Pretty Little Liars Recap: Misery Loves Company.

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Meredith has ulterior motives, Spencer surprises Toby, and Hanna has Caleb followed.

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At Aria's house, she's still feeling sick and drinking Meredith's tea. Spencer, Emily, and Hanna offer to drive her to her mom's. Aria says she's fine. They discuss Meredith and the diary pages. Aria doesn't want to believe her father would have hurt Ali, but won't keep the secret if he did. Later, Aria awakens and Meredith's in the room. Aria's phone's missing, so she asks her to get her mom to call - she needs to see a doctor. Meredith asks about the diary pages. Aria doesn't respond.

Toby, wearing the black hoodie, talks to Mona in a room. Toby is hesitant about moving forward, but Mona reminds him she's not in charge.

Toby talks to Emily about Mona in the loft. He asks her if she'd tell him if things started up again. She says of course. He leaves, asking her to lock up on the way out. Emily calls Spencer and tells her mission accomplished - he's on the way to her house, and she's got the key.

Hanna, preparing for an interview, bugs Caleb for fashion advice. She overhears him on the phone saying, "I'm in. I'm not going to let her do anything else to Hanna." She questions him. He says it was his mom. They debate about Mona. Caleb says she's 'A'. He promises not to do anything stupid.

Toby exits the shower at Spencer's house. She tells him she can't see him tonight. Her mother appears and they moan about having to sit through her father's dinner. Toby leaves, and Spencer tells her mother she did awesome. Her mother hopes Toby likes surprises.

At school, Paige lets Emily know she made an appointment to talk to someone. Hanna borrows Emily and tells her Caleb's planning to meet someone. Emily agrees to follow him.

Meredith stops Ella in the school hallway and tells her Aria is much better. Ella calls Aria's cellphone. It's in Meredith's purse.

Hanna arrives to meet Corinne, but it's a room full of white mannequins. 'A' is there and pushes them over on her. He texts, "Next time you'll be left faceless."

Emily follows Caleb. He goes into a cafe. Before she can see who he meets, she gets a text that 'A' set up Hanna, and leaves. Paige sits down with Caleb and they discuss Mona. They decide they need to find her trophy room where she keeps the girls' secrets to hold over them.


Spencer meets Hanna and Emily at Hanna's house to discuss what happened to her. They wonder if Mona's behind it. Spencer leaves to set up her anniversary surprise for Toby.

Meredith returns to Aria's house, where she's still unconscious, and searches for the diary papers. Aria awakens and thinks she sees Ali, who says she sees everything now. Aria asks for the truth. Ali says she was desperate for that money, but she never called her mom. Aria asks if her dad killed her. Ali asks if she looks dead. She then stops Aria from drinking the tea and says Meredith is looking for the pages too. After, Aria sits up in bed and tosses the tea into her plant. She discovers she's locked in her room.

Emily and Hanna are walking by the pharmacy and see Meredith freaking on the pharmacist - he won't give her clorazepam. She angrily buys antihistamines instead. They worry about Aria and try to call her.

Toby arrives with flowers at Spencer's house because he's not going to see her tonight. He sees a key labeled 'A'. She says it's to a storage unit in Philly. They hug and kiss, and he goes.

Meredith appears in Aria's room complaining that she can't find the diary papers. Aria accuses her of drugging her and runs out of the room. She tries the phone downstairs but it's dead. Meredith knocks her out. Hanna and Emily arrive. They can't find Aria so call her phone. Meredith appears behind them with the phone and says Aria's in the cellar. When they venture down the stairs, Meredith locks them in. Aria's unconscious on the floor. When she comes around they debate taking Meredith down. Byron arrives home early. Meredith tells him Aria knows everything - she has proof, and her friends know too. Byron opens the cellar door. He tells them not to be afraid of him - he didn't hurt Alison. He flashes to walking away from Alison and seeing Melissa there on the porch. He says the longer Alison was missing, the harder it became to tell anyone. Later, Byron tells Aria the police checked Meredith's apartment and she's gone. She shows him the diary pages and says Meredith made her believe that he'd... Byron says he's going to come clean to the police so she can trust him again, but Aria throws the papers in the fire. "I believe you."

Spencer calls Toby, pretending she's at her father's dinner. Later, 'A' sneaks into Spencer's house and searches in the kitchen drawer. Spencer appears holding the 'A' key and asks "Is this what you're looking for?" It's Toby in the hoodie. She slaps him. He asks how long she's known. Spencer's mother calls out. Toby disappears. Spencer sobs in her mother's arms.

Spencer goes to the loft and uses her key, but the chain is across. She sobs in for Toby to just tell her there is more to this. Inside, Mona sits at the anniversary dinner.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Aria wants to tell Ezra about his son, but she worries that the news might damage her relationship.

Hanna is convinced that Caleb is keeping a secret from her.

Spencer decides she's done with game playing.

Candi's Comments:

Heartbroken for Spencer! Meredith was so creepy! I actually feel more confused than ever - especially with Mona saying she's not calling the shots, and Alison's visit to Aria. Gah!

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- Candace Young

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