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Caleb and Hanna. (ABC Family)

Aria and Adam Lambert. (ABC Family)'s sister site, Soap Opera Fan Blog, recapped "Pretty Little Liars" beginning in July 2012, and will be providing recaps of each episode when the show starts up again in January. Our review kicks off from the first episode in July. Enjoy!

Episode 5: That Girl Is Poison.
Jenna was congratulated on the return of her sight. Hanna was alarmed to find Emily’s jacket from the night she was drugged and left beside Ali’s dug up grave. Paige appeared to be drunk at a party but it was later revealed she was drugged – by Emily’s flask. While ransacking Lucas’ camera bag, Aria found the same drug Emily and Paige were given. Grade: A+

Episode 6 - The Remains Of The 'A'.
Aria learned Ezra hid his family’s wealth from her, Emily saw a tattoo on Holden’s wrist which triggered a flashback. He claimed it was from a rotating party he saw Maya at. Spencer learned Garrett’s case was thrown out, and 'A' texted her to confess 'he or she' didn’t kill Alison. Grade: A

Episode 7 - Crazy.
A Ouija board spelled the word "Alive" when the girls asked what happened to Ali. Mona’s riddles turned out to be a secret gossip code that Hanna cracked in which enabled them to find a website dedicated to private videos of Maya, and Aria’s mother Ella started a flirtation with Zach the much younger café owner. Grade: A

Episode 8 - Stolen Kisses.
Hanna testified so that the Board wouldn't move Mona, Caleb helped hack into Maya's website, Aria had a run-in with Ezra's mother, and Emily learned she kissed Paige while under the influence of the flask contents, and kissed her again! Grade: B+

Episode 9 - The Khan Game.
This was the night of the party at the Khan's place where Spencer confronted Jenna and Noel in a game of 'Truth or Dare' and learned they had actually found Emily in a diner, not by the side of the road. Emily got emotional looking at Maya's website and found comfort with Paige, Hanna's mom, Ashley, took up with Ted, and Aria learned that Ezra had an ex, Meggie, who had been pregnant and was paid off by his mother! Grade: B+

Episode 10 - What Lies Beneath.
Aria dealt with her mom's relationship with Zach, Hanna and Emily had a terrifying experience when they got 'locked in' after finding Maya's bag at the Khan cabin, and Paige spotted Emily kissing Nate. Noel sent Spencer footage of the night Maya died that cleared him and Jenna. Grade: A+

Episode 11 - Single Fright Female.
Aria met Ezra's ex, Meggie...and her son, Emily found herself at odds with the girls when she caught them searching Paige's bag, and Paige came clean to Emily about her past with Ali. Spencer told Aria she found Alison's earring in Paige's bag and they decided she was the 'A'. Grade: A

Episode 12 - The Lady Killer.
In the Summer season finale, Ezra's ex asked Aria to keep quiet about her son, Toby returned and made love to Spencer, the girls got a message to meet at Ali's grave, Garrett was freed, and Emily went out of town with Nate, who was actually Lyndon James and had captured Paige. Following a confrontation in a lighthouse, Nate wound up dead and Caleb was taken away by ambulance with a bullet wound. The second 'A' was revealed to viewers to be Toby. Grade: A+

Halloween Special Episode - This Is A Dark Ride.
Hanna and Caleb made out in a supply closet, Hanna's mom saw a ghost girl, and the girls attended a costume party on the Ghost Train with Adam Lambert. Maya sneaked out of the sanitarium. On the train, Aria wound up shut in a cargo box with a dead body - it was Garrett! Ezra showed up at the train in a black hoodie to find Aria, a body bag from Charon Funeral Home was revealed on the ice table, and a hand stuck up from the dirt where Alison was buried! Grade: A+

Twists and turns are the name of the game with "Pretty Little Liars," and though sometimes it is hard to keep all the details and revelations straight, it definitely makes for non-stop excitement and shocking drama. Can't wait for new episodes in January!

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- Christine Fixe/Candace Young