PLL Season Finale Recap: A dAngerous gAme.

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

Toby's fate is revealed, 'Red Coat' is seen by some, and a fire threatens lives.

PLL Season Finale Recap: A dAngerous gAme. image

Aria, Hanna, and Emily are talking about Spencer at her house. She comes downstairs, says they lost Toby a long time ago but didn't know it. She says she gave up when she saw Toby in the woods, but has now decided she's not going to be a victim. They agree to show up at party her mother's throwing to prove she's all better.

In a room full of computers, 'A' works away transferring phone numbers and mapping out the lodge near the airstrip. Mona arrives and tells the person they like their plan. "You're hired."

At school, Spencer tries to dissuade the other girls from a plan to show Mona's photo to Malcolm. Shana appears. Emily introduces them. After, Hanna says she hates her - she flirts with everyone but her. Meanwhile, Aria spots Ezra in the hallway, He says the job may not work out. She shrugs that it's too bad and walks off.

Jenna is at home when she gets a text from 'A' telling her to meet somewhere at a certain time. She looks out the window but sees no one.

Jenna meets Shana outside somewhere. Jenna tells her eyes are progressively getting worse. Shana takes her hand - she's there for her.

At home, Byron confronts Aria about Ezra teaching at Rosewood. Aria tells him to calm down - he's not getting the job. Byron informs her he was offered the position and asked for a day to decide.

Hanna meets Ezra at the cafe and admits she didn't tell Aria she was applying for the job, but she wants to babysit for Malcolm. Ezra says they'll try her out tonight to see if she's a good fit.

Ezra meets Aria outside on the street and says he won't take the job. Aria cries. She doesn't think they can get back what they had before Malcolm. She urges him to take the job. He says he loves her. She walks away devastated.

'A' is at a diner and looks at pictures of Jenna on their phone. Suddenly, Toby appears. He sits down across from 'A' and says Hanna got the job. 'A's face is revealed - Spencer. She grills Toby about wanting her to believe he was dead. He says everything he's done was to protect her. Spencer says Mona promised him as a reward for delivering the girls. She tells him she kidnapped Malcolm to earn Mona's trust. Toby says he kept working with Mona to keep her safe. "Follow me." They wind up at a motel room. He tells Spencer that Mona doesn't know about this one. He says all he knows about 'Red Coat' is that she's in charge. Spencer's still upset that he let her feel so much pain, but they kiss and then make love.

While babysitting, Hanna shows Malcolm photos of people to see who told him she was Alison and picked him up from karate class. Hanna gives up and makes food. Suddenly, Malcolm says Alison's right there on her phone - it's Spencer.

Emily watches as Melissa approaches a house and joins Jenna and Shana inside.

Emily meets with Aria and Hanna to tell them about what she saw. Aria rants about Spencer being on the 'A' team. They discuss Radley and what went on in there. Emily has a plan to prove Spencer's still with them. Someone watches them through the window.


Ezra tells Aria, at school, that he took the job. She says there never was a happy ending for them. He counters that she's graduating in 7 months. She says they have to move on. They kiss.

Outside the school, Spencer arrives and spots 'Red Coat'. She follows her inside and corners in the restroom. It's Hanna. She says, "You followed me here - that means you don't know who she is either." Emily and Aria appear. Spencer explains about Mona and that Toby is alive and on their side. She warns that the party is a set-up. Emily says, "Instead of 'Red Coat' waiting for us tomorrow night, we'll be waiting for her."

Later, Aria is stunned to see Ezra teaching her class.

At Hanna's house, she, Aria, and Emily prepare for the party. Someone takes a video through the window.

At Spencer's house, she and Toby kiss while Mona rolls her eyes. Spencer says the girls are running late. Toby has video of them getting ready. Mona phones someone on a plane and tells them it's safe to land. Emily, Aria, and Hanna get inside and watch as Toby turns on Spencer and drags her out the door. Mona is accosted by the girls when she tries to leave.

Outside by the airstrip, Toby tells Spencer, "You see her, she doesn't see you." The lakehouse is set on fire - Toby is hit over the head and his lighter placed beside him. Mona says, "It's her," and they try to get out but are stymied at every exit. Mona laments not getting to find out who 'Red Coat' is - the others are stunned. Meanwhile, Spencer traipses around in the dark and says, "Ali." Back at the lakehouse, the girls are all pulled to safety. Mona and Hanna both saw that she was Ali. Spencer arrives - she saw her too. In the forest, Toby awakens and looks at his lighter.

In the car driving back, Mona tells Emily that she didn't drug her that night at the cemetery - it was 'Red Coat'. They arrive at Hanna's house and find the police car has been pulled from the lake and parked out front with lights going and the video of the hit-and-run playing. They watch and see that Shana and Jenna helped Wilden that night. All their phones start ringing. "You're all mine now, 'A'" They look in the trunk and scream.

A hand reaches out from the dirt. A red-gloved hand grasps it.

"Pretty Little Liars" returns with a new season in June 2013.

Candi's Comments

This was one reveal after another tonight - amazeballs! So happy Toby is alive! Not too upset about Ezra and Aria - I still think he might be up to something - ever since he appeared so handily at the train on Halloween... Anywho, I can't imagine what they saw in that trunk. Eek! What about 'Red Coat'? Ali's twin perhaps?

Let know what you thought of the season finale below.

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- Candace Young

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