Pretty Little Liars Recap: Mona-Mania!

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Mona challenges Spencer, Hanna cuts Mona off, and Aria becomes more suspicious of Byron.

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At home, Aria's father apologizes to her for thinking she was involved in the incident with Meredith.

Hanna, Emily, and Spencer go into the school at night to search the janitor's room. They still wonder why Aria's dad met up with Ali. Before they can turn the light on, a hooded person runs past them out of the janitor's room. They open Ali's diary. 'A' has written, "Nothing to see here. Move on."

At the cafe, Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer compare notes on bad dreams and discuss their friend who was in a bike accident. Mona appears and complains that Harold rigged the shed to hurt her. After she leaves, they agree they don't believe her and there's more to the story.

Hanna asks Lucas, at school, why he was in the basement last night. He says he was looking for something, and warns her not to buy into Mona being cured. He tells her as long as Mona's back there, they're not safe. Meanwhile, in class, Paige and Emily discuss how their parents have clamped down on their freedom. They decide to go to a party in the woods. Aria brings her mother some newspapers and they discuss Ali's unsolved death and the day she went missing. Aria realizes her father gave her mother a lot of wine that night and she went into a deep sleep. Meredith sees them talking. Later, she approaches Aria's mother and they agree to keep things professional.

Spencer goes to a quiz team meeting and learns that Mona is joining them. They are competing for team captain. Mona tells Spencer it's a chance to show people who she really is. They all vote and it's a tie. They will have a quiz-off the next day. Spencer gets a text just then. "Quit while you're ahead bitch. 'A'." She meets the other girls outside and tells them Mona is up to her old tricks. They think her tactics are like Ali's. Mona approaches and makes nice. Hanna tells her they know she was sneaking out of Radley and can't believe anything she says. Mona leaves in tears. They think it's part of her act.


At Aria's house, Aria tells Emily and Hanna what she found out while talking to her mother. When she goes to pull out the diary, it's missing. Byron appears. He remarks that Aria always hid things in her boots - clever. He leaves and they decide he knows. Later, Aria overhears an argument between Byron and Meredith. She sees him grab her arm.

At home, Spencer practices for the quiz-off with Toby's help. She says Mona is baiting her - she has to beat her fair and square. Toby gets a call and leaves.

Hanna visits Lucas. He says he's leaving Rosewood High - Mona can't get to him if he's not there. He admits she's been blackmailing him since the masquerade ball. He says she even tried to run him down. Hanna asks what she has on him. He says he's been selling test answers.

Emily and Paige head out of town for the party. Paige has to pull over - she's having a panic attack. She says she hasn't been able to do anything since Halloween - she lied about being restricted by her parents. "I'm scared!" They walk and come back to find their tire slashed. Emily sees 'A' and the chase is on. He alludes them - it's Toby.


Spencer arrives at the quiz-off to find Mona acting like captain already. Spencer takes the lead, and after two rounds she's up by three points. It comes down to Spencer answering the last question right for the win. She muffs it and Mona gets it right. Hanna arrives and asks if Mona cheated. She walks over to Mona and tells her she's still manipulating - she knows she's 'A', and knows what she's doing to Lucas. She wants nothing to do with her.

Aria finds Meredith at the cafe and asks what's going on with her dad. Meredith says she caught Byron in Aria's room going through papers, and then he was looking in her purse, thinking it was Aria's. Meredith pulls out the diary entries - they were in Byron's dresser. Meredith confides that Byron left her apartment that night to go meet Alison.

Back at home, Byron tells Aria he didn't mean to scare her earlier. Meredith appears. Later, she and Aria talk about the diary pages. Aria hid them. Meredith says Byron would never intentionally hurt Alison. They agree to figure it out while he's away.

At Spencer's house, Hanna gets a text saying cutting Mona off was a big mistake. Spencer says she doesn't have to hide behind 'A' anymore - she can take them down on her own.

At Paige's place, she and Emily discuss the slashed tire. Paige can't believe she chased someone in the woods. Emily's more angry than scared. She suggests Paige see somebody. Emily tucks Paige in with a kiss.

'A' watches Byron leave his office. It's Mona. She calls someone and says he's leaving and she'll call back. Meanwhile, the other 'A' hides the queen of hearts mask from Halloween by the train tracks.

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers for Next Week:

Meredith takes care of an ill Aria, but Hanna and Emily are suspicious of Meredith's motives.

Spencer arranges a surprise for Toby on their anniversary.

Candi's Comments:

It appears that Mona is up to her old tricks. What a conniver! I just want Toby to be exposed quickly so Spencer knows the truth - ugh! I started wondering tonight if Meredith had something to do with Ali's death...hmm.

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- Candace Young

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