Pretty Little Liars Recap: Hot Water

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Wilden seems threatened, Ezra returns, and Spencer moves forward.

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Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer sit in the cafe after-hours and discuss Jason leaving the hospital, and CiCi and Wilden. Hanna sees a message on Spencer's phone from Wren wanting to talk about what happened last night. Spencer shrugs it off. There's a knock - it's Wilden complaining that Jason is saying nasty things about him. They tell him they know about the boat ride he took with Alison. He tells Hanna he'll see her around before leaving.

Aria arrives home and sees bedding and a book piled up on the sofa.

Aria enters Ezra's place as she's trying to reach Wes on the phone. Ezra's there - she's startled. He says he thought about his feelings for her, and her being in the middle of this. Ezra apologizes for shutting her out. He says Malcolm is amazing. They agree it's disgusting how his mother paid Maggie off. He asks Aria to dinner, and to be part of his life. They embrace. He asks about Wes. She says he helped her with a shoot, and goes.

On the street, Hanna and Ashley watch Wilden tell CiCi to get in his car and drive off. Ashley grills Hanna, who says they think Wilden and Ali had a relationship. Ashley can understand why he's upset - she warns Hanna about them going around saying things like that. Hanna leaves to meet Emily.

Hanna catches up with Emily at school and they speculate on whether Wilden would hurt CiCi. They decide to talk to Paige and see if she picked up anything useful later. Hanna then tells Emily about Jamie having the donation money. Emily urges her to find out the truth.

Spencer's sister finds her in bed and warns that although she hasn't told their parents she's been skipping school, if they call again, she will.

Later, at school, Aria's mother finds Spencer sitting alone in her classroom and asks if she wants to talk. They discuss what happened with Mona. Ella's never seen her this down. Spencer says people change. Ella knows break-ups are hard. Spencer goes into the restroom. Aria spots her and follows. Spencer stays in a stall and won't talk to her.

Hanna and Emily find Paige in her car. She says she's following up on the queen of hearts costume. They get in the car. Paige argues, but they won't get out. They arrive at the costume store and the girl won't give out any information because Paige brought her friends. Hanna and Paige distract the girl and Emily searches through the computer and downloads the information to her phone.


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Ezra's mother, Dianne, finds Aria in the cafe and thanks her - whatever she did, Wes is back home. She thanks Aria for her generosity toward her son. Aria thinks she means Wes and refers to him staying with her. Dianne says she meant Ezra. She goes on about how much his life will change with Malcolm and Maggie in it.

Back at Hanna's house, she calls Caleb to look into the credit card numbers from the costume rentals. Emily is distracted. She wonders if Toby would cheat on Spencer. Hanna says no, and Paige wouldn't cheat on her either. Aria's there and tells them Ezra's back - and so is Mrs. Fitzscary. She rants about her boyfriend having a son. Hanna tells her to take a deep breath. Aria admits she thought about Wes romantically for about 2 seconds, but only because she missed Ezra.

Wilden and Ashley are in a restaurant. He says he's there as a friend and reminds her they have history. She's not impressed. He tells her he doesn't want the teenagers' allegations to interfere with his job and swears there's no truth to it. She tells him he ordered wine for the wrong person and he leaves. Ashley leaves after, calling Hanna on her way out to leave a message. She gets in her car. Wilden follows in his car. He pulls her over and asks if she's been drinking. Ashley says he knows she hasn't, but he makes her step out of the car. He goes on about keeping Hanna quiet. Ashley gets back in the car. He starts to pull his gun. She hits him with her car and drives away. It's all captured on the video cam in his car.


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Wren finds Spencer at the cafe. She apologizes for using him to get at Mona. He admits he knew about her break-up and a part of him was hoping they'd have a chance. He apologizes for clouded judgement and asks if Mona came between her and Toby. Spencer says, "You could say that." She tells Wren it was nice being with him. He asks her to dinner.

After dinner, they walk outside. Wren moves in for a kiss goodbye. Spencer balks at first, but then goes for it. Someone watches. Spencer starts walking alone and sees the blond girl in the red hoodie. She follows.

Spencer gets home and her sister tells her no company is better than bad company. Spencer asks what she means. "I bought Wren that cologne."

Aria arrives at Ezra's to find him arguing with his mother. He gets the key Dianne had copied from her and sends her on her way. Aria kisses Ezra. She lets him know she's behind him where Malcolm's concerned. They settle in for a movie, but Ezra gets a call from Maggie - his mother owns her condo and is selling it.

At Emily's house, Paige questions her about risking the costume shop girl's job to get information. They compare notes. Emily tells her about CiCi and Wilden, and asks about Shauna the shop girl. Paige admits they dated last summer, but says she loves Emily. They kiss.

Emily meets with CiCi who tells her Ali was very upset about some videos everyone wanted - especially Spencer's big sister. Emily asks her who took the picture of them with Wilden. She says Melissa Hastings.

Spencer goes into the steam room at home and 'A' goes past in a black hoodie. The steam gets incredibly hot. A plunger is through the handle of the doors - she can't get out! Written on the doors is, "Get steamy with Wren, get steamy with me. 'A'." Aria rushes in and pulls the plunger out and frees Spencer. After, Spencer says it revenge for hooking up with Wren. She asks Aria to call the girls - she knows who's helping Mona.

Ashley goes home and tells Hanna what happened with Wilden. They drive back to the scene of the hit and run. Wilden's car is still there, but he's gone.

'A' chops flowers while the dolls sit nearby. 'A' uses the flowers to make a funeral wreath while the song 'Steam Heat' plays...

Spoilers for Next Week on PLL:

Hanna helps Ashley in the wake of her mom's hit-and-run and ponders if "A" was involved in the incident.

Emily is not receptive to Spencer's warnings.

Aria must accept Ezra's new role as a father.

Candi's Comments:

This week seemed even darker than usual. Spencer's sister is looking rather suspicious, and the hit-and-run was just wild. I think Aria and Ezra are going to have a tough time dealing with the realities of him having a young son, especially if he feels responsible for Maggie. His mother is such a witch! Mrs. Fitzscary - too funny!

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- Candace Young

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