Pretty Little Liars Recap: Will The Circle Be Unbroken.

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

Aria, Emily and Hanna search for Spencer, unsure if she went off on her own or if "A" is behind her disappearance, and Emily meets Olympian Missy Franklin.

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At school, Hanna, Emily, and Aria discuss Spencer not being at school. Hanna points out she's ditched before. Melissa is there with the principal - Spencer didn't come home last night. Mona watches as the principal tells Melissa to call the police from his office. Outside, the girls decide to look for Spencer themselves.

At Radley, Spencer tells the nurse that she's 'Jane Doe'. He explains that the paramedics sent her there instead of jail - she'll be evaluated. She asks what's wrong with her. He says supposedly amnesia. Spencer looks at the Joker in a deck of cards and then goes to play piano. Dr. Sullivan appears. Spencer says, "Olly olly oxen free." Sullivan wonders why she didn't tell anyone who she is. Spencer says it's been nice being anonymous. Sullivan asks what happened. Spencer tells her about seeing Toby's body. Sullivan intends to call her family and the police.

At home, Hanna and Ashley discuss Wilden - where is he and what does he want? Hanna answers a call from Ted and tells him Ashley will meet him later. She tells her mother she has to act like nothing's wrong.

At Ezra's place, he tells Aria he's thinking of teaching again and that he misses her. She says she's right there. He still misses her.

Later at home, Aria learns that her mother told her father about Ezra's new situation. Aria tells her father Ezra needs a teaching job. She gets a text that Spencer's okay.

At the church, Ted tells Ashley and Hanna how great Jamie's been around there. Suddenly Wilden appears and says he's been fishing.

Melissa tells Spencer that she'll try to get her out of Radley, but Spencer says it's only a 72 hour evaluation. They argue. Later, the nurse brings Spencer meds. She notices his name tag - Eddie Lamb.


Hanna and Aria meet Emily at the cafe and learn Spencer is at Radley after being in the woods all night. Hanna holds up her phone and there's a photo of Ashley and Wilden the night of the hit-and-run.

Later, Emily stops Dr. Sullivan on the street. Sullivan tells her Spencer's fine but they can't see her yet. She says she claims to have seen Toby's body in the woods.

Hanna goes home and tells Ashley about Spencer. Ashley says she's not going to New York to the seminar. Hanna urges her to go - she'll stay at Emily's. Later, Aria comes over and Hanna vows to keep her mother safe from Wilden.

In a classroom, Aria's parents discuss Ezra and his situation. Byron says he's a good teacher and if he stabilizes things with the new family he might drop Aria.

Later, Byron meets with Ezra who digests the fact that Aria told her parents about his situation. Byron tells him there isn't room on the staff for him, but he would like to help. He asks about Malcolm.

Dr. Sullivan talks to Spencer at Radley. She's crying about Toby and asking to see her friends. Sullivan offers to send Emily a message. Spencer says, "Tell them I miss them." Later, Nurse Lamb tells Spencer there was a problem with the old badges at Radley. Spencer says, "People getting out, and people getting in?" They talk about Mona and Toby, who was doing things for her out in the world. Lamb tells her it wasn't just the badges, it was also the visitor's passes. He confirms Spencer's room was Mona's when she was there. Spencer looks at the table - scratched in it is 'Will the Circle Be Unbroken' Spencer remembers singing it at church with Alison, who was laughing at Mona and writing in her diary throughout. Spencer recalls that Ali told her she'd need the diary to carry on after she's gone. Spencer goes to play piano and Lamb reappears to talk about Toby - he used to know a 'Toby' whose mother was in there.


Emily returns to the cafe and meets Shana who tells her there is someone she wants her to meet - Olympian Gold Medalist Missy Franklin is there. Emily is a little starstruck. They chat and Missy leaves. After, Emily tells Shana she didn't realize she swam. Shana is surprised Paige didn't tell her.

Emily, Hanna, and Aria discuss Spencer snapping in the school restroom. Mona enters. She asks, "Where's the 4th musketeer?" They says she knows exactly where she is and she put her there. Aria tells her if anything happens to Spencer she'll wish she'd broke her neck when she fell off that cliff! Aria is called to the office.

In his office, the principal asks Aria if she's currently seeing Ezra Fitz socially. Aria denies it - she says it was never what it looked like.

Mona shows up at Radley and appears before Spencer. She has cookies for her favorite nurse. Spencer asks her why she killed Toby. Mona says if she killed him, why would she want to talk to her? Mona muses that a lot's happened since their drive up the mountain, but she believes in second chances. Spencer scoffs. Mona blurts that Ali wasn't pregnant. She has some of her diaries and knows where the rest of them are - she know the answers to questions Spencer hasn't even thought of. Mona tells Spencer she needs her to put together the puzzle. Mona tells Spencer, "You're not crazy, you're as sane as I am."

Later, Spencer talks to Sullivan again in a group session. She describes what happened to her in the woods - she felt 'done' but kept going. Suddenly she sees Emily, Hanna, and Aria in front of her and tells them they don't know her anymore and can't count on her. The faces change back to Sullivan and the patients.

Outside the church, Ashley tells Ted she may be moving to New York for her promotion. He asks if there were another reason for moving, besides the promotion, would she tell him? He thinks he might be able to do something about it. Ashley says there's nothing.

At night, Ashley drops Hanna at Emily's house and drives off. Wilden pulls up in his police car. Hanna asks if he's following them and tells him to go away. He says he went fishing and now he's back. He wants Hanna to simply tell him where the car is and there will be no more trouble from him.

'A' drives a big old RV full of knick knacks with a photo of Alison taped to the dash.

Spoiler for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Emily wants to help Spencer by proving her wrong.

Spencer researches Mona's stint in the sanitarium.

Aria has doubts about her relationship with Ezra in light of his parental obligations.

Hanna is forced to deal with Caleb's family drama.

Candi's Comments

The most interesting tidbits from tonight's episode were Eddie Lamb being at the sanitarium, Mona's claim that Alison wasn't pregnant, and Wilden showing up no worse for wear. It looks like Aria will have to hide her relationship with Ezra again - can they really keep going?

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- Candace Young

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