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    Passions - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on 'Passions'! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Luis' look of love

    Monday, November 13 2006
    Luis cares for Fancy, J.T. lies again, and Fox launches another plan to destroy Miguel

    Fox plans to destroy Miguel for good

    Miguel and Kay wait for Fox outside the bathroom. Fox coughs, stalling for time and delaying Miguel from telling him the truth. He eavesdrops on Kay and Miguel's conversation. Kay doesn't want to tell him anything because she believes he is dying. Miguel feels sorry for Fox but he still wants to tell him that they love each other. Fox will understand that she can't marry him. Miguel knocks on the door. He can't wait. Fox puts him off a little bit longer. He can't let Miguel tell him the truth. "The only reason I'm pretending to be dying is to guilt Kay into marrying me. The saintly Fox would never do that if he knew that Kay was in love with another man."

    Miguel insists that they tell the truth. Lies produce nothing but trouble. Kay knows he's right. She just hates to hurt Fox at such a low point in his life.

    Fox listens to the discussion. He will not allow Miguel to take Kay from him. He hits upon a scheme that will take Miguel down forever. Stalling Miguel, he gets on his cell phone. "I need you to find somebody for me as soon as possible." His scheme in place, he looks in the mirror and says, "Wish me luck, grandfather. I'm about to destroy Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald."

    Fox plugs in a curling iron and carefully puts it to his forehead. He emerges from the bathroom. Kay feels his forehead. It is burning up although Fox claims he's perfectly fine. He asks what Miguel wanted to tell him. Kay interrupts Miguel before he can say anything. She says Miguel just wanted to apologize to him. Miguel can do nothing but go along with Kay. Fox accepts his apology with much gusto. Kay suggests he lie down. Fox refuses. He wants to spend every waking moment with Kay. He lays it on very thick about how unpredictable life is. “We never know when God's going to snatch. . .life away from us.” Then he surprises them both by asking Miguel to be his best man.

    Fox won't let Miguel complete a sentence. Kay accepts his offer for him and rushes Fox off to bed for rest. As soon as he leaves, Miguel questions Kay's actions. He tells her he can't be his best man because if there's going to be a wedding, it's going to be his.

    "And what are you going to do now?” The man in there is waiting for you in bed.”

    Kay promises she won't have sex with Fox. She will just lie down beside him. She doesn't love him like she loves Miguel, but Fox needs her now. As soon as he falls asleep, she will come to Miguel. However, Fox has other plans. He plans on making love all night long.

    Miguel has serious misgivings about Kay going to Fox but he can't talk her out of it. She kisses him and goes to Fox. Fox asks for a kiss. As she leans down to oblige, he pulls her into a long liplock.

    Has Luis fallen for Fancy?

    Down in the hole, Luis pleads with Fancy to wake up. He takes her in his arms. Above, Sheridan and Paloma yell to Luis to answer them. At first, there is silence. Eventually, Luis calls back to them, "She -- she's gone!"

    Luis talks to Fancy's lifeless body. "I never even got the chance to tell you how much I love you. Fancy." Suddenly she stirs. "She's alive!" The women above thank God.

    Luis knows Fancy is in shock when she complains of being cold. He yells for matches, blankets, anything to keep her warm. Paloma lowers down a survival kit with the needed equipment including a video camera so they can see what's going on.

    As he takes her off her wet clothes, Sheridan and Paloma get a good eyeful of the undressing. Paloma explains what Luis is doing and then leaves to get Sam.

    Sheridan watches the monitor that looks very similar to their “porn” tape.

    Fancy begins to cough so Luis gives her water to ease her spasm. When she says she is still cold, he pulls her closer.

    Paloma returns to the site with word that the rescue crew was trying to figure out how to reach them safely. It is going to take some time. She then watches Luis and Fancy on the monitor. She can't help but smile. She sees the blood on Fancy and lists Fancy's health issues. Sheridan irritably remarks “Well, aren't you little Miss Mary Sunshine tonight.” She immediately apologizes but she can't help but talk about how safe it feels in Luis' arms. Paloma looks at her as understanding dawns.

    Paloma asks if she's okay. Sheridan claims she is. She knows Luis will take good care of Fancy even if she has to die trying.

    Fancy is feeling better. She thanks Luis for saving her life. Sheridan watches and recognizes the look in Luis' eyes. “That look was mine.”

    Paloma notes that this bothering Sheridan. She denies it. Luis isn't a part of her life any more.

    Fancy and Luis exchange compliments on each other's bravery. Luis seals his with a kiss. Sheridan realizes it really is over between them.

    Tears stream down Sheridan's face. She tries to talk herself out of feeling bad. “They deserve each other.” Down below, Luis and Fancy share another kiss.

    Ethan wants to know everything

    Theresa arrives at Ethan's room. He questions why she is there. She has proof of Gwen and Rebecca's involvement in outing his parentage to the tabloid. In fact, she found J.T. with Gwen earlier that night. Theresa calls out J.T. He appears. "It's showtime," Theresa announces.

    Ethan can't believe she and J.T. have the nerve to show up there to spread more lies. Theresa argues that she is there to put an end to all the lies. "JT, Why don't you tell Ethan everything?"

    Ethan wants to talk first. He sets some ground rules for J.T. and Theresa. He wants the truth from J.T without any coaching from Theresa. He wants to know how, who, when and why—everything. Gwen mutters to herself. She fears it's all over for her.

