Pretty Little Liars Recap: She's Better Now.

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Mona returns to school, Emily's under house arrest, and someone's hurt in a fire.

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Hanna is awoken in her bed by Mona, who says they released her. She's worried about going back to school and people judging her - she knows Hanna stood up for her. Hanna's grandma knocks. She tells her she's fine. Outside, a truck chases a skateboarder in the dark - the driver's Toby in a dark hoodie. Later, Hanna tells her grandma about Mona in the kitchen over breakfast. Regina thinks people can change.

At home, Emily gets a text that Mona's out, as her father tells her he's putting an alarm on her window. He says there's going to be a meeting about Garrett's death and forbids her to do the run in the dark.

At the cafe, Spencer and Aria whisper about Mona being out. They wonder what she knows about Maya. Spencer irritates Aria by bringing up that Garrett said her dad met up with Ali the night she died.

At school, Emily tells Aria and Spencer she's under house arrest. Hanna appears. Aria's still upset at Spencer for thinking her father could be involved. Mona arrives. Inside, Aria tells Emily how upset she's feeling. Aria is stunned to see Meredith is teaching their class. After class, Meredith gives them a warning about texting about her. In the hall, Mona opens her locker to find a fake brain with a knife through it. She carries it to the trash as everyone watches. Hanna asks Lucas who did it. Emily, Aria, and Spencer discuss it in the washroom - they felt sorry for Mona. She enters. Emily says they didn't do it. Mona tells Emily she helped her find the creep who hurt her girlfriend, but she still owes them. She'll prove herself - she's better now. Hanna meets Caleb in the hall and he speculates Mona may have put the brain there herself. Hanna asks him to talk to Lucas. Emily talks to her father by phone in the hall and spots a janitor who is eerily familiar talking to Mona. Hanna and Emily go peek in the janitor's room. He nearly catches them.


Outside the school, Spencer complains to Toby about still not knowing who killed Garrett. She sees Jason hugging Mona and doesn't like it. Spencer and Toby go jogging. When they spot Jason, Spencer warns him Mona is dangerous. He says people used to say that about him too. Spencer and Toby go for a jacuzzi. She stews about Jason and then hears a noise. She has to go inside.

At Ezra's, Aria gets an upsetting text and lies that it's her mom. She goes out into the hall and sees a baby welcome basket saying, "It's a boy." The card says 'Babies, like lies, get bigger and talk - when will you?'

Aria meets Hanna and Emily to discuss the baby basket incident. They wonder if Mona's behind it. Caleb arrives. He has a transcript from a meeting between the principal and Mona's parents - she lied about her parents forcing her to come back to their school. She's back to take care of unfinished business. Hanna urges Aria to tell Ezra about his son.

Aria's dad finds her studying at home. They discuss Meredith. He says she told him Aria and her friends were welcoming. Aria questions him about Alison. He answers innocently but then looks back into the room oddly.


In her kitchen, Hanna watches a tearful apology video by Mona with her grandmother. Regina revises her former opinion. Lucas arrives with money he owes Caleb. He says he hurt his leg in an incident while skateboarding. Hanna asks about Mona. He tells her Mona was sneaking out long before yesterday.

Caleb and Aria discuss Mona's tearful video at the run and notice people being nice to her. Hanna and Regina arrive. Caleb talks to Aria about how he stopped looking for his dad when he was about 13. Hanna, Aria, and Spencer whisper about Emily as the run begins.

At home, Emily switches phones with her dad and disarms the house to escape after he goes out.

Emily meets Aria, Hanna, and Spencer in the school and they break into the janitor's room They find Ali's diary. There's an entry about Aria's dad. Alison had been blackmailing him. Suddenly the janitor appears. As he snatches the diary, Toby arrives. Aria grabs the diary back.

Outside, there's a scream. A small outbuilding is on fire and people are calling Mona's name.

At home, Emily's father thanks the principal for the update and tells Emily it was Meredith that got hurt in the stunt.

Regina tells Hanna, who's watching Mona's video in her room, that she's seen enough of that girl for today.

At home, Aria's dad shows her the note that told Meredith to go into the shed. He demands to know if she and her friends did this and says secrets come back to haunt you. Aria retorts, "What about yours?" Later, he listens in the hall as Aria talks to Spencer.

Spencer finds Jason on his porch and tells him Mona walked away without a scratch. He says he hears her this time. As Spencer walks away, she gets a call from Aria who says 'A' set them up so it looks like they did this to Meredith. After, Mona appears on Jason's porch and treats a burn on his side.

At the school, 'A' booby traps a bicycle.

Spoilers for Next Week on Pretty Little Liars:

Aria, Emily and Spencer think Mona has regressed to her old bad behavior, but they have no proof, and Hanna has doubts about their claim.

Aria's suspicions about her dad intensify when something important vanishes from her room.

Candi's Comments:

A very intense episode with everyone walking on eggshells around Mona! Feeling bad for Aria with her dad definitely looking suspicious. The creepy janitor really added a scary element tonight too. So much going on, can't wait until the next episode!

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- Candace Young

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