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    Passions - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Passions'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

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    Everybody's Jealous

    Friday, March 16 2007

    Whitney thinks Chad is jealous, Valerie finds Eve and Julian's son, Noah puts on the brakes, Sheridan takes Luis to the cabin. » Read More

    Nothing Without You

    Thursday, March 15 2007

    Noah and Paloma take the next step, Jessica fights Spike off, Luis escapes with Sheridan, Whitney tells Chad to be nice to Vincent. » Read More

    Wedding or Funeral?

    Wednesday, March 14 2007

    The wedding has a dire twist, Jessica gets another intervention, Chris tracks down Luis and reports him, Fancy has a panic attack. » Read More

    It's Not the Same

    Tuesday, March 13 2007

    Julian apologizes to Eve, Ethan tries to convince Theresa not to marry Jared, Fancy's attack on Sheridan backfires. » Read More

    Who Needs a Lust Potion?

    Monday, March 12 2007

    Tabitha has to use a few lust potions on Miguel, Fox's symptoms get worse, Sheridan gets in a steamy situation, Ivy tells Ethan to forget Theresa and Gwen. » Read More

    I Can't Quit You

    Friday, March 09 2007

    Kay tells Miguel it's over no matter what, Fancy gets a lead on Luis, Sheridan and Luis get closer, Ethan goes after Jared, Vincent won't let Chad go. » Read More

    Something Pretty

    Thursday, March 08 2007

    Vincent and Whitney go to dinner, Fox is getting worse, Sheridan refuses to leave Luis, Chris and Fancy suspect their lovers are together, Ethan finds out about the wedding. » Read More

    Disappearing Act

    Wednesday, March 07 2007

    Ivy tries to help her daughter, Sheridan finds Luis, Chad confessing some things to Ethan, Theresa goes to see Jared at the hospital. » Read More

    Hard to Let Go

    Tuesday, March 06 2007

    Fox starts to become very sick, Luis goes further into hiding, Pilar convinced Theresa to make a difficult decision, Vincent won't let go of Chad. » Read More


    Monday, March 05 2007

    Fox's treatment begins and it isn't what he expected, Julian and Eve start the search for their son, Chad has to face temptation, Luis' investigation goes wrong fast. » Read More

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