    J.T. says the person who exposed his paternity to him was a stringer he used, Phyllis the dead maid. Gwen and Theresa can't believe their ears. Theresa stares at Gwen in shock as Gwen celebrates her luck.

    Theresa accuses him of lying but J.T. says he is telling the truth. She charges at him. Ethan grabs her and pulls her away. The two argue as Gwen mouths to J.T. “thank you.” Ethan doesn't want to hear anything Theresa has to say. He is through. It doesn't matter how many times Theresa tells him J.T. is lying. Ethan thinks he has heard the truth. Theresa exclaims how convenient. Phyllis is dead so she can't defend herself. J.T. is lying about the dead. She asks J.T. why he is doing this. He answers something nonsensical about lemons and lemonade. Theresa attacks J.T. again. Again Ethan pulls her away. J.T. thinks its time to exit since he gave Ethan the information he asked for. However, Ethan wants to know more. He knows that Theresa suddenly stopped chasing both J.T. and Ethan in Rome. He knows there is another secret that J.T. holds and he wants to know what it is.

    Next on Passion.
    Sheridan questions giving up Luis, the great love of her life.
    Theresa threatens J.T.'s life.
    Miguel grabs Kay out of Fox's bed. “I don't care if you are dying. Get your hands off my girl.”

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    Posted by tee22 at Monday, November 13 2006 02:34 PM

    someone should just reveal the truth 2 eathen bout gwen telling about his true paternity coming out cuz this is old. Sheridian u said u were over luis so u cant get mad that now he wants 2 move on with some one els.

    Posted by indica425 at Monday, November 13 2006 02:40 PM

    IM FURIOUS. I guess inside I knew that the truth really wouldn't come out, but please. THis is horrible. It is really causing fans to want to run away screaming. I saw a preview that Ethan finds out Lil E is his.. so I guess Theresa was right all along not to tell. She still lost out, so far. I anticipate it being ohhh six more years or so when Lil E will find out the truth about Gwen. I for one am not so sure I can wait that long again.

    Posted by Websie at Monday, November 13 2006 02:42 PM

    Sheridan is dumb. too naive. and always so quick to give up. she dont deserve luis. I kinda wish fancy and Noah were still together...but luis and fancy look cute together. but in the end sheridan will find out about chris...she'll try gettin luis back...and whens shes tryin to do that...noah would get the drift and try to get back Fancy. The writers should just tell everybody that they are never going to bring T-G-E's secret out so we wouldnt anticipate it anymore. Because this is getting ridiculous. Rebecca should hurry up and get aids...her whorish-tail. and Gwen should turn crazy and get sent to the asylum.
    Fox deserves Kay, even though she's stupid...he loves her and he deserves the woman he loves. And sometimes u have to go to the dark side for love.
    I really think Chad is havin sex with Simone...she's not gay anymore thats why her and her lover had problems. she seemed a lil distant towards her i remember.

    Posted by Audd at Monday, November 13 2006 02:42 PM

    I posted it on the message board and I will here too. I was screaming at the TV today. How can they writers get away with this horrible writing. THey repeat the same story, sentences and events day after day and they call this "writing"!!! There is such a thing as suspense and excitment, this is not it. I would be embarrassed to say I'm a writer on Passions, this is clearly not writing, this is recycling the same stuff! They have no imagination or talent because if they did, they would be repeating the same storyline for 6 years. Look at what other fans post on other soaps, it's not like Passions, we are clearly angry and bored so they should take the hint, get off their butts and do their job before they lose more viewers!!

    Posted by Audd at Monday, November 13 2006 02:43 PM

    not be repeating!!

    Posted by Websie at Monday, November 13 2006 02:50 PM

    When i first started watchin this show i always got mad and wondered "why are they always repeatin the same line..are they tryna call me dumb or something...that i cant comprehend wats going on?" i watch my spanish soap operas and they are way better..well the evening ones...the daytime ones, suck just as much as passions...but for some on this site...readin the updates of passions....ugh!!!

    Posted by cyndi at Monday, November 13 2006 02:54 PM


    Posted by cyndi at Monday, November 13 2006 02:56 PM

    When Jt lied again, Teressa should turn around and look at JT and said YOUR A DEAD MAN!!!!!!!!!!AFTER ALL THE MONEY SHE PAID HIM AND WENT THROUGH...

    Posted by BELL8311 at Monday, November 13 2006 03:02 PM

    I dont understand how Theresa secrets always come out and Gwen dont. Now she lost Jared too. She was right all along. Now she will loose here son to Gwen and Ethan. She should just forget him I want them to be together so bad but it's just not going to happen ever. these writer must love Gwen she need to get hers that sad now Theresa is going to be all sad again she need to get all the money she gave JT he never left town she paid him for that she also paid for JT to tell Ethan that it was Gwen and Rebbeca not someone else. We fans need to come together and stop wachinf for a week or 2 maybe the writers will get the hint

    Posted by KristinTone at Monday, November 13 2006 03:04 PM

    I have been watching Passions since the beginning. I too have always been so frustrated when I can take take a month off from watching and come back only to realize nothing has changed! This story line (Gwen/Ethan/Theresa) is actually painful to watch. These close calls are all to familiar and annoying and I have had it!!!! From this day forward I am protesting Passions and will only be reading the updates on this website until I read something actually intriguing. None of the story lines are interesting. I will no longer waste my time. I think back to when Timmy (the living doll) was on and Hecuba (Tabitha's enemy)... now this stuff albeit farfetched, WAS entertaining! I know this show can be something again. Please writers make it happen!!!!!!!!

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