Pretty Little Liars Recap: Cat's Cradle.

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Melissa returns to Rosewood, Hanna meets with Detective Holbrook, and Emily's mother is targeted.

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At the cafe, Hanna insists her mother is not connected to the bird, nor did she kill Wilden. They watch Aria's mother with Zack. Aria is asked about Jake and admits she's jealous of her mom's love life. They wonder where Mona is and look at a mask found in Ali's room. Across the room, Zack asks Ella to go to Austria with him. She says she can't because of Aria. Melissa enters. The girls are surprised she's back. Spencer walks over, asks about Washington, and raises the issue of Wilden's death. Melissa tells Spencer they should both get out of this town.

Hanna meets Caleb outside. He tells her about finding his dad and apologizing. He says everything went okay. Caleb reassures Hanna that her mom didn't do it - shoes or no shoes. They decide to try and place the shoes in New York.

Outside school, Ella tells Aria she considered going to Austria with Zack. Aria wonders if she wanted to go. They agree that 'less than a year' is a long time to be away from someone.

Inside, Toby tells Spencer he keeps reading the doctor's notes about his mom. Spencer's worried about telling the others what he's done. He says 'A' always knows when they're at their weakest. Spencer tells Toby she'd go back to Radley to check the facts about his mother's death.

At home, Hanna brings up New York to Ashley. She talks about non-stop meetings and then going to see a show called 'Anything Goes'.

Aria and Jake watch an old movie at her place. They talk about the need to have things in common. He likes surprises too. She admits she doesn't like 'dull'.

Emily visits the doctor for her shoulder. He offers to prescribe a painkiller and she leaves.

Hanna visits Ashley at work and notices flowers on her desk. She sees a card in the trash that says 'The show was a dud, you didn't miss anything'. She takes off.

At school, Aria discusses the possibility of her mother going away with Spencer and Emily. Pam shows up to get Emily. She confronts her about taking her painkillers. Spencer and Aria watch as Pam angrily makes Em get in the car. Aria then gets a text from 'A'. "Cleaning up Rosewood one mean mommy at a time."

In a classroom, Hanna and Toby discuss the situation with her mother.

Later, at the police station, Hanna sees the suspect board for Wilden's murder. They are all on it, including her mother. The investigator appears as she's about to snap a photo. She asks why her name is on the board. He says it's nothing to worry about. Hanna spots Melissa. He goes over and shakes her hand. They enter a room together.

Caleb stops Hanna's father outside and tells him what is going on with Hanna, Ashley, and Wilden's death. He warns Tom that Hanna is going to need him to be there for her. Later, when it's dark, Tom finds Caleb again. They need to talk. Tom recounts how Ashley came to him for money when she was supposed to be in New York. Tom tells Caleb his gun is missing.

At Emily's house, she admits to Aria that she took her mother's pills. They rip the face off the mask they have and a mask of Ali's face is revealed underneath. They guess she must have modeled for it and look up the address.

At home, Hanna confronts her mother about lying. Ashley tells her if anyone asks her, she shouldn't say anything. Hanna gets a call.

Hanna joins Aria and Emily and gets up to speed on the mask. They don't know where Spencer is, so decide to go to the mask studio without her since Hanna doesn't want to wait.

Spencer and Toby break into Radley with the override codes Mona gave her. Inside, they locate the window his mother jumped from. He becomes emotional and says he gave the RV to 'A' for nothing. Spencer questions whether it's the right window and tells Toby that 'A' gave him something real.


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Emily, Aria, and Hanna arrive at the mask maker's studio in the dark. He appears and chastises them for not calling first. They show him the Ali mask and ask if he made it. He says they'd better come in. He tells them Ali responded to an ad he put on the internet, and say Emily would make a perfect Medusa. He will tell them more if Emily lets him use her face. As he works on Emily, the man says Alison asked him to make many masks of her face so her friends could look like her. Hanna snoops around and startles in a mirror. The man tells Aria that Alison told him to break the mold. When the girls leave, Hanna shows them that she found something...

At home, Pam notices Emily has clay on her. She tells her that someone reported her to Family Services for being 'excessive' with her outside the school. Now a social worker is looking into them.

At the cafe, Aria gets a text from Emily that someone called a social worker on her mom. Jake joins her, but she excuses herself. She goes over and tells Ella she should go to Austria with Zack. Jake rejoins Aria. She says she was giving her mother permission to go off and join the circus. They watch Ella and Zack kiss.

Hanna arrives at Spencer's house and shows her what she found at the mask maker's studio - a mold of Melissa's face. They wonder if she and Ali went there together. Later, Melissa asks Spencer about Hanna being at the police station. She says they asked her to come in to answer questions about Wilden. Spencer glances at the mask cast as Melissa talks. Melissa wonders if Spencer had to save her, or someone she loves, what she'd do.

At home, Hanna hears the shower and tells her mother through the door that she's back. Ashley apologizes about before. Inside the washroom, Ashley is fully dressed and the sink faucet is running.

In bed, Emily gets a photo message of her mom behind bars. Pam enters and says her dad is coming home - social services called him too.

In a room, 'A' looks at Emily's x-rays.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

A new detective arrives to investigate Wilden's death.

Emily worries about what 'A' is doing to her parents.

Spencer sets a trap for Melissa.

Candi's Comments:
Wow, really felt for Toby again this week. Jake looks good, but gave off a weird vibe compared to last week. I'm concerned for Aria being without her mother, but love the Ella/Zack thing. It appears that Melissa's a key figure in all of this. What more will we learn about her? Hmm. Also, it seems Pam and Ashley are both going to be stressed out thanks to 'A'. So good to see Caleb back!

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- Candace Young

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