Pretty Little Liars Recap: What Becomes Of The Broken-Hearted.

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

An old friend comes to Spencer's aide, Hanna convinces Caleb to see Jamie, and Jason and Em work together.

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At school, Hanna, Emily, and Aria wonder where Spencer is. Hanna mentions seeing the girl in the red coat when at her fake interview. They find Spencer nearby, and overhear her being let go from the club by Andrew. Spencer blames Mona. Em goes after her and Spence notices A has written a note on the inside of her glasses. "You rat, I take down one of your three."

Aria and Hanna have coffee at Em's work with Jamie and Caleb. Ezra's mother calls, looking for Wes. Aria gives nothing away. Ce Ce stops by and Em asks her about Detective Wilden being the hottie Alison spoke about but gets nowhere.

Spencer's at home when Andrew shows up. Spencer wants back on the team. They play a game, throwing questions at each other and stripping each time one of them gets a wrong answer. Spencer's close to winning when Em shows up. Spencer fills her in as Andrew leaves. The girls argue. Spencer has changed and refuses to say what happened between her and Toby.

Hanna finds Jamie at home where she learns he's Caleb's father. He kept it from Caleb out of shame for his past as a petty thief.

Aria finds Wes packing to leave Ezra's. His mother found him. He'll stay with a friend. Aria worries Ezra and Maggie are bonding but Wes is doubtful. Ce Ce calls, asking for help finding a photographer. Aria looks at Wes.


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Hanna returns home and argues with Caleb about Jamie. Ashley strolls in as Caleb leaves and receives an update. Later, Caleb returns and decides to meet Jamie - with her.

Emily goes to Jason at school about Wilden being Ali's baby daddy. Jason says there's a photo of Ali at Cape May on a boat.

At home, Melissa cooks as Spence broods. Wren shows up. Things are awkward. Mona sent him. She recognized the self-destructive behavior. Spence comes up with an idea and asks him to a film festival.


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At the cafe, Jamie arrives late and Hanna breaks the ice when things are tense.

Wes and Aria help set up for a photo shoot at Ce Ce's boutique. Ce Ce privately urges Aria to go for Wes, then goes out for food.

Jason and Emily drive out to Cape May. There are whiskey bottles all over the porch and someone's watching while they clean. Em gets a text from A, "Better tell him to save a couple. He might need it."

Spence and Wren take a long drive.

Jason and Emily find the photo of Alison out at Cape May on a boat at Jason's dad's office. Ce Ce and Wilden are with Ali. Jason admits he's trying to get close to Mona to find out who dug up Ali's grave. Jason flashes to being drunk the night of Ali's death and seeing Ali and Melissa together but she looks more like Ce Ce.

At home, Hanna asks if Ashley will ask Pastor Ted to hire Jamie to work on the church.

Wren and Spence arrive at some bar. Spence finds her club practicing for the match. Spence threatens to out Mona and when Mona taunts her, Spence jumps on her. Wren and Andrew drag her away and they head home.

Back at the boutique, Aria realizes Wes has nowhere to stay. She offers for him to stay at her place. Ce Ce calls from her car, lying that it was towed. They close shop.

Hanna and Caleb wait at the church while Jamie is interviewed by Father Ted. Ashley later tells them he got the job. Hanna donates her money with the dice sketched on it to the church before going.

Emily and Jason get stuck in the elevator between floors. Emily is able to jump to the closest floor below between the doors but the doors snap shut before Jason can make it and the elevator plummets to the first floor. They scream.

Wes and Aria bond over similar tastes in books and Wes kisses her. She pulls away. "We can't do this." He agrees and runs off.

Hanna, Ashley, Caleb and Jamie have dinner at her place. Jamie pays the bill with the money Hanna gave to the donation box and suddenly, everyone gets an SOS from Emily, who is at the hospital with Jason in a neck brace and broken up. He says someone is out to get them. The picture of Ali is gone. Em goes to the girls when they show up. Spence and Em apologize to each other and the nurse asks where Jason went. His bed's empty!

Elsewhere, the two 'A's attach photos of the girls to bottles of whiskey and drink from the one with Spencer's image on it.

Spoilers for Next Week:

Detective Wilden protects his secret while the girls keep digging into his past with Ali.

Spence leans on Wren.

Christine's Comments:

Another great episode, though more low-key. Still, there were some great moments. All that pushing to help Jamie and Hanna sees that he's still a thief. This will be an even bigger crush to Caleb if he finds out. Who is guessing that 'A' will know about Wes kissing Aria and will blackmail her? Some great moments: Jason losing the picture of Ali with Wilden and Ce Ce, Ce Ce's lies about her car being towed, and poor Jason almost plummeting to his death. Where did he go?!

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- Christine Fix

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