Pretty Little Liars Recap: Dead To Me.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Emily is put under hypnosis, Spencer comes to a realization, and Caleb gets some shocking news.

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At the cafe, Aria tells the girls about Ezra leaving to meet his son. They wonder if Wilden read the notebook yet. Spencer gets a message from her PI as Jason arrives to tell the girls Alison is going to be re-interred without the items they put in Ali's casket since they haven't been found. Spencer refuses to have anything more to do with this and leaves in a huff.

At school, Hanna and Aria worry about who has the items from Ali's casket. Mona finds Spencer to remind her the decathlon is a week away and worries Spence is off her A game. She taunts about Toby cheering her on instead. Hanna finds Caleb, who tells her his aunt moved to Australia. The old house is being torn down and he was invited to take whatever he'd like. He wants nothing.

Wesley arrives at Ezra's and finds Aria. He's staying for a few nights and after noticing the indent in Ezra's pillow. He invites Aria to return to care for the plants.

Spencer meets her PI in some alley, who tells her he has tracked Toby's credit card. He bought food, gas and hydrangeas and then switched to cash. He wants more money to tell her about the key.

Emily visits her mother for lunch at the station. The photo of Wilden at Cape May is gone from the bulletin board. Pam hands over an Eiffel Tower postcard with French written on the back that got mixed up in her bag. Later, she shows Spencer. She left it in Ali's casket. It reads, "Stop digging. The police already know you're capable of murder." Spencer assures Emily she has done no wrong. Emily offers to lend a shoulder about Toby. Sometimes things are not as they seem. She learned that the girl Hanna thought Paige was seeing was a girl who may know who bought the Queen of Hearts costume from Halloween. Emily leaves and Spence cries as she calls the PI to accept a deal to keep the search going.

At Aria's, they gossip about Wesley and Hanna leaves take Caleb to his aunt's since he changed his mind.

Emily visits Dr. Sullivan's new office to discuss killing Nate. The doctor suggests hypnotherapy.

Hanna and Caleb visit Mr. Jamie Doyle. His sister is Caleb's aunt. He shows them a barn full of items and Caleb starts sifting through, annoyed.

Jason finds Spencer on the street. He can't convince her to go to the re-internment. Meanwhile, as Caleb packs his old toys, Doyle privately asks if Caleb treats Hanna right. He says nobody hears from Caleb's father, who couldn't handle being a dad. He muses about how hard it'd be to return to those who have moved on. Sadly, he offers Hanna a photo of Caleb at six months.

Back at Dr. Sullivan's office, she puts Emily under and Em panics as she sees herself holding the murder weapon - the shovel, and going at Ali, who is screaming to stop. Emily wakes up with a start and runs out. Mona visits later with an orchid, a payment for what Sullivan did.

Aria returns to Ezra's. The phone rings and Wes is tense when he picks up. It's a hang-up call and he goes pale. They go out for air.

Em heads home and remembers Ali planning their trip to Paris. She snaps to when Pam goes into her room. Emily talks about not being innocent but Pam knows she'd never do anything to deliberately hurt someone.

Spence meets her PI in the alley. He has an address for the key.

Aria and Wesley wander the street. His physics professor stops them rambling about his mother trying to buy him off. He threatens bodily harm and Wesley nails him and runs off with Aria. They get to Ezra's and he explains he wanted to be free of his parents and tried to get kicked out of prep school. His mother paid the school off to let him back in so he hit on his physics teacher. He clarifies that the man was her irate husband.

Hanna and Caleb arrive at her place and she shows him the photo of himself as a baby. She thinks Jamie's his father. He was wearing the same ring that is seen in the person in the photo. Caleb sniffs and calls it doubtful.

Spencer opens the door to a seedy apartment with the key. She cries as she looks over the room sparse of furniture.


At the re-internment, Hanna's creeped out. Spence arrives, angry. She tells them Ali was pregnant when she died and Emily knew. The father was Detective Wilden. She walks out and Jason follows. The girls are not happy. Suddenly, Em realizes she mixed something up under hypnosis. Someone used a crowbar on Ali's casket while she screamed. She says she saw a blonde with a red coat on. She's the one in charge. Nearby, Spencer finds Toby's mother's crypt and scratches Toby's name into the marble with the key.

Meanwhile, 'A' buys whiskey somewhere.

Christine's Commentary:

Something tells me Aria and Wes will get close before Ezra returns. I've no idea what the significance of the empty apartment was, but boy can Spence make a statement! I'm not sure what to think of Mona visiting Sullivan - more blackmail? What are your thoughts about tonight's episode?

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Emily will have another Ali encounter.

Broken hearts lead to rash decisions.

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- Christine Fix

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