Pretty Little Liars Recap: Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Inferno.

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Spencer deals with Toby's betrayal, Emily gets an important notebook returned, and Ezra learns he's a father.

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At home, Spencer wakes up from a nightmare in which she'd been making out with Toby but he turned into 'A'.

In her room, Emily takes a call from Aria. They discuss not hearing from Spencer. Emily's mom enters with a package from the James family. It contains cards and a biology notebook Emily had given to Alison. Emily's freaked out about Lyndon James having touched it.

Hanna's mom joins Hanna in the kitchen and asks how it is seeing Mona every day at school. Hanna shrugs that she only has two classes with her. Hanna's mom is concerned about protecting her. Hanna says one protector is enough. Ashley asks if Caleb's been tangling with Mona. Hanna say he doesn't trust her.

Still at home, Aria listens as Byron tells Meredith's father on the phone that he's glad she's getting help. He tells Aria it seems she stopped taking her meds. Aria's still spooked about her. Byron reassures her.

Hanna, Aria, and Spencer walk down the street. Spencer is distracted, and lies about her anniversary with Toby. Aria and Hanna meet Emily, who shows them the biology notebook returned to her. In it they find a written conversation between Alison and someone else about 'the beach hottie'. They wonder if it's about Toby.

At school, Hanna overhears Paige talking to Caleb about 'what it's going to take'. She refers to him putting a wet brain in Mona's locker and it not getting rid of her. She tells him she'll do 'it' and hangs up.


Emily is taken off-guard in the school hallway by Spencer's rant about why they continue to care about what happened to Alison - she never cared about them. She hands her the notebook, which says Alison visited Toby after he shipped off to juvy. During the visit he denied sending notes signed 'A'. He tells her if he knew who wrote the notes he'd offer his services. Spencer reads and cries. She tells Emily that she and Toby broke up last night - she's not ready to say why. Later, Spencer gets a text from Aria to meet her - Ezra dumped her. She has a confrontation with Aria's mother when she leaves class.

In the park, Spencer spots Ezra and reams him out for taking things out on Aria when it's Maggie who had his son and kept it secret for seven years. Ezra asks what she's talking about. Spencer realizes the text from Aria was fake and takes off.

Pam complains at the police station about the package Emily received. Wilden acts helpful and talks about how things like what happened to Emily at the lighthouse stay with you. He saw someone die.

Ezra finds Aria and asks her why Spencer would say he has a son. Aria leaves Hanna and Emily at the lunch table and steps out with him. He's upset she's kept this from him since his birthday - she's the person he's supposed to trust Aria gets a text from 'A', saying they thought she needed a little 'help'.

Aria goes to Spencer's house. Spencer asks to fash-forward to the part where she screams or whatever. Aria knows she was set-up by 'A'. Spencer says they should stop blaming 'A' for everything and start blaming themselves. Aria leaves. Spencer texts someone to meet her.

Emily meets CeCe outside after dark and asks who she and Alison were talking about when they mentioned 'beach hottie' in the notebook. She can't recall. She flashes to Alison telling her she's two weeks 'late'. She says if 'he' finds out he'll kill her. CeCe tells Emily it was an intense couple of weeks.

Hanna calls Aria at home to tell her Paige is working with Caleb before going into a gay bar. She spots Paige and watches her while trying to rebuff an amorous lesbian.

Byron joins Aria in the living room as there's a knock at the door. It's Emily. They go outside and discuss the latest development - that some guy may have gotten Ali pregnant and threatened to kill her. Emily heads to the police station. Aria gets a text.

At the station, Emily tells her mother the update on Alison. Pam says they have to figure out who'd want to hurt her. Hanna's brought in for underage drinking. Emily asks which bar she was at. Wilden appears and takes the notebook, telling Emily she did the right thing. Suddenly the girls notice a photo of Cape May.

In her car, Spencer cries and then puts on lipstick and gets out. She meets a man and gives him the 'A' key and a photo of Toby. She wants him to find out what they key is for and says Toby will lead him there.

Hanna explains her escapade to her mother at home.

Aria talks to Ezra outside his apartment. He says Maggie explained the position she put Aria in. He says he's about to meet his son - he's leaving tonight and doesn't know how long he'll be gone. She asks if she can call him. He tears up and says they'll talk soon.

In a room there are all kinds of dolls in the likeness of Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer. Someone takes a blowtorch to the Hanna doll.

Spoilers for Next Week:

The girls are divided about going to Ali's memorial service.

Emily deals with unresolved feelings about Nate's death

Candi's Comments:

This week it was really tough to watch Spencer deal with the aftermath of Toby's betrayal. It seemed like a more low-key week, but still with some interesting revelations. Poor Ezra finding out like that about his son!

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- Candace Young

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