Pretty Little Liars Recap: Turn Of The Shoe.

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

'A' nearly kills Mona, Aria takes self-defense classes, and Hanna uncovers something about her mother.

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At the cafe, Hanna tells the girls her mother called from her New York hotel room. They wonder who the woman in the veil was at the funeral. One of them suggests it might have been Melissa. Spencer nixes the idea. Hanna still thinks Alison's alive. Bickering ensues. Mona appears and tries to convince them she's on their side - she invites them to search the RV.

The girls and Mona arrive at the RV site in the dark. It's gone. Mona is freaked out and says somebody stole it. They all look at her skeptically and decide to take-off. When Mona gets in her car, she is choked from behind by 'A'. Emily and Aria rush over as she is thrown out of the vehicle. The car roars around and tries to run them down. Emily lands hard on her shoulder.

At home the next morning, Hanna greets her mom in the kitchen - she didn't hear her come in the night before. They discuss Wilden's funeral. Ashley thinks one of Wilden's enemies decided to do them all a favor. She asks where Hanna found her phone. Hanna lies that it was in the mailbox. Ash says she must have left it at the hotel.

At home, Spencer gets a rejection letter from the University of Pennsylvania. Toby arrives and she wants to blow off school and get breakfast. He says he has to start a job and Spencer accuses him of keeping secrets. Toby isn't surprised about the attempt on Mona's life. He leaves.

Aria and Hanna walk down the street. Aria tells her about 'A' trying to run them down, while Hanna complains about the situation with her mother's cellphone. Hanna wonders if it was Mona, Jenna, or Shana that put it in the casket. They spot Shana. Hanna grills her on why she wasn't at Wilden's funeral. She says she was at swim practice.

At school, Paige shows Emily their future dorm room in California on the computer. Emily winces when Paige touches her shoulder. Paige tells her she must swim tomorrow. Emily says it will be fine.

The girls finish up in Ezra's class and agree to meet Spencer in the courtyard. Spencer hangs back and talks to Ezra about her rejection letter. She's upset - she'll be the first from her family not to go to U Penn. Ezra advises her to apply to other schools and offers help with her essay.

At home, Hanna is on the phone with Emily when she finds a bag with her mother's mud-caked Manolos in it. When Ashley comes in later, Hanna questions her. Ash is short with her and says the shoes are none of her business.

Emily, determined to get through the swim meet, takes prescription drugs that are in her medicine cabinet.

Aria meets Jake, a self-defense instructor, at his studio and arranges to start lessons the next day.

Hanna is outside her house Saturday morning. She's upset because Spencer's not answering her calls. Alison's mom calls her over. Hanna looks up at the window and then hears something. There's a parrot named 'Tippy' on the porch. She sounds like Ali since she spent a lot of time with the bird. Hanna asks Mrs. D if she saw Ali's remains and the woman recalls her last lunch with her daughter. She refused to let her have a sleepover at the shore so Ali held her breath until she gave in.

At the school, Spencer is getting help with her essay from Ezra. He questions her choice to reveal her mental breakdown in her essay. Spencer argues.

Aria is at her self-defense lessons. Jake tells her she must trust him. He realizes she's scared. They carry on and she ends up kissing him. Mortified she leaves. While driving, she spots Mona talking to a cop and tells her to get in, they're late. They pull over and argue. Mona tells her they found a woman's shoe prints in connection with Wilden's death.


At home, Spencer argues with Toby, who moved the RV for 'A'. He made a deal to get something he needed - his mother's file from Radley from the night she killed herself. Spencer reads it to him. He gets teary at the references to wanting to return the love to her son. It doesn't add up to her jumping out the window later. He's sure there's a cover-up. Toby swears Spencer to secrecy. He goes as Aria arrives. They talk about Mona. Hanna arrives with the parrot and learns the cops are looking for pumps and worries Ashley's being framed by 'A'. The parrot sings.

Someone watches Emily in the locker room. It's Shana. She asks why Hanna thinks she was buddies with Wilden and questions her about Paige and the one opening left on the swim team at Stanford. She's going for it too. Emily goes to the pool and Paige cheers. Once in the water, everything looks distorted. She bangs her head and goes unconscious. Paramedics take her out. She wants to finish, and lies that she got her bruise falling off her bike.

At home, Hanna asks Ashley if she was in New York when she was gone. "Did you come back to have it out with Wilden?" Ashley assures her she didn't kill him. Hanna gets a call from Spencer who still has Tippy. She says it's not a song he's singing - it's a phone number.

Jake stops by Aria's house. He had a hunch she might not come back. He asks her out. Her phone rings incessantly. She agrees to coffee and he leaves.

At home, Emily admits to Paige that she was in a lot of pain and took pills. She explains how she hurt her shoulder and why she kept it from her.

Aria joins Spencer and Hanna and they dial the number that Tippy is singing. No one answers. They decide to record the bird's singing but he's gone - and the window's open.

Ashley is watched through the kitchen window as she bags up the shoes. A light flashes.

At a table, 'A' offers Tippy a piece of chicken.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Melissa returns to Rosewood.

Hanna meets with Detective Holbrook to help her mom.

The girls are led to a mask maker by a clue left by Ali.

Emily's mother is targeted.

Candi's Comments:
I'm wondering what Hanna's mom has done after watching this episode. Also, felt so bad for Toby about his mother's suicide. Very sad. Loved Aria and Jake - amazing chemistry! Did anyone else think 'A' was eating Tippy there for a minute at the end?

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- Candace Young

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