her - she needs her man! The most intriguing bits tonight were the Emily mask and the super-creepy town of Ravenswood. Yike!

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