Pretty Little Liars Recap: Face Time.

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Emily is concerned about 'A' messing with her parents, Hanna isn't sure she wants Caleb's help, and Spencer sets a trap for Melissa.

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Emily greets her returning father outside the house. Her mother looks on. Emily heads to school.

At school, Hanna and Caleb discuss her father saying Ashley took his gun. She tells Caleb to forget it. She joins Spencer and Aria and complains about Spencer not confronting Melissa yet. Emily appears. She shares her troubles with family services. Two detectives watch them. Emily's father messages her to come straight home after school. The girls ask Aria about Jake. She says he's fine. She tells them her mother is definitely going with Zack and she's counting on 'A' not having a passport.

Spencer listens to her mother and Melissa discuss clothes in the cafe. Spencer breaks the news that U Penn rejected her. Bickering ensues. Spencer agrees to accept Melissa's help.

Hanna stops by her mother's desk at work. Detective Holbrook and his female counterpart are there with Ashley. They open Wilden's safety deposit box. There are cash, passports, and a gun with the serial number filed off. They confirm that Ashley is the only employee to have seen the contents.

At home that night, Emily talks to Spencer on the phone about Melissa and the mask. They hang up and Emily listens to her parents worrying about social services.

Emily visits her doctor and complains that he spoke to family services. He tells her that she can tell him anything, which frustrates her. He also says she's torn her rotator cuff and hints that she may not swim at the same level again.

Hanna finds the female detective on a park bench and talks to her about the contents of Wilden's box. She suggests that maybe he was crooked. Hanna tells the woman that Melissa often went on his boat at Cape May. The woman asks how many times Hanna spoke to Wilden. Caleb appears, saying she's late, and saves her butt. Hanna tells him she'll protect her mother no matter what she did. Hanna goes home and learns her mother has been banned from going in the bank vault. Ashley tells her Wilden's death has made things worse than ever, and promises this won't touch her. Hanna tells Ashley she knows she was in Rosewood the night he was killed.

At home, Spencer tells Toby she found his mother's former doctor. He decides to go see him and get answers. They kiss.

Spencer joins Aria at the cafe, who worries that Toby's going to find the lair. Emily appears and they talk about the masks. Aria mentions Jake. Spence says she deserves something less complicated. Emily goes outside to fill Paige in on the swimming situation. Paige kisses her.

Aria's with Jake outside the school when Malcolm runs up. He asks why she doesn't come over anymore. After, Jake asks about Ezra. She quickly says he's just one of her teachers. Later, outside Aria's house, Jake suggests that she's not finished with Ezra. She says she has to be, and insists it's done. Aria tries to kiss Jake, but he isn't the kind of person to do that while she's dealing with this. He tells her she must figure things out and goes, but says she can call him.

Toby finds Dr. Palmer in a park. He asks about his mother, Marian Cavanaugh. Palmer tells him to sit, and admits he asked himself many times if he did something wrong. He refers to her fall. Toby realizes he doesn't think she jumped. He asks questions. Palmer tells Toby she loved him but the air just got too heavy for her. Toby thinks Palmer is senile. He blurts to Toby to tell his mother to stay away from that troubling blonde girl.


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At Spencer's house, she and Aria watch Melissa through the windows. She opens her suitcase, which they planted in the living area, and takes out the mask. Spencer tells Aria that Melissa will figure out where it came from. They follow her to Hector's place. Spencer follows Melissa as she drags a bag into the woods and smashes mask molds into the lake. Spencer confronts her. She asks if she was on the train and saw Mona in the Ali mask. Melissa muses, "It was Mona." She claims she sought out Hector to find out when he made the Ali mask. They argue. Spencer guesses Wilden was blackmailing them all. Melissa says he was working for someone and she's been protecting Spencer all along. Spencer asks why she still thinks Ali's alive. "Did you kill Detective Wilden?" Melissa tells her to let it go. Meanwhile, Aria is inside. She finds multiple molds of Alison's face. She confronts Hector, who says he didn't have the heart to destroy them as he promised. She asks if Ali always came alone. He says always, except once before she disappeared - someone he didn't see drove her. Aria finds Spencer, who says Melissa is gone.

Emily's parents confront her at home about her not telling them the whole story and she tells them about the swimming scholarships being out the window. They all shout and Emily runs out.

Emily finds Paige at the pool. Emily's worried about the future. Paige stays positive - she'll swim again.

Emily and Paige arrive at Emily's house where the police have been called there for a domestic dispute.

At Hanna's house, she and Caleb discuss her mother again. He asks about the gun. The doorbell rings - it's the detectives looking for Ashley. Hanna says she's not there. They note her car is out front. Caleb says he drove it there. They leave. Ashley appears upstairs.

At Spencer's house, Aria establishes that she doesn't believe Melissa killed Wilden. Spencer gets a text that Melissa is guilty but isn't 'A' material. Hanna arrives and says she thinks her mother killed Wilden and 'A' knows it.

In a room, 'A' glues back together wet mask pieces.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Spencer and Emily tour a college for different reasons.

Spencer looks for Ali's link to the school.

Aria has a disagreement with her brother.

Hanna is disturbed by what she finds amongst her mother's things.

Candi's Comments:
The happenings were really centered on who killed Wilden this week and it was amazing to find out more about how Melissa fits in. I think the doctor Toby spoke to wasn't as crazy as he seemed - very interesting. Things are getting bad for Emily and her family! I can't believe Ashley murdered Wilden, but love that Caleb's around more.

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