Pretty Little Liars Recap: Gamma Zeta Die!

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Spencer and Emily tour colleges for different reasons, Aria and her brother butt heads, and Hanna uncovers something disturbing.

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Hanna wakes up at home calling for her mother after a nightmare. Ashley comes in but Hanna doesn't want to talk about it.

At Spencer's house, her mother tells her she spoke to Melissa who says London is cold. She informs Spencer she has an appointment with a private admissions counselor named Brendan to help her get into a good school despite Radley. Spencer's irked.

Emily's father approaches her in her room. They talk about how Pam's been leaving the house early to avoid the neighbors. They discuss her wanting to go to California to school. He vows to do whatever he can to help.

At school, the girls listen to advice from Aria's mom about how to get the most out of their campus visits. They hang back to talk. The girls assure Hanna they don't believe Ashley killed Wilden, and discuss Aria's mother's strange tense behavior. Walking up the hall, they discuss the ringtone Tippy was singing and how to figure out what the phone number was. They get closer based on the Cicero college phone number Aria has.

Outside, Ella tells Aria she's changed her mind about traveling with Zach. Aria asks what happened as they get in Ella's car. It turns out Aria's brother wasn't comfortable with the idea. She agrees they'll talk about it at family night. Aria gets out. 'A' texts her 'this is just the first taste of my venom'. Ella screams - her car is full of bees!

Emily is at the cafe when Aria calls her from home to tell her about Ella. Emily spots Brendan, and tells him Spencer is running late. He explains how he helps people get into schools. She tells him her issue. He offers to go through some schools with her until Spencer gets there. They do. Spencer arrives. She wants to visit Cicero instead of the Ivy schools and convinces Emily to come too.

Ashley meets Spencer's mother at home to talk about Wilden - as a friend and lawyer. Veronica says she'll call her contact. Ashley warns she has skeletons in her closet. Veronica muses that nothing surprises her anymore.

Ashley goes home and Hanna tells her she doesn't need to look at colleges, she knows where she wants to go. Ashley gets a call and excuses herself. Hanna listens on the extension as Ashley asks how bad it is and Veronica tells her to come to her office tomorrow.

At home, Aria confronts her brother about trying to keep their mother from going away. She accuses him of just using her to help him do papers. He counters that she just wants Ella gone so she can bop her teacher again. Later, Hanna wakes her up by phone. She tells her Ashley's muddy shoes are gone and her closet is locked.

Emily packs for the trip to school in her room. Her father gives her some money to enjoy herself this weekend.

Aria goes to her dad's place. He says he will go see Ella later. Aria asks him to tell her to go to Europe. He's puzzled. She says he can release her from feeling obligated to stay.

Hanna works on picking the lock on her mother's closet at home. She gets in and finds a gun wrapped in a blue scarf in a bag. She calls Aria and gets no answer.

At Cicero, Emily questions Brendan about scholarships. Spencer gets her alone and suggests she dial it down - he doesn't need to believe they really want to go there. Emily stammers. Brendan rejoins them and Spencer makes an excuse to go off on her own. Spencer gets a call from Hanna about her mother. She tells Hanna to back off her mother and explains that she's busy trying to find out more about the phone number and what happened to Ali. She hangs up and shows a geeky Cicero guy the phone number. He's suspicious but points her to Greek Row.

Hanna hangs up from Spencer and puts the gun in her own pink bag. Later, she heads out and Ashley stops her. She says she's going to Cicero. Ashley's suspicious.


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Byron meets with Ella at the cafe and he encourages her to take the time away. He'll cover her shifts and clock some overtime.

Spencer and Emily head to a party on Greek Row hoping to find out if anyone knew Ali. Emily doesn't want to do it tonight - she actually wants to get into this school! Spencer accuses her of flirting with Brendan and Emily calls her a snot. Emily talks to a sorority girl about getting in. She tells her about a former House Mother named Carla Grunwald - girls swore she knew what they were going to do before they did it. Spencer makes the rounds with Ali's photo. Brendan finds Emily and tells her he's off-duty for the night. Hanna arrives and finds Spencer. She shows her the gun from her mom's closet. Spencer thinks she should give it to her dad. Hanna disagrees. Spencer tells Hanna to sit tight while she finds Emily. Upstairs, she finds a dark room with one hanging lightbulb and a pink phone. She plugs it in and calls Aria, who asks, "Who is this?" Spencer says, "It ain't Tippy the bird." She tells her the phone number leads to some sort of bunker or panic room. She hangs up and notices claw marks on a door. Downstairs, Emily spots Hanna leaving and follows her outside. Brendan asks what's wrong and tries to hold her hand. She tells him she has a girlfriend and doesn't need his help finding her friend. Emily ventures into the trees. A hooded figure jumps out and silly strings her. Meanwhile, Spencer searches for them both. She finds Emily and they are frantic to find Hanna. Hanna is in the trees trying to bury the gun. Suddenly, she is surrounded by police and arrested. Spencer gets a text from 'A' saying maybe Hanna and her mom can share a lawyer.

In a room, 'A' makes tea with honey and dusts off an old sorority photo. The house mother is Carla Grunwald.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Hanna lands in trouble.

Emily attempts to assist Hanna.

Spencer and Toby head to Ravenswood.

Shana appears in some unexpected places.

Candi's Comments:

Wow! A lot going on tonight. A bit of "Fear Factor" there with the bees in the car! Tension amongst the girls as well, which may be part of 'A's agenda. How will Hanna get out of this? Maybe it's not the gun that killed Wilden? Hmm.

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- Candace Young

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