Pretty Little Liars Recap: I'm Your Puppet.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Emily wants to prove Toby's alive, Malcolm goes missing, and Caleb confronts Jamie.

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Aria, Emily, and Hanna visit Spencer at Radley. Spencer is amused that her mother told them she's going home the next day. They tell her the body found in the woods wasn't Toby. Spencer knows what she saw - it was Toby. She says she needs more time there and they argue with her. Spencer says she feels safe there - the bars keep people from getting in.

Hanna and Emily bicker in Emily's bedroom the next morning. Emily tells her if Wilden's looking for his car he's not 'A'. Hanna leaves as Pam enters. Emily and Pam discuss the body in the woods. Pam will tell her more when she knows.

Aria meets Ezra on the patio of the cafe. She's paranoid about being seen together. Maggie calls Ezra to pick Malcolm up tomorrow - he'll have to miss an interview. He asks Aria to pick him up - he'll deal with Maggie.

At school, Caleb tells Hanna his dad wants to take them to dinner. Caleb tells her she brought him back to his life and got him a job - that gets her an entree. They kiss. At Aria's locker, Emily tells her she's getting texts from Shana. Hanna joins them. They warn her to shut Shana down. Talk turns to the body - Emily wants a picture to prove it's not Toby. Hanna goes to see Aria's mother who wants to see her mother about a delicate issue. Hanna learns it has to do with Jamie - he removed the bronze bell from the tower to have it repaired and replaced it with a much cheaper one - $8000 cheaper.


Eddie is chatting with Spencer at Radley. Wren appears. He sends Eddie away. Spencer assures Wren he's not the reason she's there. He notices the game Spencer's holding and says Mona was obsessed with the same one. Spencer follows a drawn map on the board which leads to a window that unlocks. Later, Spencer's mother tries to take her home but Spencer freaks. Veronica asks what happened between her and Toby - she says the last time she saw someone clinging to a secret this hard it was Alison. Veronica flashes to Alison coming into the house with a cut mouth and making her promise not to tell her parents. She tells Spencer she thought Jason did it to Alison, but not anymore. She asks Spencer, "Is Toby not the person we thought he was?" Later, Spencer goes back to the game board. Eddie enters and Spencer grills him about it and Mona, and asks what's up with him and Wren. Eddie doesn't trust Wren. Spencer takes her meds out of her mouth after he leaves and adds them to her stash. In another room, Wren asks Eddie if they're having the same problem again.

Hanna and Caleb are out for dinner with Jamie and he excuses himself to take a call. He says he has a problem to sort out and leaves.

Aria, Emily, and Hanna arrive at the morgue dressed as candy stripers. Hanna tells them Caleb's dad is selling pieces of the church online. They start looking for the body from the woods. When they find it, Hanna worries they'll see Toby. Emily starts unzipping the body bag - they see a Halloween mask! Outside the door, Aria texts them - 'A' in the red hoodie has been spotted. They rush out.

The next day at school, Caleb defends his father to Hanna. He wonders why she's so quiet. Hanna doesn't think Jamie's changed as much as he thinks - she tells him about the collection money.

Aria arrives at Malcolm's karate class only to find he's already been picked up - by Aria Montgomery. Aria looks in Malcolm's cubby and sees an ad for a carnival with puppets and masks.

At the carnival, Aria is frantically searching for Malcolm when her mother stops her. Aria pushes past her and keeps searching. Aria calls Emily and is about to take her advice and call the police when she spots the puppet tent. Inside she finds Malcolm. He says her friend Alison picked him up. As they leave, a puppet raises its arm.

Caleb is with Hanna at her place when Jamie arrives. Caleb confronts him about stealing and yells at him about his childhood. Jamie sighs. "I wouldn't believe me either." Later, the church bell rings and Hanna gets a text - 'A' framed Jamie. Caleb sees it.

Emily finds Pam at the police station and asks why they're making her stay late. Pam urgently tells her to go. Later, at home, Pam tells Emily another body was found this evening - another young man. They don't know if it was Toby because there was significant trauma to the body. Emily gasps.

Spencer sneaks out of her room and goes to Radley's storage cellar. Alison's there talking about sixth grade and how Spencer really never knew her. Spencer asks if Toby was the person who cut her mouth. Alison says girls fight dirtier than boys - she's lucky she didn't leave a scar. Spencer tells her she's looking for something. Alison says, "It's in there." Spencer finds a rocking horse containing Radley ID with Mona's photo and a visitor's pass in CeCe's name. Wren appears. Spencer demands to know how many times CeCe visited Mona and why he broke the rules for her. Wren says CeCe was desperate to help Mona recover from the wounds inflicted by Alison. He says Alison got CeCe kicked out of school. Spencer asks how CeCe knew Mona was at Radley. Wren says Melissa called her. Spencer goes back to her room and in her mind she tells Mona she's in.

Aria meets Ezra at the cafe and he says Maggie told him Malcolm muttered something about puppets and fell asleep. Aria tells Ezra she can't do this anymore - someone's going to get hurt.

At Aria's place, Hanna tells her about 'A' framing Jamie. Emily comes in and says they found another body in the woods - right where Spencer said, and her purse was close by...

A body is brought into the morgue. Bruises and a tattoo like Toby's are showing.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Spencer returns home and claims she's fine, but her friends have doubts about whether she's fully recovered.

Surprising revelations surface.

Candi's Comments:

Tonight's show was deliciously dark what with the sanitarium goings-on, Malcolm going missing, and the bodies. Ew! I'm upset that 'A' messed with Caleb's relationship with his father.

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