Pretty Little Liars Recap: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Hanna deals with the hit-and-run, Spencer receives a funeral wreath, and Aria babysits.

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Emily arrives at Spencer's house to join her and Aria. Hanna's not answering calls. Spencer says she's known for a few weeks who is helping Mona. "Toby is A." Aria marvels that he's hated them all along and pretended the whole time he was with Spencer. Emily says he loved Spencer, but Spencer doesn't think so. She laughs at Emily when she says Toby wouldn't hurt them. She reminds her Mona's away - it was Toby who locked her in the steamroom.

Ashley and Hanna arrive at home bickering over what to do about the hit-and-run. Hanna doesn't want her to call anyone or admit anything until they know what they're dealing with. Ashley tells Hanna not a word to her friends.

At home, Emily leaves Toby a message wanting to talk and pulls out a key labeled 'loft'.

Aria arrives at Ezra's to find Malcolm's there. Ezra says Maggie and Malcolm came up that morning - she may relocate to Rosewood. Ezra wants Aria to stay and get to know Malcolm. She's reluctant, but agrees. Maggie returns. She tells Aria that she wishes Ezra had known about Malcolm sooner - they've really bonded. When there's a scheduling conflict, Aria offers to watch Malcolm.

Emily and Hanna argue about Toby at the loft. Emily reminds her how Lucas was blackmailed into doing things for Mona - she's sure they don't know everything. Emily spots a parking pass Toby used to get in and out of Radley. Hanna suggests Em talk to his parents.

Spencer answers a knock on her door and finds the orchid funeral wreath with a card: "Someone close to you will pay for your loose lips - A."


At the cafe, Spencer tells the other three about the threat she received. Emily still wants to talk to Toby herself. Mona enters and Spencer stalks over. She thanks her for the flowers and warns her not to harm her friends. Mona muses that someone's been skipping their anger management classes.

Back at home, Spencer stares at the banner on the flowers that says 'Deepest Sympathy' and then runs out the door.

Aria's mother finds her at home searching for toys. Aria lies about the reason. Her mother mentions that Ezra called her about teaching positions. Aria takes off quickly.

Emily quizzes Toby's former neighbor on his whereabouts but gets nowhere.

Spencer meets Emily at home and tells her all the letters in the banner are shiny except 'E' and 'M' - she's certain it means Emily's in danger tonight. Emily isn't too concerned, but promises to call later.

Emily goes to the police station and discusses Toby's disappearance with Pam. She wants her to let it go - she doesn't trust Toby. Emily gets on a computer when no one's watching and searches E. Lamb, the name on Toby's parking pass. She suddenly gets a text from Toby telling her to stop looking, he'll meet her.

Hanna joins Aria at Ezra's while she's babysitting. They're discussing Mona and Dr. Sullivan when Hanna is distracted by a police car going by. She makes an excuse and leaves. Malcolm's jumping on the furniture and falls off, cutting his chin open.

Later, at the hospital, Ezra assures Aria he's not angry, but grills her about whether she was watching Malcolm closely. Aria retorts that she doesn't know the first thing about being a parent! Ezra shrugs. "Neither do I." When Maggie arrives, the nurse excludes Aria.

Spencer follows Mona out of the cafe to a wooded area. Mona gets out of her car and Spencer follows. In the woods Spencer finds a body in a leather jacket and helmet with a 901 tattoo showing on the exposed skin. Mona intones "He's dead." Spencer chases Mona fruitlessly and eventually collapses, crying.

Hanna arrives home to find a battered police car in the garage with the lights flashing and the video of the hit-and-run playing on the dash.

Emily arrives at the destination on Olivia Dr. where Toby asked her to meet him. She spots a blonde in a red hoodie and follows her inside. Toby's neighbor appears. He claims not to have seen the girl in the red coat. He calls Emily by name, but she knows she didn't tell him it earlier. She returns to her car and finds a note saying "Toby is no more. A." It's accompanied by an In Memoriam brochure with Toby's photo on it.

At home later, Aria tells her mother she's sorry she lied. They discuss the situation with Ezra, Maggie, and his son. Aria's mom tells her it's okay if she doesn't want it to work. Aria cries that she loves him.

Aria's at Hanna's house trying to help puzzle out how Wilden's car got in the garage and where Wilden is - they wonder if 'A' is involved. They take the police car to the lake, push it in, and watch it sink.

Back home, Ashley tells Hanna she thinks she saw Detective Wilden today. She drove by the accident scene and the car was gone. Ashley thinks maybe it will all go away. Hanna says nothing.


The next day, Aria talks to Ezra by phone, but makes an excuse not to go over.

In the woods, Spencer has been found by the authorities wandering lost and confused. They call for a psych evaluation.

Emily meets with Aria and Hanna in her room and shows them the brochure with Toby's picture on it. They debate as to whether he could actually be dead and wonder where Spencer could be.

Spencer is admitted to a room in a sanitarium.

At the lake, a fisherman reels in a police cap.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Aria, Emily and Hanna search for Spencer, unsure if she went off on her own or if "A" is behind her disappearance, and their concern grows when they discover Spencer's family has no idea where she is.

Emily meets Olympian Missy Franklin.

Candi's Comments:

This week made me afraid for all of them! I can't believe Toby's dead. Aria's situation is kind of sad and complicated. I think she'd almost be better off walking away.

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- Candace Young

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